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  1. Happy birthday! 2-9-17

  2. You are too hung up on the word "bro". No other fandom gender segregates, it's a crying shame that this one does.
  3. Yep, planned on it. Just didn't want to do any fine detail or shading until I knew if anything was changing.
  4. First time doing a background. Here's what I got so far. I'm waiting to do shading until the background is set in stone. Looking for basic feedback, tips, or techniques to improve on this.
  5. Like Sweetjeans said, OC's sort of are bg characters. Flash Fire doesn't need to shine outwardly, she's got inner fire. =)
  6. That was mega helpful. I'll go in a re-work in when I have time Made the suggest changed, except the leg and added the cutie mark.
  7. Try uploading to a 3rd party site, like tinypic.com then paste the link.
  8. Color we see a pic of said poster?
  9. So, I heard this rumor that they are getting rid of core sets and changing the formats.
  10. Wait, there's people who refer to every digital drawing as a vector?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Stellafera


      What do you like to take pictures of?

    3. Flash Fire

      Flash Fire

      Mostly SCA fighting, but I do other stuff in between. Here's a pic I took today.

    4. Stellafera


      Nice! I like the narrow focus. In that vein...


      http://owfin.smugmug.com/Animals/Animals-Excluding-Humans/i-stLRKhN/0/X2/Grasshoper With Cool Variation-X2.png

  11. I think veiws are broken. How is it I get brohooves on posts with no veiws?

    1. Frith is Magick

      Frith is Magick

      Either the view counter is a bit wonky, or your posts are so awesome that the internet brohoofs them before anyone can see them.

    2. Flash Fire
  12. Does it annoy the heck out of anyone else when people refer to any digital drawing as a vector? It's not. Here is the difference. According to TechTerms.com:
  13. I'm 29. I've watched every version of MLP since I was a little kid.
  14. I like a full looking mane and it's supposed to look like its flayed out rather than always that full. She's hovering, like Celestia didduring the summer sun celebration. Thanks! Also, addressing the tail, since her butt is facing away from us, the point of growth is not actually visible from my perspective. What you see is the body of the tail. I hope this helps you understand better why things were drawn the way they were. Any further tips would be welcome.