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  1. Final recital exam in a couple of hours! I'll try to record it and put it online

    1. Tropical Melody

      Tropical Melody



      Jeez but at first I misread that as "final rectal exam" :o

      Sorry :blush:



    2. HereComesTom


      Good luck!  ...I'm posting this after it's already over, aren't I?

    3. Scribblegroove


      Yes, I had it this afternoon and I made it! I got a 7/10 as a grade so I'm quite satisfied ^^

  2. @PonyOfWar @Golbez @EQ_Theta @SilverHeart @Lil' Lovebug @PathfinderCS @Convergence I posted, welcome to the throne room! In my next post, the RP's scenario will be set out, and you all will have to decide what path to take. There's going to be quite a few options, and not everything is going to be clear right from the get go. It's supposed to be like that! It wouldn't be much of a mystery if you knew exactly what kind of enemy you were facing. Of course, some (but not all!) of you will recieve personal hints. Try to have the discussion about these hints IC, refraining fro
  3. @PonyOfWar @Golbez @EQ_Theta @SilverHeart @Lil' Lovebug @PathfinderCS @Convergence "Very good.." Crowley said, adressing to everyone there, happy that introductions had been taken care of. "I've sent word to the castle that you've all arrived. I think we can head in any moment now." And sure enough, mere moments after he spoke the words, the sound of fluttering wings could be heard. Fergus, his hawk, came flying down towards Crowley over their heads to land on Crowley's back. In turn, the pegasus reached to the tube on the birds' back and took out the small note inside. In the meanti
  4. Pathfinder I appreciated you joining this roleplay, but I don't want you to feel like you have to force yourself to participate. I think that if you don't have the time or motivation to continue, now would be the best time to bow out, since it wouldn't really influence the story. You can always try to join at a later time when you think you're up for it!
  5. @PonyOfWar @Golbez @EQ_Theta @SilverHeart @Lil' Lovebug @PathfinderCS @Convergence Now that Golbez mentioned it, I'm actually going to be progressing the story soon. Sorry for the long wait, I've got my final recital coming up, so I have little time to spend on the RP. I was hoping that Pathfinder and Lil' lovebug would put out a post before I did, but the introductions have taken long enough, and it's time for some action! Expect me to post tomorrow or the day after that!
  6. 19 years on earth today! This year went by quick!

    1. Littlecandylulu903


      Happy birthday.

    2. Golbez


      Happy Birthday Scribble ! ;)

  7. @Golbez, @SilverHeart Patiently waiting for their conversation to end, whilst listening intently of course, Crowleys eyes darted across the sky as they followed Fergus floating on the wind. So Mirror Image was somehow related to Cherry, Logics twin sister. He'd read it in the reports, but had passed off Logics sibling as unimportant. He wish he hadn't. Knowing more about how exactly these ponies knew each other, and how much they knew about each other was important. When they finally did approach, Crowley waited for one of them to speak before looking down. "Yes Logic, we were aware,
  8. Well if that is the case you're doing a real poor job propagating this universal personality through your OC page. All I could really read about him was his kind heartedness and tendency to be quirky sometimes For a creature so powerful and of divine nature, having created a utopia and a species to reside in it, it's a bit strange to have such a human side. What are his motives for sticking around specifically this creation? Where does his fondness for biological life come from if he's a synthetic being? Why decide not to interfere during disasters if he's apparently benevolent to the cre
  9. I'm sorry but I don't think mechanical creatures or alicorns really fit into how I interpret the MLP universe, and I don't really see him fitting into the roleplay. Very sorry, your idea is interesting, and I hope you develop it further, but right now it's rather bare bones, just an idea, not really a whole character.
  10. OH SHIT I completely forgot. Ill get on that right now lol Also I just realised that I never replied to you. Yes take all the time you need, my condolences.
  11. @SilverHeart, @Golbez Crowley raised a brow as Mirror Image entered, looking over the shoulders of those around him to get a close look. He frowned when the first thing she did was not report to him, but instead approach Logic. The two were apparently familiar, which surprised Crowley. Surprises were very unwelcome to him, because this sort of information was exactly what he should know on beforehand. The fact that he hadn't known these two were related somehow showed a weakness in the watching eye of The Guild, and he'd make sure to correct the discrepancy in the conduct of investagion w
  12. @Convergence Accepted! Very glad to have you back. You should make your appearance quickly, I'll be moving the story on in a day or two. @PathfinderCS@PonyOfWar@Dark Horse@Lil' Lovebug@SilverHeart@Golbez@EQ_Theta I see not many new posts were made lately. I specifically tried leave some time for your characters to meet and learn about each other before the briefing starts, and it will start soon, so make sure to introduce yourselves quickly! I'll try to make a post to propogate the conversation a little, I aplogise for not doing this faster. Another question f
  13. Unrequited. This is amazing, just like he says it. Both in the informational as the emotional way.


    1. Scribblegroove


      Especially from 8 minutes onward. He goes into how one should learn music, and anything for that matter

  14. I'd also like to notify everyone that now is a good time to get acquainted with one another. During the briefing there won't be much time for that.
  15. @PathfinderCS@PonyOfWar@Dark Horse@Lil' Lovebug@SilverHeart@Golbez@EQ_Theta Alright everyone, now that we've gotten started I'd like to introduce you to the concept of character specific information. The idea is that all your characters have specific talents. War is a warrior, and a tactician, Salve is a medic and anotomist, Nova is an athlete and flier, and so forth, and so forth. This means that sometimes, you'll notice something the others don't. Maybe Amber will remember a certain contact of hers, or Logic will manage to deduct conclusions from a large amount of data. Ther
  16. At last, the door opened. Crowley peered down the courtyard, between the lush green trees and behind pretty rosebushes stood the enormous warrior Crowley knew to be War. Of course he'd be the first to arrive. Few had proven themselves to be as loyal as this soldier, and Crowley could appreciate that he managed to recruit at least one experienced serviceman for this mission. The princesses had insisted on not recuiting too many hardened soldiers. Crowley hadn't questioned their judgement, but it had been frustrating nonetheless. @PonyOfWar War approached him with broad strides and sal
  17. Roleplay Characters EqE approved characters: Scribblegroove https://mlpforums.com/eqw-characters/approved/scribblegroove-r122/ Taciturn Grace https://mlpforums.com/eqw-characters/approved/taciturn-grace-r347/ Virtue https://mlpforums.com/eqw-characters/approved/virtue-r343/ Tepid Tone https://mlpforums.com/eqw-characters/approved/tepid-tone-r344/ Featherwing Zephner https://mlpforums.com/eqw-characters/approved/featherwing-zephner-r338/ Zephyr Stormwing https://mlpforums.com/eqw-characters/approved/zephyr-stormwing-r337/
  18. @PathfinderCS@PonyOfWar@Dark Horse@Lil' Lovebug@SilverHeart@Golbez@EQ_Theta RP THREAD IS UP! https://mlpforums.com/topic/165441-when-hearts-grow-cold-chapter-one-shadows-fall/ If anyone has any questions concerning their letters, don´t hesitate to ask!
  19. OOC: https://mlpforums.com/topic/165317-when-hearts-grow-cold-chapter-one-shadows-fall-epic-adventure-dark/ When shadows fall. Crowley was waiting. His hawk was circling high above his head, like a predator keeping a watchful eye, waiting to strike. His green, piercing eyes scanned the area. He wasn't only observing, he was percieving everything, allowing all sensations to flourish within his consciousness. From the little mouse that was running through the grass to the guard sneezing in the distance on top of a tower. Almost lifelessly he stared in front of him, to the
  20. Well consider yourself accepted! @PonyOfWar @PathfinderCS @Dark Horse @Lil' Lovebug @SilverHeart @Golbez @EQ_Theta Everyone, I think we're about ready to start. Are all of you ready? Do you have any questions before we begin? I'll put up the RP thread soon. You'll all also recieve a private message from me as part of the roleplay. That would be your letter I hope you're all just as excited as I am to get started soon
  21. Accepted! We already have a rogue, but you're more of a scout type, and I'm okay with having multiple of a certain role, as long as it's not too much. Are you still interested in joining this roleplayg? I'm okay with accepting you as it is now but you didn't give me the green light yet. Have you finished up your character or are you not yet satisfied?
  22. I'm very sorry but I don't think your character will suffice. We already have a designated doctor that I think fits very well, and I'm looking to finish the roster up with a few roleplayers I invited on beforehand. I'm sorry to dissapoint you.
  23. Hey! This looks a lot better, so congratulations! Salus 'Salve' Veta is accepted! Accepted! I'll add her to the list Accepted! Announcement! The party is shaping up nicely. We're still looking for a mage, a navigator and perhaps another guard/soldier. The party feels a bit unprotected now.
  24. Roleplay History 2014 January Saddle Arabian nights by Peeds – Runedawn Earthstriker https://mlpforums.com/topic/83848-saddle-arabian-nights-searching/ Firestorm by Cerise Hood and Torrent505 – Runedawn Earthstriker https://mlpforums.com/topic/83915-firestorm-the-rp/ The colts on third street by Literally Snails – Neuro and Lon https://mlpforums.com/topic/85312-the-colts-of-third-street-ooc-sign-ups-needed/ https://mlpforums.com/topic/85589-the-colts-of-third-street Dexter Brandswise’s College by Scribblegroove – Scribblegroove, Dexter Brandswise, GM https://mlp
  25. I don't know. I feel the same. It's a bit short, but it entails everything it needs to. Usually I'd try to make it longer as well, but I don't really see any reason to. Your character is nice and clear and I don't think that there's much to add. Maybe there are a few specific indivuduals or encounters you'd like to describe in detail? Or maybe there's an object she got a hold of during her time as a trader that is very special? That's all I can think of, but otherwise I'd be fine with accepting her the way she is.
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