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  1. Let me start off by saying: I am biased here, so take this post with a grain of salt. My overall opinion of Alicorn OCs can be summed up by Mr. Horse. That being said, let me elaborate on a couple of points: 1. The lowest common denominator. As OP mentioned, the human brain makes large generalizations and connection to help it cut down the amount of processing required for the onslaught of information the brain receives everyday. This is the reason why stereotypes and "knee-jerk" reactions occur. Lets face it, there are a ton of really terrible alicorn OCs in this fandom, just take a look
  2. There is nothing wrong with having a character that has a tragic past, per se. However, often times overly dramatic pasts are overdone to the point of cliche. I bet you can think of many characters (OC and in other fiction) that have had say, their parents killed in front of them or orphaned into an abusive home. While there is nothing wrong with that, the character has to be exceptional in order to distinguish itself from the many other characters that have a similar story arch. And if they are not, well they tend to leave a sour taste in roleplayers' mouths after sifting through so many simi
  3. Wow... after over four years, I finally selected an avatar. Did I do a forums? 

  4. @PathfinderCS Well, I think I can speak for all of us when I say, you will be missed! However, I admire your self awareness to be able to pull out before any harm is done. Hope you work through whatever is on your plate, and that it all goes well.
  5. @Scribblegroove As Dancer handed the letter to the pegasus, his eyes widened slightly when he mentioned The Mother. A name he has not heard often in Equestria, to hear a stranger in this land mention Her was shocking at the least. But not nearly as surprising as when the pegasus introduced himself as Crowley. That name. Him mentioning The Mother left a bad taste on Dancer’s tongue. But he had a long time to prepare for this, and he was ready. Strange, Crowley was nothing like how Dancer pictured him. Dancer did not show a hint of his distaste. Instead, he expressionlessly stared into
  6. @Golbez Yeah sorry I have been so quiet lately. Not usually like me. Been putting off writing my post for far too long. I will buckle down and get it done now. edit: all done. Out of curiosity, Am I being too spiritual or different with Dancer's character. I am quite enjoying it, but want to make sure that he is still interesting to everyone else. Should I tone his character down a bit?
  7. Wait....... damn it!
  8. It had been a long journey, mainly because Dancer preferred to walk and that he was never really sure where he was going. So he walked through cobbled roads, thick patches of vibrant grass and forests with trees rising up to the sky. He walked alone, something he was very used to. Letting his mind wander and marvel at the miraculously green landscape. Something Dancer had never known until recently. The cruel twists of fate were not lost to him. To be judged unworthy of his homeland, to somehow survive and find a home so fertile and now to be personally called upon by the leaders of this
  9. @Techno Universal I'm sorry if this comes across as rude or mean spirited, it is not meant to be. I have been slightly upset with the tone you have taken in the last two posts in this thread. I am not sure if it is intentional, but you're responses have come across in a condescending manner which is not appropriate. Scribblegroove's main point is that a mechanical alicorn does not fit within his vision of Equestria for the purpose of this RP, which as a GM, that decision needs to be respected. One of the greatest skills that anyone can learn is how to really listen to constructive cr
  10. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words! When designing Dancer, I realized his tribe like homeland would be perhaps too similar to Dothraki from GoT. Something I really did not want especially for a show that popular. So I tried to make their culture a bit more spiritual. Perhaps this made him seem more like Unsullied. Never thought of that but I sure get the connection now. I am very excited to see how Logic Bomb will react to Dancer who has a very spiritual outlook on life, forgoing logic and reason. If you want to chat some more about Dancer and his culture, hit me up with a PM :). I think
  11. @Scribblegroove Thanks, glad to be back! Don't worry I plan to make my appearance soon. Seems like perfect timing for me to show up . Just to be a stickler, shouldn't I receive a letter prior to showing up :P?
  12. Hmm, an adventure RP with some of my old friends? Sounds like too much fun to pass up. I suppose I'll throw out an application. This is perhaps the most 'out there' character I have ever made, but it was a lot of fun creating my own culture and homeland. Name: Dancer Race: Zebra Role: Guard/Soldier OC page link: here it isSpecial equipment: The sword of a Zebrican Khan. They say that a Khan's blade is imbued with the wisdom of a soothsayer and the spirits of every Khan that has held it. The thin blade appears as if it would shatter on impact but strangely shows no sign of wearing.
  13. Looking for a new RP

  14. Hey guys, I am really interested in joining this RP, so you may see a lot more of me around here shortly I sent Hederik a PM to discuss a slightly different idea for my character creation. I will be posting an actual application pending his response.
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