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  1. Hey guys please look at mine and my boyfriend's pony tumblr!!!:

  2. Did anyone see Doctor Whooves wearing 3-D glasses? haha :D

  3. come on when are they gonna release walking dead season two ep 2 a house divided...

  4. come on when are they gonna release walking dead season two ep 2 a house divided...

  5. well, no one is talking to me really so I guess i'm quitting *shrugs*

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    2. ~Onylex


      Its all a conspiracy


      Your love is a lie, you're here to kill me aren't you?

      You sick bastard Tasu....

    3. Remi


      Sorry babe, I don't take love that gets tossed around as much as your panties.



    4. ~Onylex
  6. Hey in this morning's episode who is the pony with black hair and a beard with glasses and the little one who sits on him?

  7. never heard Big Mac sing... That was weird

  8. OH MY GOD. I will NEVER trust angel statues ever AGAIN

    1. Fire_Fly
    2. UserNotFound


      Don't even blink!

    3. StrawberryTasu


      hahaha yeah! NEVER. I am completely mind blown I see why people loved this episode xD

  9. Ah :D keep an eye for dr hooves everyone! He's there a lot

  10. Ha weird Al's name is cheese sandwich. Hurray for watching the new ep a day early

  11. Oh man season ending of Amercan Horror Story

  12. Rose and the doctor are going to say goodbye ;c

  13. next weekend is finally with Weird Al ;D

  14. They changed Candence's voice...

    1. Malinter


      she was in ponyville for a break, hence the 'mock' formalities at the train-station.

  15. ooo! Something floaty! La la la la la~!