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  1. Lets just get back to the rp guys ^^ I just wanted to let everyone know im safe and im back online and im here
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130790&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC-_-pla-_-AMD+Motherboards-_-N82E16813130790&gclid=CPya9-CYksQCFQ8oaQodxYUAow&gclsrc=aw.ds My new motherboard PLUS yes it has a red and black dragon on it -squee- Because i wanted to surprise you as well >.> sheesh aiko arent you happy im finally back?
  3. you both know how forgetful i can get ._. especially when im this excited over a new motherboard and fully upgrading my pc Plus now i have to get a new power supply because the one in my computer right now does NOT like my new motherboard because not only does it have a high end sound card but now it has a high end Networking card as well, just for mulitplayer online games
  4. Wow she did blow up in the single as well to awnser her right here and now the reason why i have been ignoreing ALL text not just her is because i literally had my pc in complete mess and i dont text much while building pcs ._. It took longer then necessary ESPECIALLY after my windows 7 got corrupted because of the new chipset on my motherboard so that took another couple of days to fix .-. And one last thing no im not dropping out of the rp ^^ Now that i got a working pc i should be on like normal now~
  5. Lightning flair followed smileing as he does so chuckling. He stayed close to Chronos this entire time just being quiet. (ok where to begin might as well be honest as of right now i have a working pc i just tore the motherboard out of this thing and pulled a new one in, its a full on gaming motherboard and i just now got around to installing all the necesseties needed to get online and yes i have a gf now))
  6. Lightning flair was pretty fast he caught up pretty quickly he chuckles, "You know you could lighten up" He says as he contnues to walk with chronos, "Im too relaxed to get the royal treatment" He says as he trots along side chronos, Then his horn glows as a cape appears around his wings, so he would just look like a unicorn.
  7. (IM GONNA HAVE THE BOYS IN THE LAB TO MAKE COMBUSTIBLE LEMONS THATS GOING TO BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN XDDDDDDDD im sorry but that quote popped in my head when i read your post)) Flair chuckles and smiles, "Dont worry im not going to hit your house i have designated landing points in my spells when i telport its just i keep forgetting to change the locations for the castle" He says chuckling.
  8. "I could escort him if you want me to aunt tia" He offers smileing, he couldnt help but WANT to help chronos out to see his son, "I promise i wont lightning teleport" He says chuckling, he seemed more relax now that he was back at home and he could just roam equestria.
  9. "Yes" He says chuckling, "I havent spent time with you or mother in ages so its going to be your turn first then it will be mothers next" He responds chuckling as he sits down next to her. His smile was pretty big. he has missed the two dearly since his voyage.
  10. He chuckles and smiles as he sits down next to her, "Mother said shes going on a trip and you would keep me company so i decided to bug you" He jokes smileing as he waves to chronos, "Hello there friend i belive we met in the hallway last night?" He asks with a smile.
  11. He waves his mother goodbye with a big wave chuckling, he knew his mother would pull random trips but he knew she would always return safely as he then trots over to aunt tia, "Hiiii aunty" He says with a smile, as he hugs her, "What are you up to on this fine day?"
  12. He smiles, "deal but on one condition have aunt Tia spend a little time with me" he chuckles as he nuzzles her and kisses her forehead "have a safe trip mother I love you" he says with a smile as he stands up on all four hooves. "Who knows bring me back a marefriend" he jokes chuckling
  13. "Mother, let me come with you" He says as he smiles, "i can finally spend some time with you this way" He says as he chuckles, "You know i can handle myself" he continues hoping she would say yes its been so long since he was able to spend some alone time with his mother
  14. He jumped then he looked at her with a smile, "Yes mother?" He asked as he nuzzles her back. He was already finished eating by this point as he stretched his wings. "Whats up?" He continues as he chuckles, he knows his mother never randomly walks up to him unless hes in trouble or she needs something.
  15. Lightning flair was still eating, he was still in that same daze as he chewed slowly while still looking down at his plate, he didnt expect anyone to come in so soon, but then again Flair didnt expect anything anymore because around the castle. Expect the unexpected.