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  1. Not again! This forum seems to hate the mp3 format for some reason and never lets you download it, could you please post it in a different site and share the link? n-nU Sorry for the invonveniance Oh man, that sounds fantastic! I'll make sure to check when your lines are up!
  2. No, not really. I dislike analysis videos very much, the reason? Most people try too hard to be deep into a show that isn't meant to be like that. Especially those who make negative reviews on the episodes because ''Why is X thing happening if in the Season 2 episode x thing happened?!'' It's almost as if they try to justify why they watch a show that isn't aimed very precisely at them, which I just find unnecesary.
  3. I am quite amazed this is not a thing. Post an image of your OC, and wait for someone to rate it from 0/10! I'll start with this little pony named Film Flick
  4. Thank you! It all relies on how much you want to animate, it's hard, sure, but it is like riding a bycicle, ride it for a first time and you will fall, ride it various times and it will be a piece of cake, and when you less notice you are about to jump a cliff with it while thousands are watching.
  5. It's simple really, the hate on Alicorn OC's lies on the fact they don't have a backstory that justifies their race, an Alicorn is an extremely rare species if you recall the series, as there may be millions of ponies, but there are only 4 alicorns between those millions. They are also OP and those who make them convert them into Mary sues, converting them into unidimentional characters with no personality.
  6. Hello people! It's the hoodied filmmaker here again, if you remember me well, I asked for voice actors to do very, very simple lines to make a continuation of the amazing Turnabout Storm series. The final result.. wasn't as good as I thought it would be. However, things get better now, improved maps, graphics and writing are on the way in this second case, I have now a small team to help me with the story while I am in charge of the animation and editing. (Here's a trailer to show it!) And we also made a hard decision... make the series voice acted? Or silent, like the original games? Well, after some thinking, we decided to make the series VOICE ACTED, but for that, we need your help! This document will provide you with the characters we need, and some lines to record for anyone interested, anyone applying can post the voicelines here, or post a link to the sound file you recorded. Thank you for reading! *Rabbit out*
  7. Oh, it was xDU I thought the EQD feature would make you notice it, of course, you were credited for the objection voicelines Here! I understand entirely, this is why I decided to stop doing this alone and get a team to work on the writing, next case will be a blast, I promise!
  8. Ah... the SFM ponies, one tale that once began with Gmod three years ago, and has evolved a lot during that time. it went from being creepy and awkward to actually become something adorable and full of potential. I'll publish some of my SFM pictures here, if anyone wishes to make a request, i might give it a shot.
  9. Hey guys! Remember me from that thread where i looked for voice actors for this project? I happened to make part one for it, i hope you enjoy it!
  10. Ah, come on, that was nothing! What kind of filmmaker would I be if i said such terrible things? (I really hope you haven't had such a bad experience like that, people can't be this rude with other people that try to help them) Don't worry, take your time on it n-n i'll be working on the project itself in these days You might even get a script for future SFM projects of mine! Actually, that goes for anyone who has auditioned in this thread itself.
  11. This is a nice effort c: However, i'd reccomend you to give it a second shot. First things first, the voice, if done a little deeper, could be perfect for Sonata, but try to force the voice a little less, the timing however, is pretty good, and it could work well for the video itself. Also, if you need help about how to perform your recordings, here's a cut of all the objections in the actual game, this makes things much, MUCH easier because you now have a reference.
  12. It must be a problem with the forum itself, indeed, considering i still can't download the files >-O Youtube, Soundcloud, Mediafire, anything's fine for me n-n It gives me an error every time i try to download it, do you have this problem when you try to download it yourself? Oh, also, have one of the frames that will be used in the full video
  13. Hm, link is broken D: Could you upload it again so i can revise it and give it a shot? n-nU I'd love to hear your lines
  14. Well, for now all i need are these, however, a Sonata VA is still needed There will be another role if i get to do a second Turnabout c: If i need a male VA, i'll be sure to contact you c; Thanks!
  15. LOVED the Take that samples! Alright, it's official, i'll keep these for the turnabout, probably swap them sometimes to give them some variety Thanks for your help!