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About Me

Greetings, hello, what's up, welcome and bienvenue!

My name is Scribblegroove, a first year pop and jazz piano student from the Netherlands! I chose the name Scribblegroove because I scribble... groove. Literally, I try to compose groovy, jazzy and funky music, and hopefully I'll be able to do it for a living someday.

I have a deeply rooted passion for jazz music, and I've been playing jazz since I was 11 years old. Studying at the conservatory, I'm trying to broaden my capabilities beyond just jazz, jazz fusion and the like. 

I'm currently practicing classical pieces by Chopin, Debussy, Liszt, Hanon, Heller and Bach. I also frequently attempt and often miserably fail at producing some tracks. French house (Madeon for instance), Drum and Bass, and sometimes a little dubstep, though usually some kind of weird hybrid between jazz fusion and many electronic genres.

Of course, my main repetoire consists of Jazz, Funk, Soul and Blues music, and I'm still working on improving my skills and idiom within those genres as well. My favourite artist and idol is Jacob Collier, the true messiah of music. He inspired me to turn music into my profession.

Though he's not the only one that inspired me. I have been a part of MLPforums for a long time, and made a few good friends here, some of which have left, but many of which are still around! I have very fond memories of this place, because as well as helping me through a difficult time it motivated me to keep pursuing my dream of becoming an artist.

I enjoy really getting to know people, learning what bothers them but also what they believe is the beauty of the world. That is why roleplaying interests me a lot. Despite it being pretend, it allows a glance in peoples thoughts and ideas. It mirrors life and the lessons we can learn from it. It mirrors the emotions we experience as we indulge in stories that can sometimes feel very real! The roleplaying section is where you'll find me most often on the forums.

I enjoy chatting with others a lot, so if you want to send me a PM please do! I wont bite. I don't always have time, so often you'll see me being online, but not answering to your PM. That's because I often check the forums on my phone, but write replies on my computer, which I have accesss to a lot less.


Check out the EqE roleplaying section. It desperately needs new, active roleplayers, and it's a lot of fun! If you need help with roleplaying, designing characters or have any questions, don't hesistate to ask me! I'll be glad to help :)