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    So you want to know about me? I'll try to make this quick. I am a devout Brony. I know everything about the show and its fandom. I truly believe that friendship IS magic. I will listen and give advice to any and all problems. I don't have many friends. I also think that Chrysalis is best pony (ask me why if you want). So that's just about everything for now in general. Contact me for more info, I'd be happy to help!

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  1. Well... this should be fun. Ill have to try it out later. Thanks
  2. superbrony888

    Gaming Should I play TF2?

    Yeah, thats pretty much it. TF2 wiki.com has all the details about classes and weapons if you have the time. Also Tf2 has its own comics and story line if you like game lore.
  3. superbrony888

    Gaming Should I play TF2?

    Just get it! There are so many fun modes and maps. And it has a HUGE Brony fanbase (which offends some players, but its rare to find a player who hates FIM). Haha. And if there is, just keep killing 'em. Thats what I do, if they dont have a mic. Oh and protip: When searching for servers, look for ones with unusiam map names. These are most likely "party" servers with an infinate play mode and (usually) instant respawn. Also a good tip since your a noob is to try out all classes and see what they do, what weapons they have, how fast they move, exc. And when you get a free random it
  4. Hey everyone/pony. This is probably going to sound crazy but I need some really good MTG help. I currently own a "Blazing beasts of myth" deck (red/green) and put some extra cards in there (red). I would greatly appreicate if anyone has any tips on using these cards to win (like stratigies and stuff). Im a noob basically, but i know how to play and most card conditions. I havent played a game before. The reason this is so urgent is that I REALLY need to be good at MTG by next semester for reasons I will put in a thread in life advice. If anyone has any good tips for me let me kn
  5. Hey everyone! Super Brony 888 here. One of my favorite parts of the year is the holidays. I am wondering what you all are doing for this holiday season. I will be having Christmas morning at my house, than going to my grandma's house later (about 30 mins away). That weekend my family will go to Baltimore and have Christmas with my family down there. After that, ill probably have a quiet new years at my house. Ok your turn! Merry Christmas/Happy holidays FiM forum!
  6. superbrony888

    Movies/TV Opinions on wander over yonder

    true Dr hater is more funny than villainous. but it is still a new series and we may get more development soon. besides mlp didn't have much character development in season1. true Dr hater is more funny than villainous. but it is still a new series and we may get more development soon. besides mlp didn't have much character development in season1.
  7. Ever since Faust left mlp we have been her fans. Recently she made wander over yonder. I've seen a few episodes and find it to be a good and quirky show. what do you think about it?
  8. I think that's great. it wasn't hard for me to reach because I tend to talk a lot online. I don't mind as llong as people make good posts.
  9. Ok assuming this DOES work: you'd still have to pay tons of money to them, like cancer or AIDS treatments. And if you cpuld afford it, wouldnt life get boring? And another point, if it was available to everyone, the world would be overpopulated. It would be just like Goodman's nightmare in House of the dead : Gamer note start (BTW a great shooter. Its not just zombie and monster killing, It has a very deep story rarely seen in any arcade shooter.) Gamer note over. But for those not ready to go (cough Dave Tennant cough) It might be a good thing.
  10. superbrony888

    Im Back Kinda

    Ah finally, somepony who remembers me. (I Just HAD to use that NMM quote). Yeah, I was on last summer. I wanted to be more active this past fall, but college and keeping up with stuff prevented that. Now that im on break, I wanted to rejoin. By the way, to my old friends on my old profile: as soon as i re-qualify I will return to Life advise and give you a short run through of everything I've been through in the past 6 months. It was quite a roller coaster! And to my new friends: I cant wait to talk to you all. Its always nice having friends who you can talk to when you need to talk to
  11. superbrony888

    Im Back Kinda

    Hi everyone! Its been awhile! (since summer). I am super brony 888. I had an old account that i used through twitter or facebook. I guess you cant do that anymore so my account is dormant i guess. If anyone can fix it let me know, if not thats fine. I dont know what else to say but hi again...
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