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  1. @Blitz101 She gave a slightly startled jump back at the fire and his eye color change in Storm. She calmed down when the flames died out and Storm returned back to his normal self. A concerned look mad it's way onto her face. "No one got hurt, Storm." She looked around on the opening of the side of the alleyway to see if anypony had seen what had happened or had seen some indication of fire or smoke. She gave a slight reassured look, and put out the small flame/lit ash on the ground with her hoof. Her wings closed and went back into it's regular closed position on her back. She wasn't necessarily scared, more or less cautioned and startled at the flames that had appeared and disappeared as fast as they came, as well as the small bit of information that the flames could kill. "What happened there?" She walked to him slowly, with a surprised look on her face and features. Steam gave a quick shake of her head to clear her thoughts from it. Steam Gear's face went back to being normal, "I'm still hungry, I guess, the restaurant should be a few blocks from here.
  2. "Having connections with the guard and having a talent for crafting helps pay off this kind of stuff. Still, as much as I'd like a place like this, It's technically the Ponyville Guard's property, but like I said, having connections help." She gave a small chuckle the two siblings play fighting together. She pushed the mask and the rest of the gear off, as well as drop her bags against the wall. Steam used her hoof to press the secondary button on the side of the sharpening/grinding machine to stop it from spinning around. She started to walk out from the door, closing the heavy door that bended into the wall behind her. "I can take you up on that eating offer. I think there's a restaurant that has meat served there(restaurant that serves Griffons too, I suppose), if you actually eat that kind of food." Steam Gear smiled at them. "Pfft. I remember something like that happening with my siblings and me. Too bad I'm too big to do that with Nightscape. Fun times, it was." She looked around the area with a nostalgic look.
  3. She gave a small smile. "It's alright, I admit I was a bit aggressive around you guys as well." Steam shuffled a bit around. "I can sharpen the blades for you, follow me." She lead the two around a corner into a slightly well lit alley way with a somewhat hidden brick door. She opened her left side bag and pulled out a silver key with some markings in Equestrian script engraved on it. She fiddled with the keyhole for a few minutes before pushing the heavy door open. On the inside of the room lay a dim room, the only lighting being some small windows from above letting in some beams of golden light. Steam dropped her bags, struck a match over a long candle, and lit an overhanging glass lantern which gave better lighting to show all the tools and items inside the room. There were many various tools hanging from the walls, and cabinets labeled with screw names and some being full of small chunks of minerals for melting. Along some corners were areas with a metal grinder/sharpener and metal molds, water cooling pools, and a melting/heating chamber for metals. "You might want to stand back from the sparks." She took a large wielding mask that covered her ears and face(except her mouth), but had a clear area for her eyes, and slung a apron around her chest, Steam had also taken a mouth guard that protected her muzzle. Steam pressed the one of the two buttons on the side a few times to get it too the proper speed. The smooth wheel whirred to life, moving at a quick speed. She took one of their blades and slowly sharpened the blades to perfection, before handing hoofing the onyx swords to Storm.
  4. Sorry I didn't post earlier for confirmination! I'm still a bit new to the MLP: Forums.
  5. ((The two watermarks are my main Tumblr accounts, the first being my reblogging account, and the second being my Ask Blog, where most of the art you'll find. Please don't copy and crop out them.)) So today, I decided to finish up small sketch I made a few days ago, from Pegasus Device. I might make more and keep posting on this thread, but otherwise: Here it is! ((Click on the images to go to my main blog))
  6. "Heh. None taken," She gave a smile. "I'd probably be a bit surprised someone like me would say that they'd know training/fighting skills." Steam gave a small shrug. "I don't know anything in fighting that's thaat complicated, really. Though, I have enough strength to do fighting. Working with heavy requested minerals, rocks, and metals, as well ask shaping and hunting for gemstones(for requested jewelry work) and only having wings, hooves, and a mouth, but no magic helps in the strength category." She looked over to Blue. "Nah, she's cool and all. She seems rather fun to be around, if anything, she sorta reminds me of my brother, Rustwing. Despite being one of the oldest of my family(One of her sisters being the second oldest by two years), he's the most energetic, bouncy, a bit teasing, and overall fun, I suppose." "So anyways, you sure you don't want need any extra weaponry or something else? I consider myself a rather fine blacksmith/crafter for pretty much anything. It's second nature for me." (small filler space of wonder)
  7. @Blitz101 "I know enough training to be able to take out a changeling withen ten or fifteen minutes without any weapons." Steam said. She brushed her hoof. "I'm still a little weak when it comes to accuracy of hits, being a pegasus definitely helps though, with the entire speed and flying pegasi abilities. My father taught me several strategies, being one of the head night guards of Luna(when she was reformed) before he died. I know how to work a sword well enough. Bows and arrows are a no-no." She took out a page from her journal that had a written adress on it in Ponyville. "I know a friend here that has some strong materials I shipped here and knows a some of enchanting, if you guys need anything else to be crafted besides onyx armor and weapons." Steam removed her other bag and plucked open and took out an pouch that had been about the size of a filly's wing that made several noises from withen it(containing many medium sized 20 bit money and several rubies and various rare gemstones). She tossed the item at them. "Here. I expected something like that to happen on my way here, my work/job sometimes involves high priced jewelry making that pays for a lot."
  8. She shifted and looked down at the ground. "I can relate. As a young filly wandering the forest to survive, as I had been abandoned by my own mother and father, I had been adopted into a family who grew to love." She gave a sigh. "I had my own kin, real or not, take care of me, and help me as a went, even if I was different, race wise, from the batponies of Hallow Shades. Literally only my sisters and brother are the only ones I have left as kin, and like I said, I'd rather die alone in the Bug's cave as long as they were alive, even If I had to take my own life." Steam watched as there was a poster being hung up in the main hall, reading some law being passed by Celestia on letting changelings live in Equestria peacefully. She gave a slight agitated look. "Those Changelings even had the nerve to enter Hallow Shades after my siblings were kidnapped by them..." There was a bit of anger radiating from her voice. "I won't let any of them get away with harming my flesh and blood." (filler space for reasons that I don't know what to put here to fill in the 800 word/letter count)
  9. She reaches her hoof out to catch the armor. "Name's Steam Gear, and my talent's fixing n' building." Steam slid the armor over her chest and placed the hoof-boots on, as well as the back piece of armor. "How'd you even get this armor saved? I've seen this material before, I've tried to order onyx for a project someone ordered from the Night Guard, but the pricing I found from my main manufacturer and the availability was way too expensive." She gathered her bag's contents back inside except the Changeling Ruin Scroll and the poster. She closed the bag and started taking and rewrapping the open scroll, she tossed the Changeling ruin scroll to Storm. "Dunno if you might be able to read any of them, but it might save us a visit to a possible scam. I only recognized a few words, the rest are just a confusing jumble of hieroglyphs that might mean something other than what they depict." (Lil' filler space because there's not exactly much else for me to put in beside extra details or words in that make it Steam look like she speaks paragraphs to anyone she meets )
  10. Her aggressive composure lessened to a more passive one. "I'm fine with going. Just make sure I get to see the Queen Bug get knocked off her throne." "I need to translate the scroll first. It might be the key to where the hive is." She pointed at her most recently inked map, her hoof trailing to a circled place in the badlands of Equestria, the same spot where there had been small blotches of lime blood. "I spotted about three or four changelings in this area while I was traveling around. It's possible that their main hive is located just somewhere around here." She hoofed at the scroll to open it. On the inside of it, there lay odd letterings, and weird symbols that only an average pony could only attempt and fail at reading them. "From the book, I only made out a few words, something along the lines of delivering something, something on entering, and a word I think is rookie or newbie." She gave a facehoof at the wording. "As for your armor and weapons, You could attempt to ask and/or sneak in the guard station and take a box they shipped in." She looked to the market place, "You can try to bargin for pieces of weak armor at the marketplace for who knows how much."
  11. @Blitz101 She got into a defensive position, and opened her wings. "I'm not a changeling whatsoever." Her composure slightly went back. "Nor am I here for trouble. If anything, stop it. I came here to find a stallion along the name of Written Script to translate the scroll I had found during the Canterlot Wedding." She dropped her bag on the ground. Using her hoof, she pushed the bag open, revealing it's contents. In the slight dim lighting, it was rather easy to spot what had fallen. Several folded maps with green ink marking places and notes(Mostly distress notes of her findings, changelings spotted, what she'd heard from them, possible areas of the hives where her brother and sisters were, and slight dried green liquid that resembled blood, and a note in which she had minorly injured a changeling), a book on changeling nature, several pictures of her family(faded and grey with again, notes of distress), a picture of a changeling she'd seen in Hallow Shades(Her home as a filly, where batponies lived), in which the picture was barely able to make out the changeling(She'd written over it, showing her hatred rather clearly for the changelings) and a journal which had a small poster floating outwards in the impact, which had a picture of a unicorn stallion, the captions reading how he knew all types of written languages and could translate for a fee. "The scroll there could be what I need to find the only kin I have left," she gave a frustrated snort. "Unfortunately no one happens to be able to translate Changeling Ruins to decipher what the message is, and this stallion," she pointed at the poster stallion, "happens to be the only one. Not to mention, his version of a 'small fee' is basically the same amount as the opal. And I repeat. Only here to find where my family is, get them out, whether or not I die in that stupid hive alone, and then blow up that Queen bug that was there." She started to point at the distance to a guard that was rather far from them. "Taking it to the guards would result in something happening to my kin, or they would take way to long to adress the matter, and by then, Rust, Spector, and Nightscape will probably be dead." The bag had completely been emptied. "And besides. I'm a pegasus, and as you can see, I have no weapon. I'm tired from my morning rush on the train, flying everso fast out to avoid this mare, and I happened to cut my back leg. Besides doing some kind of complicated flying move, I seriously doubt that I'd attack well."
  12. @Blitz101 Rarity looked at the mare. "I do not know her, to be exact, unless your count our meeting about 17 minutes ago, right after this mare kicked me." Steam narrowed her eyes at Storm. "I doubt that I'll be dead at the end of this." She resisted the urge to get in a battle position. She let out a small snicker at the proposition of a fight. When she, in actual reality, had never gotten into a fight, unless she counted the somewhat recent findings in the badlands, where she had came from, or the worded training/tactics she had slightly remembered from some guard that had been passing by her hiding spot in the train. Nevertheless she wouldn't try any of those tactics that were completely different from what she'd learn't from her (non-biological)father, a member of the Batpony Night Guard. "You should know that I don't go around kicking ponies like it's nopony's business. If anything, I actually had a reason to." She looked around the ground to see if there was any traces of the contents of her bag. Letting any of the items, especially the scroll that had the seal that most ponies who had seen and/or know about the "wedding fiasco" would report it to the guards, and if anything, get the wrong idea that she'd been a changeling. The guards would see, if they saw, they'd do something to the hive that her brother and sister(non-biological) was in, which could possibly kill them(she had assumed that the guards would blow up the hive without a trace, or kill Spector, Rust, and Nightscape in thought that they were changelings, or the actual changelings mind controlled them and set her brother and sisters as bait.) "And my name is-" She cut herself off, realizing her mistake. She turned and looked to the side, where she spotted the scroll, sitting next to a small glowing teal orb. The gears in her mind(no pun intended) worked quickly. Steam Gear figured the impact of the kick she'd landed was enough to launch it out. "Oh. That's where it was." She started to trot over to the scroll and the gem. Before she could pluck the hazy orb and scroll, a aura of light blue surrounded it, and floated it up slightly in the line of view of both ponies.
  13. Steam jumped back. Clutching her hoof, she hopped backwards and walked away from attention for a moment. Grumbling to herself, the petite pegasus ripped a small piece of her cloak and pressed it against her hoof, while mumbling to herself. When the blood had stopped leaking and was fully cleaned, the mare pulled the cloak back over her golden brown fur and Cutie Mark. She'd left the hood part off. Strapping her saddle bag back on she moved back into town, trying to find the missing items that had fallen from bag, which was patched in a rushed way using tape as a way to stop the flow of items falling from movement. Flying would be useless, as Steam was too tired from the recent strong kick that she delivered to some unicorn, as well as her wakeup flight when the conductor, back at the train station, had gave startled her to the point of nearly jumping off the back of the train, in thought that he had discovered her, the stowaway that few to the back of the train, and slept in the cargo/luggage part of the train. She galloped around the place, trying to make out the places that she'd walked from 20 minutes ago. @Blitz101 Finding her way before, she spotted the same white-coated unicorn mare from before, this time she'd been on the ground(which Steam guessed that that was the aftermath of kicking her), with two hooded pon- They weren't ponies. From her own line of view, rather, it was a wolf and a black cat. She started to move forward, taking small gentle steps behind them. Unfortunately, behind meant, more or less, behind the cat and the wolf. Rarity's ears perked and she turned her head in a swift motion towards Steam, recognizing the cloak and the saddlebag that she carried.
  14. In the very last cart of the train, a cloaked figure gathered her one bag.The mare moved across the long train, moving out the doors in a rush. Hearing the loud call of the conductor, the cloaked pegasus flew out, grasping her bag in her mouth. She sighed, with relief. She moved across the town, making sure that a certain pink pony wouldn't attract attention to her. Steam Gear inhaled, the fast flight out of the train had knocked the wind out of her. She looked at her baggage, only to find her baggage to be slightly ripped. The contents of it was slight spilled across most the town. Picking up what was left, she moved backwards, shoving what she could find into the brown case. "Dammit..." Her stomach growled. "Better find some place to eat..." Steam looked around the colorful town of multicolored ponies. Several stores selling various items...A store selling quills and...sofas? She shook her head in confusion. "I'll never find anything in this rate, with all the ponies running about..." "Hello, darling, your looking rather...How should I say...Dark and dreary." Jumping back, clearly startled, she glared at the white coated unicorn mare approaching. "Gee. Thanks." "If I could just see your mane and coat, I could change that style to outstanding and radiant!" "No!" "Just let me take off this cloak, and-" Steam Gear bucked Rarity and flew away, grabbing her bag. She landed by a pink bakery. She moved inwards, in a rush, and crashed into the two ponies in front of her. The black cloak fell, revealing a with Golden brown pegasus mare with a auburn/red mane. She let out a cry of pain as a shard of glass hit her hoof.