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  1. Turns out that changing the eartips of a pair of earphones is the most rage-inducing thing ever... Someone help me please!

  2. Yadomi

    Gaming looking to play dnd online

    Hi! I've also never tried DnD before but been meaning to for some time. I just never got the opportunity to try it IRL. If this is happening, I'd really like to join...
  3. Mobile Orchestra finally got released and it's awesome! Yay!

  4. Well ... haven't updated my status in a while... Anyway, who's into Doctor Who? I pretty much just watched the first 3 seasons and I think it's pretty amazing.

    1. APegLegPirate


      Been watching since the time of Christopher Eccleston. Although I think for me it's prime time was David Tennant - Matt Smith. The recent series hasn't been all that great. Imo of course.

    2. Yadomi


      Well, as I said, I only watched the first 3 seasons so far. But we will see...

  5. Yadomi

    Open Equestrian Excess RP

    @@Gloomfury, @@nx9100, Puzzles was trying to push through the crowd to get a better view on what was happening, but it didn't seem like he had good chances of reaching the front row. He clearly wasn't the only one interested in finding out what's going on. He decided the best way of getting information was to wait until they'd leave the restaurant and tail Princess Luna's mysterious guest. Wherever he and his crew might be going to after this meeting, he might get some useful information there. Even just knowing where they're heading to could be useful information. Also, he might get a c
  6. Sorry that I have to ask, but how do you do the @[someone's name], thing at the top of your posts? I just can't find an option or anything to mention someone in a post.
  7. Just a couple of questions: Is this like in FiM, where the only thing that comes close to a computer is a typewriter or do we actually have some sort of computers? Just wanted to know what Puzzles is writing on...
  8. Yadomi

    Open Equestrian Excess RP

    While sitting down at his desk, which was standing in the middle of the large office landscape that made up most of the Canterlot Post's building, Puzzles jealously looked at one of the private offices. Its owner just got promoted because of an – allegedly brilliant – article he wrote about Canterlot's alchemist guild, which was drawing a lot of attention recently. He just seemed to always be in the right place at the right time, while Puzzles was struggling to find any decent stories at all. Not everything about it was bad though. Puzzles got to share a desk with the pony he considered hi
  9. Hi! First time applying for an RP. Decided to try it... Also, drugs are bad. Name: Puzzles Age: Somewhere between 25 and 35. (In human years. I will decide for a specific age if necessary.) Pony Race: Unicorn Role/Job: Journalist (writing for the Canterlot Post, or whatever you want to call Canterlot's newspaper) Appearance: Puzzles has a dark blue coat. He has a messy manestyle with a dark brown color. His eyes are dark brown as well, with a shade of green occasionally shining trough. His cutiemark is an Interrobang. Personality: To the outside Puzzles has a char
  10. Just watched the new episode... Yay!

    1. StormRider245


      i haven't... And i am not sure can I...

    2. Yadomi


      Why is that?

    3. Yadomi


      (And sorry for not replying earlier...)

  11. I can't wait to see more Season 5 pony awesomeness...

    1. Steelstallion


      oooOOOooo! I know! =]

  12. Just watched Season 5 Premiere. It was awesome! Yay!!!

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