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  1. Hey guys! I have just released a new album. You can download it here -> Unfortunately it's $1 price as of now, but check back in about 2 weeks - it will be free again For now you can just listen, and also, here's the preview!
  2. Finally some feedback ^^ thanks a lot! I will surely keep in mind your suggestions, though I like how it sounds now. I think it's about preferences anyway. I will try to make it better on the next album, if it will happen, this one is already released on bandcamp (link is in the first post). The album is 7$ here, but check back tomorrow, I should have free credits applied again by then. If you wish to download it, heh Thank you very much once again!
  3. Just bumping the thread up in case anyone wants to check out...would be great to hear some feedback guys!
  4. I have just released the new album, download it from bandcamp for free! Very romantic music I got there
  5. Very nice! I also making piano music with other orchestrations and drums.
  6. Woods of Desolation - The Inevitable End. Hands down.
  7. Nope. I don't have any posters or other physical stuff in my room... I wish I could have at least a small figure of Fluttershy though...
  8. Great work man, I was surprised to hear vocals (and they're good!) there. Keep rockin'
  9. I will release new album in February, for free download via bandcamp You can listen to this song as a preview:
  10. Such sweet sound to my ears... I love it!!!
  11. Well, alright, the size and build are good arguments about that... Would be really good to see that officially in the series though
  12. Hey there! I have a question: why do everyone think that VS is a "she"? Why not "he"? I think it suits much better... Yet, I know that it was not mentioned officially in the series, but maybe someone has proofs from some official source? I've also seen loads of VS-male artworks as well as VS-female. I'm sorry, I'm just confused with that.
  13. Hello everypony! I'm making music under the name Blurry Lights, since October 2012. I started the project as only piano, but later I added drums and recorded my guitar at some places, so it became more post-rockish... If you have some free time, please check it out and let me know what you think... Soundcloud: (two first songs here are unreleased yet) Bandcamp: (you can download everything for free here) Facebook: (join here if you want to get latest news) I'm currently in progress of making the 3rd album it will be available for free download as always, because making music is just my hobby. I just released a new song! Called "Our Destiny".