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  1. happm birfldeh! and a very very unbirthday to all else i suppose ^-^ i guess that includes me...im off to have some cake!!! but yeah, happy bday bro

  2. Herpy Derpday! :3

  3. Thanks guys!

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    2. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      Happy Birthday! May Pinkie throw you a totally awesome party!

    3. 83awsm


      Have a great BDAY!

    4. Senn555


      Have a fantastic birthday!

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. HAppy Birthday to you sire

  6. Happy 14th, Fyre!

  7. So Which one. btw if you dont know what im talking about Still alive is the ending song for Portal 1 Want you gone is for Portal 2 Which One Would you choose? Personally i would choose Still Alive, the nostalgia factor and the lyrics are a little better for me
  8. I LOVE L4d2, in matter of fact i bought an xbox JUST to play that game, and if i had to be a zombie from that game, Hunter Survivor, Ellis My friends say i kinda Look and sound like him..
  9. Once i was yawning and i was going to walk but i slipped and pulled the fire alarm, luckily i wasnt caught XD
  10. Mine Is Jim Carrey, Hes Funny And He Doesnt Take The Movies Hes In Seriously, But Doesnt act like a seven year old.
  11. Bruce Almighty and Truman Show Yes my fave actor is Jim Carrey.