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  1. Lucid dreamed after two months! :D

    1. SCS


      That's awesome :D

  2. Winter is coming! Winter is my FAVORITE season!
  3. Hey, would you like to audition tomorrow on skype?

  4. I have an old fashion telephone ringtone. But when my mom calls the ringtone is Darth Vader's March XD
  5. I'm just saying Back in the old times nobody really came up with these stupid challenges. I just made up some stupid examples ^^
  6. Oh.... Even for me? XD I have a cold so I'll sound weird. BUt okay
  7. Have you searched up the word stupid because thats what the fire challenge is! Why in the world would you set yourself on fire?! You'll ruin your skin forever! Jeez mankind has screwed up... Bring back the times where women can be confident of themselves and rebellious but not slutty and are not prostitutes and where music is the real shiz. Seriously though, music these days suck
  8. That sign looks so vintage!! I LOVE vintage things <3
  9. Omg you're so good in drawing!! O_O I can't draw to live. All I can draw is a stick figure horse -.-" It'll be an honor if you draw my OC Honey Dew! You dont HAVE to draw her. If you don't have time its fine
  10. Even as a dinosaur she is still fabulous <3
  11. I can only do one side.... God I feel like a loser.
  12. I'm so jealous of you guys! My country doesn't have Build-A-Bear so I can't get a Rarity plushie </3
  13. Why the hay isn't anyone posting in here anymore?! In my opinion Snowdrop is best OC because of her story. Yeah I know there are a lot of great OC's but Snowdrop just has that 'umph' I can't describe. Her story is sad and depressing but happy at the same time! No words can explain how much I love Snowdrop. Almost as much as Rarity! Snowdrop is best OC hands down.