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  1. The question is: Is Hasbro willing to risk putting another essentialy fan built chatacter into a major role on the show? I imagine the Derpy incident still gives them headaches. Not to say that i can identify there being anything wrong with either Octavia or Vinyl having more frontline roles than background (in fact thatd be so awesome!) But imagine how many of the fans will rage if the musicians arent what they expect? Hate mail, complaining and more headaches for hasbro. Additionally who knows? Maybe another hater will create another derp incident? All in all i can imagine Hasbro being very cautious about the issue and unlikely to try a fandom pony for this season.
  2. Well im pretty sure weve verified why hes so childlike in stature, he was raised by ponies and not as he wouldve been as a dragon, weve already seen what his physical prescence should be like when he started hoarding. The question is will he physically age? Without greed is it possible for him to grow...he seems very similar in stature as when he was hacthed.
  3. ive downloaded a few extra "ponies" now ive got discord running around with an upgraded nightmare moon i so love this program, im going to try and make some new ponies for it too, Maybe add some more interations, with more complexity. Any suggestions?
  4. Chaotix

    Derpy Fan Club

    Well dur, theyre obviously alicorns in disguise just ask detective Pinkie!
  5. I wouldnt stereotype that to the armed forces, i have many mates in the air force who are devout bronies and pegasisters. Im not saying go up to anybody and hugging them while crying out "love and tolerate!" but dont assume the worst of people either. My advice to NOvaBioField is to just pop in references about bronyhood, just little things and see if they are picked up on. The way your planning on it sounds like a safe bet.
  6. Chaotix

    Derpy Fan Club

    Ive never really pictured her as a mother, i like to think she looks after dinky, but isnt actually her mother. It just seems inconsistant for her to have a unicorn foal.
  7. Chaotix

    Derpy Fan Club

    Im guessing maybe Ditzy developed the nickname "Derpy" after having one too many derps, maybe going north instead of south earned her the title? Either way Derpy is the best pony!
  8. To be honest i found it easy to get into the whole MLP scheme of things, but ive always liked doing what isnt considered normal . ANyways i think my worst pony experience was the first time i went looking for some pony pics to make a wallpaper, i just tabbed every one and got a zoom up. Sadly when i took one down it brought up the background which was a montage of...uniquely positioned ponies. That ruined the innocence of the whole thing for me .
  9. Well seen as were picking up on the little details, Applejack loses her freckles when she does her quick dashes.
  10. What would happen if Discord dicorded you? Whats your nasty side?
  11. Inspired panted in the wheezing machine "im whole but i dont now about my buddy here", she said as tapping the canopy of the mech, the canopy broke apart. We need to keep moving she will look high and low for us.
  12. "If need be i can make you some new ones, but nows not the time!" Inspired souted over her shoulder, t looks like everybody was going to fight, well she was going to give it her all.
  13. "Ok lets go, folow me, you stay here until were out of here" she says to Twister. Inspired had the machine heave off and turn, its pistons whining as she made it climb the stairs. There were several guards rushing down to the dungeons, but as soon as they saw the mech they ran back up from where they came. The others following in her wake couldnt see anything ahead as the machine pushed its way up out of the dungeons stairs and into one of the many hallways of the palace. Inspired kept leading them until they came onto one of the main courtyards. As the machines momentum carried it out of the hall Inspired realised that they were in some serious strife. An army of guards and other mechs was waiting for them. The others were still behind her, they hadnt seen the army yet. Inspired made the machine kick back and with a crack the walls of the hall entrance collapsed leaving the others behind a pile of rubble, and Inspired in front of the collective army. "Get out of here, ill hold them off," Inpsired cries out hoping she can be heard through the pile of masonry. Lowering her cannons the former engineer was ready to do battle.
  14. "I do my best," Inspired winks back, keeping the cannons level with Twister, "id get out of here soon guys, i didnt make the most subtle of entries...Looking over at another of the cells Inspired saw a pony lamenting on the floor of his cell. He had no legs and was looking furiously on the scene. Inspired figured he was one of the princess's many victims, "somebody get that pony out of there," she said and with another flick of the machines legs his cell was forced apart.
  15. The machine rumbles down the halls until it reaches the stairs to the dungeons, having been built for open battlefields it struggled to pound down the narrow path and its sides screeched along the walls. Well at least ill distract the guards. Doing her best to conrtol the lumbering war machine Inspired grinds her teeeth and braces herself as she pushes the mech faster and faster. By the time it gets to the dungeons floor it is going at a(for a slow walking tank) breakneck speed. Inspired rams the dungeon door and both she and the mech fly into the room. Seeing Twister standing guard Inspired braces the machines twin light cannons and aims at her, "dont try anything, im not here to kill, im trying to save my friends." She pulls several levers and the mech raises a foreleg and rips through the cells bars, releasing the rebels.