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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. As an earthquake hit Canterlot, Two ponies are trapped inside a collapsed building, uncertain if help is coming for them. Together they must try and get out and survive. But being stuck together can get the weirdest feeling out of each pony.... Submit bellow of intrested \/
  3. Hey, HEY, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY ponies. How is everyone doing this fine, whenever it is in your time zones What, you want to know how I feel? Well... I feel great. I feel happy. I FEEL stressed out because of work. So the army lets me reinstate but i have to go through a lot of hoops to get back to my old position. But i am willing to do this. Yes in my previous post i bashed on the army. But i am sorry, because i ment some of the army. Not the entire army. I still have to clarify something tho... About some baby i mentioned....... yeah so uh...... I have a baby.. a cute little girl... Well i dont really see her a lot anymore due to work stress and no time and she mostlly stays at my brother (<3 thank you bro <3) and she is happy there. The reason she likes it there is probally because her parents are always fighting and one dissapeared for sometime. I got told all the things i missed while i was gone. I got told she cried a lot in the beginning, asking for her mommy. Well... How are you going to explain to a baby that mommy ran away. I stopped drinking BTW. I am no more a active alcholic! Yay. Back to the baby, turns out she nearlly died while i was gone.... She was in her buggy being pushed around by my sister-in-law when she accidentlly slipped and pushed the buggy on to the road. Thank god somebody saw it and saved the buggy or else..... I dont blame her for that tho... I blame me for leaving... Being a bad mom... A bad wife.... A bad sister.... A bad everything I am sorry.... To everyone in my life... Also my ex-husband is trying to get me back, it is for a later day. STAY STRONG AND TELL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS YOUR PROBLEMS BEFORE YOU DO RADICAL STUFF <3 MESSAGE ME FOR FAMILY/FRIEND/DEPRESSION HELP. I ANSWER ASAP AND KEEP IT A SECRET. ~FML
  4. Hey hey HEY! How everyone is this here uhm.. internet forum doin? Is it all radical and LIT? Okay ill stop, i write stupid stuff when i am stressed out. Which i miiiiiiiight be a tiny, little, miniature, very much stressed out. So! Some context on my title of today and me being S TO THE R E S S E D out. "Reintergrating" is going rougher as planned. People arent really accepting me back. People are mad, confused, down right.... Hatefull towards me. I get why but i dont want to brag but HOLY SHIT (Forgive me lord jesus) IF ANY OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT COMPLAIN NOW CARED FOR ME BACK THEN, THIS WOULDNT HAVE HAPPEND. And i qoute a... Ex relative of me: HURR DURR BUT IF YOU TOLD ME I WOULDVE HELPED. excuse me nameless man, but if you keep being "busy" with seeing other girls behind my back, no wonder i dont trust you. No wonder i didnt ask for help since you were one of the REASONS. I digress On to the title of today First off all, Turns out people were exploiting my vanishing as a excuse to missuse and say stuff i supposedlly said, which at this point lost me friends and family, right down to the point that my own baby is.... Yeah other blogpost about that. Secondlly, the betrayal is basically... EVERY.SINGLE.THING. i did for the army for: Safety Health First Aid Train new medics All have been thrown in the bin and they are back to being a bunch of headless chickens. Which angers me. Oh well, Not my army Not my duty May they all burn in hell Fuck the Russian Army and their entire staff. ~FMD no heart today Only hatred
  5. So hey everyone that might read this... I am back.. The great something Back to this fandom and live. With changes that i shall go in right now. As some of you know. I had been declared dead which was a intersting way of explaining what i did. So! What did i do, instead of being dead? I killed my former self and returned a new person... I buried her in Warsaw Dont go searching for it. I never will again. Well. Something i didnt mention in my blog posts that my biggest hobby beside the army was being a active alcholic. Which i became because of personal problems and issues. Between now and my last time i spoke, a lot has changed. A lot in a positive with some regrets. First off all. I quit the army. I couldnt handle somethings that happend there and i left it behind me. Then i left my entire life behind me and died. I traveled away from home and had to find my newself and bury my oldself. But i am back and will start posting soon on here. Probally not about the army since that... *chuckles* difficult. Probally life advice since i am wiser than ever before! Happier then ever before! Younger then eve.....ohwait ;( And hey... Maybe the army lets good ol me back someday if i ask them nicelly... "Oi havent you boys learned to stop sucking that cannon barrel. If not you still need me ;)" Nah jk I am happy tho from all the love i got for the most part, for being half a zombie atleast. ~FMD <3
  6. So aew these thse the only 2 ponies still talking who posted lasf after me?
  7. Dust laughs. "Oh oh sorry i just, that News message." dust makes a very deep voice. "everypony died, oh oh then why am i alive?" she giggles. "Oh. Anyway, you have a point. And i am guessing you dont know how to disable the alarm, So i am coming with you. Since it can only Read changeling hoofprints, which if you look here" dust pulls out a Hoof."this is a changeling hoof. Which i....found yesterday so they wont know yet it wasnt him"
  8. The reason you are here because this is an ambush of the changelings" she laughs. "Nah Just kidding" She pulls out a Blue print of what seems to be a outpost."this is outpost 463A-2. Or the food supply for north-east Canterlot. I want to make this our supply base. Yes, ponies will starve. But hey, sacrifice for war." she sits down and takes a breath."my...umm...inside pony says roughly 2 Guards patrol and 2 inside. But they have a alarm which will alert the near barracks." Suddenly a radio cracks in the corner of the room. "*static* welcome listeners to suuuuuuun FM. Bringing you *static* news of the frontline in the south. Great news for all of Equestria, our troops took back 1 mile of Equestria. Meanwhile all over Equestria *static* starts to grow. Most notablly the Sunbringers, which to numerous sources have been all killed or captured in the latest raid of last week. Thats the News ponies. I am your Radio host *static* and may the Sun still smile over our recent captured 1 mile"
  9. Dust laughs. "Jeez. You are well armed. I appreciate that." she inspects all ponies. "Even an alicorn." Dust suddenly punches everyone softly on their head. "Get used to this. I wont tell you why." She laughs. "Anyway, so how can i trust you all not being changeling spys?" dust takes her dagger and points it at everypony and then licks the Blood of it."mmhm. I tasted better." Dust puts a box on the table writtrm.*food* on it. "Hungry?" she opens it....it looked like cooked Body parts."the enemkes even follow right ony stomach"
  10. Yeah just start outside the warehoue. Deicde if you want to fill in yes o no. In which you all dont know why yea and no yet :}
  11. Dust chuckles in the back of the warehouse and then slowly walks towards the table. "I appreciate the ponies filling in yes even you dont know for what. For all you know you said yes to exexution by decaptiaion. You know your previous...ex recruits didnt fill it in. Took no risk here nor in the field and died. Also......could everypony atleast show their weapons? You are doing a shitty job hiding them." she throws her dagger on the table."here is mine" it was still a little dirty from old blood."yeah...a changeling saw me hanging up the flyer." she giggles. "HE never has a chance." she shows a picture with her face smiling next to a decapitated changeling head."look he is sad"
  12. Accepted since it is still possible (Couldnt you just linked your oc :S)