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  1. I'm back! Man, it's been a while...

    1. Alpharius


      I recently came back as well

  2. This. I had this. This is the best rice ever. I love it to death! They took away due to some people getting sick from it but now it's back and it tastes just as awesome! I've never gotten sick off of it but it's just THE. BEST. They sell it at Costco if anybody was wanting to try it.
  3. Unless everybody become a brony in one day. Yes. Have you seen Frozen Fever? They're either going to screw it up or it'll be the best thing in the world and I think they're going to mess it up. Sequels are always messed up. Ok, mostly messed up.
  4. No. MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME! MY MIND CANNOT UNSEE WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN TONIGHT! But everybody remembers let it go. I still can't believe the movie came out three years ago and I'm still singing let it go.
  5. Since ponies can technically eat meat, I would miss my friends, family, the internet, earth in general, hands, my computer, my iphone, instagram, snapchat, facebook, fimfiction, this forum, agents of shield, my tv shows, Pokémon, college... the list goes on.
  6. Well, I'm angry at old 'friends' of mine for never inviting me to hang out with them back in high school, I'm upset because I think I lost one of my dearest friends and I dunno if I can get them back and I have to go pee. I'm also sleepy.
  7. I like those. A LOT. A LOT LOT. Dunno what those are but Google makes them look tasty. Have you ever tried wine gums? Those things are delicious! I'm pretty sure they're a British candy but I bought some in Oregon once and they're the BEST.
  8. I've got a friend who doesn't like jelly beans. I like jelly beans too but they cause this weird mucus like problem sometimes depending on which state I live in. At least, that's what I learned. I swear, it's the air in the states. So far, Texas has given me zero mucus problems so that's great. I'd imagine Pinkie likes her jelly beans grape flavored. Grape's her favorite flavor.
  9. I saw all the DLC and next expansions. Kind of reminds me of WoW in that way and that's what kind of made me not want to get it due to all of the expansion packs (that's what I'm calling them) they have out now.
  10. But isn't that what Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and the like are for? To be noticed? The only thing anybody wants in our world of today is to be noticed and cared about so they keep such profiles on these sites in hopes that they'll have what anybody wants, an audience. And isn't that what our world of today wants? To be noticed? All you want is to hope that somebody out there cares about your existence among billions of people. All we really want is to be our own personal celebrities. Man, I sound so old talking like this. Things my generation learns, eh? But is this not what you meant? But opinion wise, I go for the topic that interests me most, popular or not. Also, I never read through all the pages of posts. Just like one or two. And I reply because I like to reply. I don't care if it ever gets read. And I find that my replies usually get read whether in this week or next year.
  11. Is Destiny really good? I've always wanted to try it but I never did and eventually, all the hype for it died down for me.
  12. Same. I feel the same, man. Hello.
  13. Looks better than what I can do. I draw stick figures mostly and that's as good as it gets for the most part. I'm more a writer than anything else so drawing's not my strong point. But you did really well! I can never get the muzzle right is what my problem is. The muzzle and everything else. Yours looks awesome. 10 out of 10.
  14. But it is rated Y so there's only so much you can get away with in a show like that, yes?
  15. I think I'm a Millenial. Dunno. If I am, well, I haven't had a bowl of cereal in forever just because. I like Lucky Charms, but I only eat the marshmallows. What I really like though is frosted flakes and that's if I'm going to have cereal. I'd really just like a sweet apple. Or a pear. Or almost any fruit really. Except bananas.