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  1. Awesome! I do some of this on art academy on 3DS XD
  2. I ADORE this episode. the song was great, for all of those people who were like "rarity is a self centered half hearted..." Anyway, For all of those people, that song was just proving that rarity is AWESOME! "It was aight." Guys, Come on. Rainbow dash sounded so .... messed up there. I think, all in all, it was an amazing episode and it has took over my last fave, princess cadence's wedding. Rarity was FAB!
  3. Not going to sleep tonight.

  4. Well, I'm happy you friend-ed me... Is that even a word?! Eh. I'm getting a my little pony shirt! :3
  5. Hey! Welcome to the fandom. If you want a signature, you have to post 5 posts. Discovering your talent eh? Mine's art i think ~ But i haven't got my cutie mark yet either. Just keep experimenting! You like discord? Cool There's some haters of discord here, but I don't think we'll mind Have a good time in mlpforums! Everypone wants to meet you! Oh discord.
  6. Okay, so living in England is pretty weird. I guess the whole of England is anti-brony territory, because I can never find any mlp FiM clothing in female small size. Anyone got any ideas where to shop, or where to look online? I've found a cool Tee online.. I dont know what you think of it, but i'll need a response soon! I dont want it to look like i'm a brony to other people ~ but only the bronys will notice it. You knowwww, not really 'pony related' unlike this one: I mean, this ones not too bed :3 What do you think? Thanks! I need more clothes anyway.
  7. Good! Hand drawn? If so, 9/10 if not... 8.5/10 :3 I like hand drawn things.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm just waching youtube :3

    1. Crimson


      Hay buddy; I'm reading Recent Status Updates :3

    2. Rose~Glow
  9. I heard from someone from that Nyx was going to be in season four ~ Somewhere on twitter? Nyx becomes friends with twilight and... I'm not sure!
  10. Thank you! Okay, for you, Tech, I'm going to say... 7/10 Colours blend well :3 Sorry i spell colours different to the U.S because I'm in the U.K
  11. I'm off now! Please, comment on my posts ~ Do what you want! I'm tired -.- 9:12 here in england! Brrr and its COLD!

  12. Oops missed that, I normally just skim through the texts. I normally dont notice tiny sentences xD
  13. Rarity ~ Diana Aplejack ~ Jessie Rainbow Dash ~ Dixie Twilight sparkle ~ Tina Fluttershy ~ April Pinkie pie ~ Penelope Gee, No flutters? HOLY CELESTIA.
  14. Wait, I think we are lost. Power star posted 2718 and yet her comment is actually 3720... O,o maybe someone has skipped? Im going to skip to 3721 because that is the comment number I am. *3718 she commented 3722