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  1. My 3ds friendcode is 0404-6144-9057 I play pokemon X competitively, mostly smogon rules but I am trying to get into VGC as well. I'll be getting ORAS when it comes out and smash 4 a little later on. If you add me message me your FC so I can add back.
  2. Is there a rule set or list of banned pokemon somewhere?
  3. I'll challenge one of the leaders in a bit then. Just need to finish training some final pokemon.
  4. So is it too late to join in? Or is the league still accepting challengers?
  5. TheMoonPie

    Gaming A Pokemon move you hate

    Swagger/ Foul Play It was fine when it was just Liepard doing it in Gen 5 but now that it's so easily accessible with Klefki its just a pain to deal with. It doesn't help that Klefki has really good typing either.
  6. TheMoonPie

    Gaming Pokemon Showdown Thread

    User name: Villiers Usual chat: Lobby I mostly do Random Battles and UU. I do OU every so often but it gets boring fast.
  7. I have a mawile with me at all times. She's saved me more times than I'd like to admit.
  8. TheMoonPie

    Music Favorite Stupid Songs

    Needs no description. The song speaks for itself.
  9. TheMoonPie

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    "Get down!" Can't stop listening to this. Too OP
  10. Fairy type for sure. I'm currently the fairy type gym leader at my colleges pokemon league. My team would be mawile (muh girl), sylveon, clefable, klefki, togekiss, and azumarill. If I had to choose another type I'd probably go for ghost.
  11. Baton pass is definitely getting more use. Ever since Scolipede got Speed Boost as its new hidden ability baton passing has become more common.
  12. Unfortunately, it is. It's pretty rare to see someone not running a mega now a days; Chomp, Luca, and Khan being the most prominent.
  13. I have a hacked 6 IV ditto too. Just for IV breeding though I don't use it to battle. Thats pretty impressive though, making a legit 6 IV ditto. I just got mine off pokecheck.
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