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  1. Final recital exam in a couple of hours! I'll try to record it and put it online

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      Jeez but at first I misread that as "final rectal exam" :o

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      Good luck!  ...I'm posting this after it's already over, aren't I?

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      Yes, I had it this afternoon and I made it! I got a 7/10 as a grade so I'm quite satisfied ^^

  2. @PonyOfWar @Golbez @EQ_Theta @SilverHeart @Lil' Lovebug @PathfinderCS @Convergence I posted, welcome to the throne room! In my next post, the RP's scenario will be set out, and you all will have to decide what path to take. There's going to be quite a few options, and not everything is going to be clear right from the get go. It's supposed to be like that! It wouldn't be much of a mystery if you knew exactly what kind of enemy you were facing. Of course, some (but not all!) of you will recieve personal hints. Try to have the discussion about these hints IC, refraining from giving away your personal hints OOC by trying to explain them. Also, don't be sad you didn't get a personal hint at the start of the story. There will be lots of oppertunities down the line for your character to shine! Right now though, the discussion hasn't fully begun yet, so any conversations you'd like to finish before seating yourself at the table can be finished now, and any questions you'd like to ask any of the characters in private (this includes crowley and the princesses), now would be the oppertune moment to ask! I hope you're all still having fun, I know the pace is a bit lacking, but after the 7th of june my 'vacation' will have begun and I'll be able to get some more speed going if that's what you want
  3. @PonyOfWar @Golbez @EQ_Theta @SilverHeart @Lil' Lovebug @PathfinderCS @Convergence "Very good.." Crowley said, adressing to everyone there, happy that introductions had been taken care of. "I've sent word to the castle that you've all arrived. I think we can head in any moment now." And sure enough, mere moments after he spoke the words, the sound of fluttering wings could be heard. Fergus, his hawk, came flying down towards Crowley over their heads to land on Crowley's back. In turn, the pegasus reached to the tube on the birds' back and took out the small note inside. In the meantime, the bird proceeded to clean it's feathers with it's beak on Crowley's back, seeming effortlessly keeping it's balance despite it's constantly moving footing. "Right then." Crowley announced, once he looked up from the note. "The princesses will see you now. Follow me." The gate was opened by a pair of guards, and as they passed through it, it was closed behind them. Once they were inside, an escort of four palace guards joined them, beckoning the group to follow. As they moved through the halls leading to the royal throneroom, the stunning insides of the palace revealed themselves. Stained glass, high ceilings, marble pillars. It was truly a artistic piece of architecture. The light of day shimmered through the windows, leaving no corner of the building in the dark. Barely any candles or lights had been lit since the sunlight was efficiently spread across the entire building, as if the architect wanted to complement the power of Celestia's sun in the palace. @Golbez @SilverHeart As they walked, Crowley took a moment to speak with Logic and Mirror again, falling into stride beside them. He first turned to logic. At first, it seemed like he was going to apologise for his transgressions earlier, but instead he did quite the opposite. "I truly mean it. Teaching students is a noble goal but there could be much greater things in store for the likes of you." He said, absolutely straight faced. "You should speak to Vrael this afternoon, I believe he is available. A very interesting intellectual, and could get you caught up on his teams' research efforts. I think you'll find them much more exciting than the basic principles you endure to teach your students." He then turned to Mirror image. "Same could be said for you, Miss Image. A shame to waste your talents on entertainment... You should speak with Vrael as well, he might be able to tell you something about that mask of yours." He stated, fully aware that Logic could hear every word he said. He then quickly removed himself from their vincinity, leaving them to their own thoughts. When they finally reached the large doors to the throneroom, Crowley stopped and turned around to face the guests. "I must inform you, due to the circumstances the princesses have decided to drop any form of formality usually associated with a royal visit. I would tell you to show respect regardless, and not take their genorisity as naïvety." It was a warning of sorts. Some of these ponies would've probably expected something a bit more... official, or organised. He'd been inside the throne room assisting the princesses with the situation, and it had been all but organised. Finally, they entered the throne room. "There you are!" A strong, warm voice, clearly that of Celestia, sounded through the room. The princess of the sun and moon were waiting for the arrivals, not on top of their thrones at the end of the room, but standing in the middle of it. Between them and the grand door there was a table, with a few chairs around it, including two large ones to fit for the princesses. "We are so honored and thankful that you have decided to come, my brave subjects." She continued. A gentle smile adorned her face as she welcomed them. Her sister, Luna, had a more serious look on her face. She remained silent, but nodded to show her respect. "Please, sit down with us. We have much to discuss..." Celestia urged them, proceeding to take her seat as well. Crowley moved forward to stand beside Celestia, refusing to sit down. Subtly Celestia raised a brow at him, but seemed not to mind, apparently amused with Crowley's stubbornness, untouched by his regal and authorative personality. On the table were loads of documents. Maps, files and lists, as well as a lot of notes. It seemed like there had been planning and scheming going on here not too long ago, and not in a very orderly fashion. Crowley bowed himself over the maps, scuttling through the papers trying to find the right documents. "While Crowley fetches the information concerning your mission, you can ask us any questions that haven't been answered yet." Luna said with her much deeper tone of voice as Celestia handed Crowley a folder with loose notes, chuckling softly at Crowley's haste and grumpiness. Crowley could be heard mumbling softly about 'organisation' and 'complete mess' as he frantically went through all the papers spread across the table. Luna gestured towards the seats across of her side of the table. Celestia also resumed a more serious position, ignoring the occasional muttering from Crowley, prepared to answer any questions that they could possibly ask.
  4. Pathfinder I appreciated you joining this roleplay, but I don't want you to feel like you have to force yourself to participate. I think that if you don't have the time or motivation to continue, now would be the best time to bow out, since it wouldn't really influence the story. You can always try to join at a later time when you think you're up for it!
  5. @PonyOfWar @Golbez @EQ_Theta @SilverHeart @Lil' Lovebug @PathfinderCS @Convergence Now that Golbez mentioned it, I'm actually going to be progressing the story soon. Sorry for the long wait, I've got my final recital coming up, so I have little time to spend on the RP. I was hoping that Pathfinder and Lil' lovebug would put out a post before I did, but the introductions have taken long enough, and it's time for some action! Expect me to post tomorrow or the day after that!
  6. 19 years on earth today! This year went by quick!

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      Happy Birthday Scribble ! ;)

  7. @Golbez, @SilverHeart Patiently waiting for their conversation to end, whilst listening intently of course, Crowleys eyes darted across the sky as they followed Fergus floating on the wind. So Mirror Image was somehow related to Cherry, Logics twin sister. He'd read it in the reports, but had passed off Logics sibling as unimportant. He wish he hadn't. Knowing more about how exactly these ponies knew each other, and how much they knew about each other was important. When they finally did approach, Crowley waited for one of them to speak before looking down. "Yes Logic, we were aware, but there wasn't much we could do. If you desire compensation, I will see what can be done." He said colldly. The Princesses had insisted on remaining humble in their request for help, instead of sending out an order like they fully had the right to. However, a friendly approach did make civillians more compliant, albeit more demanding at times. He looked at their invitations and nodded. "Very good." He said, and looked at Mirror "I'm glad you could be here as well Miss Image. I'm confident your abilities will prove vital to the mission." The expression on his face was perfectly neutral. "As well as yours Logic. If I may be blunt, why you're teaching in a school is beyond me. Have you never been offered positions in research teams?" It was meant as a compliment, but only barely. @Convergence With a new and final arrival, Crowley turned his head. "One moment." He said, intent on continuing the conversation in a moment. The Zebra announced himself to the others, as imposing and powerful as Crowley had expected him to be. "We are grateful, Blade of the mother. I am Crowley Ocula. I am glad that you consider Equestria and it's people worth helping." He pointed towards war and nodded. @PonyOfWar "That there is one of the few true warriors of Equestria. Get acquainted, and try to learn to respect each other. You'll need to count on each other when circumstances grow dire." He gave Dancer one more look. He was concerned... maybe even a little bit afraid. The associate responsible for Dancers presence knew a lot about Crowley, far too much in fact. He didn't know how much Dancer knew... Finally he gave one last look to the letter, nodded, and said "If you wish to speak with me further, I'll be over here." He said. Looking up, he whistled, and the falcon dived down to land on his back. He took a moment to write a note, roll it up and slide it into the cylinder strapped to Fergus' back. He whispered something, his low grumbling barely audible, and the falcon took off towards the castle, watching it go before turning to the two mares again, waiting for their response.
  8. Well if that is the case you're doing a real poor job propagating this universal personality through your OC page. All I could really read about him was his kind heartedness and tendency to be quirky sometimes For a creature so powerful and of divine nature, having created a utopia and a species to reside in it, it's a bit strange to have such a human side. What are his motives for sticking around specifically this creation? Where does his fondness for biological life come from if he's a synthetic being? Why decide not to interfere during disasters if he's apparently benevolent to the creatures suffering so terribly in these times? What are the true limits to his powers? What are the faults in his personality and where do these flaws stem from, who created him, or if no one did, how did he come to exist? So many questions that I can think of in 5 minutes that are unanswered in your character sheet. Even if you can cone up with explanations for these questions you should have provided them in your character page. If you're going to try and create a character with near omnipotent abilities, make sure it's well thought out and interesting, develop the concept and make sure you can deliver it to your fellow roleplayers in a way that would excite them. Especially if you plan to play with mortal characters. The fact that you didnt bother to think of the inplications a character like yours impress upon an RP shows why you really aren't fit for this story. A world has been developed by someone who has their own ideas, and you disregard them by applying with a character that enforces the idea that the creator of reality has a physicsl form, and it's a mechanical alicorn. Now I'm sorry for being so brusque, but I would suggest trying to create a character with a more simple and easy to integrate base concept. Try to have some fun with simple characters before attempting to create beings on the scale of the divine. It really doesn't work.
  9. I'm sorry but I don't think mechanical creatures or alicorns really fit into how I interpret the MLP universe, and I don't really see him fitting into the roleplay. Very sorry, your idea is interesting, and I hope you develop it further, but right now it's rather bare bones, just an idea, not really a whole character.
  10. OH SHIT I completely forgot. Ill get on that right now lol Also I just realised that I never replied to you. Yes take all the time you need, my condolences.
  11. @SilverHeart, @Golbez Crowley raised a brow as Mirror Image entered, looking over the shoulders of those around him to get a close look. He frowned when the first thing she did was not report to him, but instead approach Logic. The two were apparently familiar, which surprised Crowley. Surprises were very unwelcome to him, because this sort of information was exactly what he should know on beforehand. The fact that he hadn't known these two were related somehow showed a weakness in the watching eye of The Guild, and he'd make sure to correct the discrepancy in the conduct of investagion when he'd meet the spymaster and his crew again. @EQ_Theta, @PonyOfWar For now, he decided to keep an eye on the two of them, but at the same time he looked at War and Salve. "The two of you should get along fine I see." He said as he noticed their mutual anxiousness at the premise of meeting the princesses. "I'd think two militants would be little tougher at the sight of meeting royals." He scoffed, though not in disdain, but in a more reassuring tone. "It's not much compared to being a recruit under the stern eye of the quartermasters boys, nothing to worry about." He nodded at the medic and the soldier, and decided to turn his attention somewhere else. @PathfinderCS@Dark Horse@Lil' Lovebug Trying to think of what he learned studying Stargazers profile, he remembered that she was quite a lighthearted one. Vital to the team, but definately a weak link when thinks would become heated. In his experience, cameraderie and companionship helps even the most unhardened civilians through the greatest horrors. In preparation of the worst, he decided to try and make her a couple of friends. "Ah, Stargazer, yes, that would be me!" He said uncharacteristically heartily. "Here you see War and Salve, two militants part of this operation." He introduced them, but quickly walked them by and turned to Amber Whiskey. "This is the resident merchant and diplomat Amber Whiskey. She knows her liquor, too! I bet she can even tell you all about your very own Derbyshire Brandy." Though it all sounded sincere, the friendly tone clearly wasn't part of his repetoire. Although forced, it did have a strangely comforting, perhaps even fatherly tone to it. The only way Crowley knew how to be friendly it seemed. "I'd like to introduce you both..." He started, looking at the two mares. "To a celebrity here in the courtyard." He turned towards the balcony where the wonderbolt in training still resided, not yet part of the conversation. "And it's about time he introduced himself too..." He said, with a reprise of his general coldness, a slight frown on his face. He headed towards him, hopefully with Amber and Stargazer in his wake, and called out. "Nova Nightstar, very glad you're here. How about you show me your letter and then introduce yourself!" He said, though also commanded. Once he got closer, he resumed at a softer tone. "Not very polite to ignore your future companions like that now is it..." After that grumbling remark, and checking Nova's inviation of course, he nodded to the three of them, and headed off to the final pair of mares before Nova's quick wit could come up with a comeback. @SilverHeart@Golbez Now nearing Logic and Mirror image, he waited in earshot, subtly eavesdropping them, appearing to watch his falcon Fergus as it circled in the air, waiting for the both of them to show their letter. He was especially interested in taking a look at Mirror Image himself. Of course he knew all about her, but he hadn't conducted any research himself. Her talents were particularly interesting and unique, and he'd want to see it up close with his own eyes.
  12. @Convergence Accepted! Very glad to have you back. You should make your appearance quickly, I'll be moving the story on in a day or two. @PathfinderCS@PonyOfWar@Dark Horse@Lil' Lovebug@SilverHeart@Golbez@EQ_Theta I see not many new posts were made lately. I specifically tried leave some time for your characters to meet and learn about each other before the briefing starts, and it will start soon, so make sure to introduce yourselves quickly! I'll try to make a post to propogate the conversation a little, I aplogise for not doing this faster. Another question for you guys. This question may be a bit vague, so you might not have an answer at the ready immediately, but I'd like to know what kind of development you'd like to see in this adventure. Of course I have a lot of this planned, but I'd love to cater to your expectations since that often provides for more interaction and initiative, and ultimately gives more motion to the story. Would you like action and combat, describing how your character prevails against stark odds, especially when they're not versed in combat and need to push themselves to their limits to succeed. Would you like to explore the inner workings of magic and metaphysics, learning more of how the world truly works and what mysteries could be revealed Explore the world and it's many peoples, having to traverse strange landscapes and alien cultures to find the clues you're looking for Find out how history is involved in all this. What led to this strange culmination of events and why things are happening the way they are? Develop your character alongside the other players and various members of both cast and original NPC characters and interact with the MLP world we know and love? Or, let me take the reins and guide and railroad you through a story I'd like to tell? Watch the show so to speak? Give me your insight on what you expect of this roleplay. Maybe not now, since we have just started, but keep my question in mind as we progress, and help me give direction to the story. If I reveal something, or you realise something, that makes you think "Wow, I'd like to see/know/experience more like that!" definately let me know! Also, if you guys want and are comfortable with it, it might be a good idea to exchange skype or discord. I always love to chat about the various ideas players of my campaigns might have, and I think direct conversation works best for that. My skype is: Scribblegroove My discord tag is: Ivondras#9533 You can add me if you want
  13. Unrequited. This is amazing, just like he says it. Both in the informational as the emotional way.

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      Especially from 8 minutes onward. He goes into how one should learn music, and anything for that matter

  14. I'd also like to notify everyone that now is a good time to get acquainted with one another. During the briefing there won't be much time for that.
  15. @PathfinderCS@PonyOfWar@Dark Horse@Lil' Lovebug@SilverHeart@Golbez@EQ_Theta Alright everyone, now that we've gotten started I'd like to introduce you to the concept of character specific information. The idea is that all your characters have specific talents. War is a warrior, and a tactician, Salve is a medic and anotomist, Nova is an athlete and flier, and so forth, and so forth. This means that sometimes, you'll notice something the others don't. Maybe Amber will remember a certain contact of hers, or Logic will manage to deduct conclusions from a large amount of data. There's several examples, but most of all these are clues to move the story forward. These are vital bits of information that I'm giving you to act upon. Sometimes the information is misleading, sometimes it's an obvious trap, but it might also be the perfect oppertunity! Whatever the information is, whatever the situation, I'm giving it for a reason. It's ALWAYS significant to the story. This doesn't mean that there aren't things to deduct on your own, that you can't solve the mysteries yourself, that you have to act on my cue. The information is rather a helping hand for you fill your role and play your character. Especially for characters like Stargazer, who will get most of her clues from magic, which is a very difficult to grasp concept, or Logic, who will be the detective to sometimes get these surges of inspiration, these hints are almost nescesary for you to be able to accurately portray your character. My question to you guys is, would you have me post the hint in the OOC like this: @USERNAME Or rather just message it privately, and allow the character in question to act upon it in the roleplay. The first allows clarity about where the information comes from. Sometimes when people act upon hints sent in private messaging it'll seem like they're just making stuff up. Their character will go "Oh I recognise this, it's from here and there." At the same time, the second option allows for much more fluid storytelling and won't tempt anyone into using the OOC meta knowledge in game. What are your thoughts, about the hints in general, and the way to deliver them. Any questions about it? EDIT: Progressing on this idea, I just realised it would also sometimes be appropriate for you as players to ask me if there's something you should know about. You can do this in the OOC, or in private. Like, perhaps I describe something in the RP, and you can add to it by saying 'Wouldn't my character know something about this?'
  16. At last, the door opened. Crowley peered down the courtyard, between the lush green trees and behind pretty rosebushes stood the enormous warrior Crowley knew to be War. Of course he'd be the first to arrive. Few had proven themselves to be as loyal as this soldier, and Crowley could appreciate that he managed to recruit at least one experienced serviceman for this mission. The princesses had insisted on not recuiting too many hardened soldiers. Crowley hadn't questioned their judgement, but it had been frustrating nonetheless. @PonyOfWar War approached him with broad strides and saluted him. Crowley returned the salute and observed the letter, his senses still primed. Some would call it paranoia, but Crowley wouldn't let an impostor catch him by surprise. Thankfully, the letter was evidently legitimate, and Crowley nodded. "At ease, soldier. We wait for the other arrivals here." He grumbled. @Dark Horse Turning to the entrance of the courtyard, he saw more of the recruits walking in. First the doctor, then the merchant and the aviator. Conforming to common courtesy, Amber Whiskey and Salus approached him to have their invitations checked and their presence noted. Nova Nightstar seemed to deem himself above such regulations and decided to stay right where he was, looking over them from the balcony. As much as Crowley despised young fools with their lack of respect for authority, he had more pressing matters than scolding the deviant. He decided to introduce himself. Crowley was a Pegasus. Middle aged but still standing strong. This was definitely a stallion of physical practice. Relatively tall and slender, but quite muscular, he seemed like an old athlete trying to keep the glory of the past intact. With a black coat and a salt-and-pepper mane, proudly bearing a small mustache and a goatee, Crowley seemed to spend quite a lot of time on his appearance, perhaps trying to hide the touch of time that had eroded the glory of his youth. "Greetings to all of you." He said, with his clear and low voice resonating slightly through the courtyard. Even though he wasn't speaking loudly, the authority in his tone made it booming and powerful. "My name is Sir Crowley Ocula." He looked to each of the arrivals as if he were inspecting them, his eyes going from top to bottom to scan for any discrepancies. "I'm afraid we will have to wait for a few others to arrive, but I'll be able to answer a few of your questions before you go to see the princesses. The message was intentionally vague, and we understand that you will have many questions, not only regarding the mission itself, but also it's legitimacy." @EQ_Theta He nodded at the medic, knowing that this was an ex-servicepony as well, and he had a lot of respect for ponies as brave, intelligent and resourceful as field medics. His life had been saved a few times by ponies such as him. "You are right where you should be." He confirmed. @Lil' Lovebug Turning to Amber Whiskey, his tone changed somewhat, though still blunt and booming with authority, he seemed somewhat more lenient. "Miss Amber, I want to apologise to you again in person, I am very sorry for your loss. If you have any questions I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities."
  17. Roleplay Characters EqE approved characters: Scribblegroove Taciturn Grace Virtue Tepid Tone Featherwing Zephner Zephyr Stormwing EqE cast characters: Shining Armour (retired) EvE characters: Moros Obrimos Neuro and Lon Fireleaf Roadhearted Streamsung Swann Runedawn Earthstriker Bluestruck Flare Bluestruck Gale
  18. @PathfinderCS@PonyOfWar@Dark Horse@Lil' Lovebug@SilverHeart@Golbez@EQ_Theta RP THREAD IS UP! If anyone has any questions concerning their letters, don´t hesitate to ask!
  19. OOC: When shadows fall. Crowley was waiting. His hawk was circling high above his head, like a predator keeping a watchful eye, waiting to strike. His green, piercing eyes scanned the area. He wasn't only observing, he was percieving everything, allowing all sensations to flourish within his consciousness. From the little mouse that was running through the grass to the guard sneezing in the distance on top of a tower. Almost lifelessly he stared in front of him, to the closed door, that lead to the palace hall, and then to the inner rings of the city. Waiting and watching was something he was pretty good at. You'd think waiting isn't a skill, but if you have to wait 3 whole days, being disciplined enough to stay alert, you'd start thinking differently. They should be coming now. The sun was high in the sky, straight above him, making his shadow small. It was noon. He hoped that this group would show up. The last had only two that were willing to participate. All the others had been cowards. Too frightened by the idea of having to do something meaningful. He hated ponies like that. So in the heat of the sun, about as motionlesss as a statue, only his chest revealing that he was a breathing, living being, he waited. And around him, on the walls and towers, and in many corners were guards on patrol. Some visible. Some not. After all, this was the first barrier of defense to the princesses themselves. Perfect security was a must. {Turn 1} Arrive at the palace and enter the courtyard.
  20. Well consider yourself accepted! @PonyOfWar @PathfinderCS @Dark Horse @Lil' Lovebug @SilverHeart @Golbez @EQ_Theta Everyone, I think we're about ready to start. Are all of you ready? Do you have any questions before we begin? I'll put up the RP thread soon. You'll all also recieve a private message from me as part of the roleplay. That would be your letter I hope you're all just as excited as I am to get started soon
  21. Accepted! We already have a rogue, but you're more of a scout type, and I'm okay with having multiple of a certain role, as long as it's not too much. Are you still interested in joining this roleplayg? I'm okay with accepting you as it is now but you didn't give me the green light yet. Have you finished up your character or are you not yet satisfied?
  22. I'm very sorry but I don't think your character will suffice. We already have a designated doctor that I think fits very well, and I'm looking to finish the roster up with a few roleplayers I invited on beforehand. I'm sorry to dissapoint you.
  23. Hey! This looks a lot better, so congratulations! Salus 'Salve' Veta is accepted! Accepted! I'll add her to the list Accepted! Announcement! The party is shaping up nicely. We're still looking for a mage, a navigator and perhaps another guard/soldier. The party feels a bit unprotected now.
  24. Roleplay History 2014 January Saddle Arabian nights by Peeds – Runedawn Earthstriker Firestorm by Cerise Hood and Torrent505 – Runedawn Earthstriker The colts on third street by Literally Snails – Neuro and Lon Dexter Brandswise’s College by Scribblegroove – Scribblegroove, Dexter Brandswise, GM Survival of the fittest by OG Blaze – Streamsung Swann Shifted: The Three Essences of Heart by Arylett Charnoa – Scribblegroove Free time in Fillydelphia by Filthy Cropper – Streamsung Swann Febuary An imperfect situation by Scribblegroove – Streamsung Swann, Fireleaf Roadhearted, GM A deeper romance Rp by The Elusive Cinder – Streamsung Swann Survival: The new world by Scribblegroove – Neuro and GM March A winter retreat by Skycoaster - Scribblegroove The Equine world RP by Demirari – Byter Branchwise Explorers of Equestria by )O( Scarlet )O( - Streamsung Swann Beyond these walls Chapter 2: A darker fate by The Elusive Cinder – Byter Branchwise Fallout Equestria: Ground zero by Anneal – Neuro and Lon Carousel Boutique Re-Opening by Shift - Scribblegroove Feral Ponies by Pripyat Pony – Fireleaf Roadhearted April Bloodlines by Silverheart - Scribblegroove Against the crown by Torrent505 – Moros Obrimos That shrinking feeling by Blue - Scribblegroove Casual baltimare RP reboot by Fender - Scribblegroove May The bolt academies by Rascal~ – Zephyr stormwing Of uncommon design by The Elusive Cinder – Moros Obrimos June Fall of Andalasia by The Elusive Cinder – Custom character Orik 'Flinch' Skedique Room for rent by Wolfe - Scribblegroove July Thread and Needle by The Elusive Cinder – Custom character Duncan Whales The Carousel Boutique Revamp by Khajiit - Scribblegroove August Trouble at the academy by Arylett Charnoa - Scribblegroove Nightmare night by Skycoaster – Shining Armor September Behind the mask by Fresh Nonsense – Shining Armor Fate and the fallen by The Elusive Cinder – Custom character Samuil Yöndrsson October Cloudsdalian forged friendships by Rainbow Eclipse – Zephyr Stormwing Resurgence by Kaze Yousei – Custom characters Merdyn and Stinger When hearts grow cold by Scribblegroove - GM The Mysterious Temple by PathfinderCS – Zephyr stormwing November none December Equestria forward by skbl17 – Bluestruck Flare and Gale
  25. I don't know. I feel the same. It's a bit short, but it entails everything it needs to. Usually I'd try to make it longer as well, but I don't really see any reason to. Your character is nice and clear and I don't think that there's much to add. Maybe there are a few specific indivuduals or encounters you'd like to describe in detail? Or maybe there's an object she got a hold of during her time as a trader that is very special? That's all I can think of, but otherwise I'd be fine with accepting her the way she is.