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  1. I was searching iTunes yesterday for the Rainbow Rocks soundtrack and it seems to have been removed. I tried to find it using the "complete my album" feature with a song from it I already bought but it says that it is no longer avalaible. When checking today, one of the FIM soundtracks was taken down also. Does anyone know if there is a reason they are getting taken down?
  2. Dainbow Rash

    Why you like my little pony ?

    I love the animation style, the music, and the relatable characters. Whenever I watch it, I am in a more positive mood by the end of the episode because the show's positivity is contagious. All of the amazing art, music, and fiction the fandom creates also plays a big role in how much I enjoy the show.
  3. I listen to tons of types of music like metal, electronic, classical, and soundtracks. When I'm feeling really sad or angry, I tend to not want to listen to upbeat music, but when I'm happy I'll listen to any music whether its upbeat or sad. I think sad music is comforting when I'm not feeling well because it makes it seem as though I'm not alone. When I'm in a normal mood though, upbeat music makes me feel much better.
  4. I've been noticing this too the last few times I went. I can't find the Pop Vinyls at the store near me anymore. (They still have the regular vinyls). The T-Shirts and Plushes have also disappeared. Hopefully the 2017 movie can change that. I needz moar ponies!
  5. Dainbow Rash

    S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique

    Yay, the hiatus is finally over!!! Today's episode wasn't my favorite but it was pretty good. I loved the song; it sounded reminiscent of Art of the Dress to me. The biggest problem I had with the episode was the exposition at the beginning. Overall, I give it a 7/10
  6. Dainbow Rash

    Favorite MLP Shipping and Why?

    My favorite couples are Flutterdash and OctaScratch
  7. Dainbow Rash

    Rainbow Rocks

    I know i'm a little late but I finally got to watch it lol. I was kind of apprehensive going in because I didn't like the first movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was so much improvement! I really enjoyed it and if they decide to make a 3rd I will be looking forward to it!
  8. Dainbow Rash

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    -Funko Vinyls (Spitfire and Sweetie Drops) -CDs (Nightwish- Wishmaster, and Epica- Design Your Universe) -The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster ...and clothes...
  9. Dainbow Rash

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    I have two favorites; Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. I can relate to Fluttershy the most because I am pretty shy in real life. I probably like RD because sometimes I wish I was more like her. My favorite background ponies are Octavia and Vinyl because I love music!
  10. Dainbow Rash

    Which was your favorite gala dress?

    My favorite dress was Fluttershy's, but I also really liked RD's and Twilight's.
  11. Dainbow Rash

    How easy is it for people to know you're a brony?

    It's very easy to find out I'm a brony. I wear MLP shirts occasionally and when I'm not, I'm usually wearing a wristband. I also have a MLP wallpaper set on my account on my school's computers.
  12. Dainbow Rash

    Forgetting that Rainbow Dash is female

    Nope. However, I do know someone in real life that thought RD was a guy when watching the show for the first time. It was pretty awkward when I corrected him...
  13. Dainbow Rash

    Brony as a Religion

    To be honest, I'm not sure if it is legit or if it is satire like pastafarianism; but if people do believe it, then they have just as much a right to their beliefs as other religions.
  14. Dainbow Rash

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a brony are you

    I'm definitely at least an 8/10 but it does tend to vary depending on what mood I'm in.
  15. Psychology itself is a very interesting and important field. It's problem is that some of the individuals in its community over-diagnose so that they can get more money from their patients. Since *some* psychologists over-diagnose, it makes it harder for everyone else to take it seriously.