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  1. There are still some players out there but I don't know if there are any here.
  2. The episodes might not be in chronological order so it would seem invalid but it could be at least a whole year since the whole show started on the very day Twilight began her journey of friendship on the same day as Luna's return as her alter ego and season 4 took place on the very day her adventures began. As for the general subject, it's pretty much invalid since we probably don't know but it could be either 1 year or more than that.
  3. That's a huge stretch from the hidden truth you're attempting to question. Spike would be needed for Twilight and her friends, Twilight made it clear that she still needs him in her life and the lives of her friends but they just haven't been able to appreciate his support and his efforts to do them some justice. The writers seemed to be building on the very moment coming up when it comes to Spike finally being able to officially prove himself to be a crucial part of the gang and make Twilight and the others realize that they've been taking him for granted for too long since they focus
  4. It's a stretch that many people tend to use since many people, when they see her moments in the show, they seemed to somehow have some sort of connection with her concerning her conflicting personalities when she was faced with moments of a huge range of emotions such as happiness, anger and her phobia along with her timid nature. Fluttershy has something of a huge image and realistic representation of pure innocence, an image that has been abused with many popular characters that can worm their way into people/fan's hearts but they can be manipulated so they can virtually have no flaws wh
  5. Pokemon Red & Blue on the Game Boy for me.
  6. If the episodes-be they singles, two-parters, three-parters and so on-showing the redemption are done and executed RIGHT at a great pace and answer to the reasons behind the sins of the antagonists and everyone that had a hand in the villain's wrongdoings, then I won't mind the villains being redeemed.
  7. Anything that's good music, a strong story that catches my attention, a piece of fantastic art work, etc. It doesn't matter, anything that catches my attention and gets me motivated.
  8. If she were to be an Element of Harmony, she would have to answer to her sins she committed back in Equestria in her conquest for power and to gain more power and her position as Alicorn Princess for herself and then work her hardest to repent for them as well as discover what's so amazing about herself that makes her unique, so different from the rest and that could contradict to her friends in the EG universe. Keep in mind that she hasn't been given full forgiveness during her time on screen, her friends at Canterlot High gave her forgiveness for her actions since she didn't know about f
  9. It could happen considering the similarities Discord's going to draw from Q. How he goes about life in his fully reformed style after his betrayal turnabout with Tirek would make some huge potential considering the strengthened relationships and friendship between the very ponies he now fully considered freinds. It could happen for those who haven't seen the season and for those who haven't reached the end of the season.
  10. That's tricky but I would want to be a classical crossover acoustic/electric violinist after seeing the works of Vanessa Mae, BOND, Celtic Woman and so on.
  11. If they wanted to make it canon to the show, then they should make the movie tie to the plot with the things it added which it didn't. So, that can be considered a blessing for some who aren't impressed or moved by the EG series with the 2 movies and the upcoming Equestria Academy series.
  12. With what we were shown on the preview clips from Comic-Con, we can't really piece together who the new villain can be for season 5 but I'm hoping/ thinking that the new villain can/should be everything that the Mane 6 have faced put into one being that could really test their friendship and what they have learned in the last 4 years to a breaking limit. However, we don't know for sure since we were given no information about the villain yet.
  13. I am interested to see how the movie would play out in a few years despite my surprise of the news being out so early but I can't have a solid and official opinion over it until I see it in the flesh. I'm also hoping that they make everything about it so epic and true to the original TV series and the success and unexpected surprises that made MLP such a huge popularity splash but with the process of a movie unlike the creation of a TV series, we can't be too sure on how it can be executed.
  14. I've no idea how, but I think it could all come down to the hidden essence that made her such a fan favorite pony: she's a representation of what we humans would be like in an untrusting and cruel society with someone like Suri looking down on her as if she's nothing special, weak, pathetic and totally not up her levels compared to her. She's also quite the shy and cute little pony who's timid and cute nature can rival that of Fluttershy because we care for her more than some of the rest including the Mane 6.
  15. If they can still pull out the success that made MLP such a storm of popularity craze even after it had ended with the movie, then it could work. But right now, it's too early to figure out what could come out of the franchise and the series when G4 ends sometime later. I can't have an opinion until I see the official product 2-3 years later.
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