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  1. That One Pone

    Spoiler MLP Forums Class of 2016 (Come see people)

    Sounds cool - can't wait to see the finished result.
  2. That One Pone

    Get to Know the Poniverse's Mascots on Tumblr!

    Nova <3 i wubs you <3 so adorable coffee pone
  3. That One Pone

    Minecraft Xbox 360....If you want to play leave gamertag

    Hi doctorderpywhooves7, As this topic is not about PoniArcade's Minecraft server, I have moved it to Media Discussion.
  4. That One Pone

    What happened to all the brony game servers?

    Hey there! Funnily enough, that's exactly what PoniArcade, Poniverse's gaming community is about. Bring along your buddies, details for our servers are at our website, or you can visit our forums to find people to play with. We operate game nights every weekend. Bring your buddies and have an awesome time Let me know if you have any questions. EDIT: Regarding that last bit... If bronies want to mix with others who are not necessarily part of the fandom - why not just play on another non-fandom server?
  5. Being an atheist and having a good friend who's a Christian, the answer is yes. Frankly, if you can't get over the differences in religion and accept someone for who they are - are you really friends?
  6. That One Pone

    Making Christmas Merrier MCM Gaming Stream Marathon

    Not sure if serious or joking --- Even though I couldn't make it, unfortunately, I heard some great things from both staff and players. Cheers everyone, and remember to donate to the MCM fundraiser if you haven't already!
  7. That One Pone

    Making Christmas Merrier MCM Gaming Stream Marathon

    There's nothing against you using Discord - however, officially we will be utilising TeamSpeak, and as such it'll be the best place to communicate with others.
  8. That One Pone

    Making Christmas Merrier MCM Gaming Stream Marathon

    Hi DJShy3! You will need the TeamSpeak 3 client for your operating system. The mirror (4Netplayers, etc) won't matter too much. You can view the available downloads here: - choose the best one for your OS and whether it is 64 bit or not. Hope to see you there.
  9. That One Pone

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A

    Ohai Ward, pleasure to meet you! It's only appropriate I ask this question: Do you sometimes play video games in your spare time? Which ones? you're totally not invited to a PoniArcade game night too... But yeah. That's mine.
  10. Everyone vote Simon, to spite Lightwing! EDIT: On second thought, that banner is power caboose! Simon should be banned!
  11. Krita is nice, take a look at that.
  12. Congratulations Spirit. You just made Buffy 20% more adorable.
  13. That One Pone

    Them's Fighting Herds

    Hi there! As this topic does not appear to be about a PoniArcade service, but rather a game, I've moved it to Media Discussion for you.
  14. That One Pone

    Staff Q+A Jeric Q&A

    Where did the name "Jeric" come from?
  15. That One Pone

    Current Equestria Server Staff and Builders

    Hi Shiro, Here's a list of all the current Minecraft staff. Cadance/Skar Doragon Keiyou Foxy Zombies164 Crake Neow Tiberius Moon Vivacity Alasdair Aubrey/Faette Lulu Lyra Heartstrings Muse Perish Song Prof. Hinsley Scribbler SilverFlameWolf Trixie Woona Short Circuit Blackjack Hope that answers this question for you.