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  1. My main oc is a human who has a pony form they can become at any time. Should I do all the extra work to change this so my H.I.E. story is changed to a human becomes pony story, or would it just be easier to beg/bolo for free commissions of my oc in his tiny pony form?

    1. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      I don't have a answer to your question, but there is no need to beg for free commissions when you can just go to Requestria (here at forums) and get someone to do it to you as a request. 

  2. Just submitted a prologue to some DA groups, hope it'll get me closer to submitting to fimfiction.

  3. Just finished two chapters in a row in my sequel fic. Can't wait to do the next chapter tomorrow. #onaroll

  4. So far Jan/2018 in whole is about as fun as a room full of mouse traps with bare feet. 

  5. How much are/would you be willing to read? I ask as I have a couple tasks I could use help with; I have 4 fics I would like looked over, a main, a sequel, a side, and a journal version of the main. I also would like someone (if not multiple people) read both first chapters of my main and it's journal counterpart, and tell me which is the more preferable format. I'm flexible and willing to work on as much or as little as you want to/can handle, whether it's just one fic or both tasks. I can also link you to the story(ies) you choose and give you the password, or send them over in another format if it's easier for you.
  6. I don't have the first Horizon but I do have the 3rd and Motorsport 5, would anyone know of any designers known for their pony skins or be able to help me find skins for current and future cars on either game?
  7. Way too much stress for as little sleep as I'm on today. Really need a flankhole fishing session via advanced warfare

  8. Switching counselors once again, just waiting for certain gov't programs to tear after me for my poor attendance (can't attend if rides never show/are on time) and the "constant" switching (second time due to the counselors' life choices) .BML 

  9. I'm looking for the above to replace/sub for my usual free mlp comic provider since they've gotten a bit behind in posting vids of the comics. That's not to say they aren't reliable, it's more impatience and excitement on my part. I'm hoping to catch up on the guardians of harmony annual and the deviations series. I'd buy them but with the lack of funds, and no actual comic book sources within 20 miles, it's kinda hard to keep up with physical copies. Anywho does anyone/pony know of a legit online source for reading comics for free? Kisscartoon's comic site doesn't have them and my usual, Chronoshenron and his youtube comic vids, is again behind, otherwise I'd have used them.
  10. Either morphing or generating items in my mind into reality. I'd definitely use either ability to disappear and maybe start playing hero after a while (though also use them for devious/evil purposes at first through repay for some stolen things later).
  11. Really tired of all the hits I'm taking.

  12. Finally found a pokemon WORSE than magikarp..... and it evolves into legendaries. Pathetic

  13. had a crazy idea for a story involving discord and having the waifu of your dreams falling in love with the character

  14. Top three worst for me are smb, for obvious reasons, the fall of reach (below) and doom. They only thing that made it doom was the fps scenes. They're decent movies for being just films but video game adaptations they are trash. On the flip side the halo films, while two being more of a series, another being barely more than a cgi half book, and the last being more of a character intro, were somewhat good. Out of the four/five (legends, fall of reach, foreward unto dawn, and nightfall) I'd have to say foreward is the best. Love how accurate they were with the covies, even though the aliens were all cgi. Nightfall was a web series turned film that intro'd spartan lock and had mainly hunter worms. Legends was just a series of short stories in various animation styles. Reach was a total crap shot. They skipped a lot of events in the story, and it was all cgi. Reach could've been done with the full story and as a live action like foreward was.