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  1. FyreDash

    Music Still Alive Or Want You Gone?

    Yea basically.
  2. So Which one. btw if you dont know what im talking about Still alive is the ending song for Portal 1 Want you gone is for Portal 2 Which One Would you choose? Personally i would choose Still Alive, the nostalgia factor and the lyrics are a little better for me
  3. FyreDash

    Gaming Left 4 Dead Thread

    I LOVE L4d2, in matter of fact i bought an xbox JUST to play that game, and if i had to be a zombie from that game, Hunter Survivor, Ellis My friends say i kinda Look and sound like him..
  4. FyreDash

    Embarrassing occasions of any kind?

    Once i was yawning and i was going to walk but i slipped and pulled the fire alarm, luckily i wasnt caught XD
  5. FyreDash

    Movies/TV Favorite Actor?

    Mine Is Jim Carrey, Hes Funny And He Doesnt Take The Movies Hes In Seriously, But Doesnt act like a seven year old.
  6. FyreDash

    Movies/TV Best childhood movie

    Bruce Almighty and Truman Show Yes my fave actor is Jim Carrey.
  7. FyreDash

    What's your favorite soda?

    Mines Sprite.
  8. Mine Is Oot ( ocarina of time ) the reason why is because i love loz,i love long games and the idea is VERY unique
  9. FyreDash

    Hello everypony!

    Hi Fluttershy, im A Fan of R.D and P.P the most, your my 6th fave. ( first is R.D second is P.P third is T.S fourth is Luna fifth is Celestia and 6th is F.S )
  10. Agreed, i watch the show cause i Love it, not to analyze it.
  11. FyreDash

    What the hay, Im a new to the herd

    Hiya New Brony!
  12. FyreDash

    Which pony would you have a sleepover with?

    Pinkie Pie we both have the same things we like... Being crazy.
  13. FyreDash

    Why do ponies speak English?

    Yea but its fun to imagine if only Bronies understand The language of ponies and everyone else hears reg. pony noises
  14. FyreDash


    Hiya Fellow Brony!
  15. FyreDash

    Hey everybody

    Hiya Chaotix!