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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Anyone that still follows this account, this was my old account, a lot my stuff on this one are gone, would be best to come to my new account for updates now.


  3. I'm back after a long absence

    1. Zachary


      Welcome Back!

  4. I'm a YouTuber, I have some videos but my brother is doing them for some reason, well the minecraft ones
  5. Ok, maybe someday if i can, I could tell
  6. DrawingSign


    How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: This is a I'm back on post, I may not come on as much since I'm going to be suffering from depression and regret due to lose on another mlp forum. I'm not going to talk about, don't try and convince me...
  7. Currently back on here after a lose of a friend on another Brony website after messing up and lost a friend, suffering regret

  8. This adventure map is going to be huge, massive world filled with characters, bosses and more. The first thing I built was the Elemental room, with all six elements of harmony and a mysterious white element at the end of the room. The 7th is revealed when 6 come together with 1 other...
  9. Matt Smith was in terminator genesys

  10. That's a red and black OC, which of those types of Alicorn OCs are in which a bad choice of colors.Did anyone notice that my OC (profile picture) Has 2 golden feathers on both wings and a gold bracelet with a white gem on it?
  11. The Alicorn gene was from his grand father who was TimeLord and was past down to the mother then past down to him. That's how.
  12. It was a small gene from his mom, and his entire family tree is Pegasus, unicorn and some earth pony. But mostly Pegasi.
  13. That's one point, but I have one more big word for you... "Natural Born Alicorns". My OC is a "Natural Born Alicorn", he was Born with a half horn. But for some reason he can use powerful spells, but not OP spells. That's not entirely true, he has disabilities and disorders like the average pony.
  14. My OC is a Alicorn, but he's not special. He's an average every day pony.
  15. Not all Alicorn OCs are Mary Sues.