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  1. Your foolish heresy will never triumph over the Helix. We even have our own choir!
  2. I also belive in one, the Christian heaven. Ooh yay, someones gonna start a religious debate again! Sarcasm not intended.
  3. HOW DARE YOU! Helix is above all beings, never would he bow to, what is a Goomy?
  4. Mine started back in 2010, when I was a huge fan of the TV show premiering on Animal Planet, "Must Love Cats". My already existing love of cats, plus how much I liked the show, sparked an even bigger love of cats. This spark was still roaring when I signed up for the Minecraft Forums, as I am also a Minecrafter, and the name was so easy to remember I just keep using it over and over on all the sites I signed up on, even after my show "Must Love Cats" was canceled .
  5. This is not a thread, but a temple to the great Lord Helix. Do you accept him today? To become a member, simply leave a comment asking to join us in our praise of the holiest one! Pastor: MustLoveCats Members:
  6. Do you accept the almighty Lord Helix as your savior?
  7. Have you ever been to New Catsland? Its the best island ever, it's its own independent Kingdom of New Catsland, the islands not too big, and there is hundreds of cats! Cats are considered greatest on this island. Prophecy tells long ago Lord Helix ended here. P.S. It might be important I am the King there, no? P.P.S. I like cactus, thats at the island too. P.P.P.S. Cactus!
  8. Granted. You become Adolf Hitler and your evil ideas become endless. Then WWII happens. I wish I was the best person in the world.
  9. Granted. But all the fuel you put in it disapears so you can't fly it. EDIT: Ninja'd and forgot my own wish. Oh well.
  10. Have you ever seen a staticbananasundaesplitbaloonifierwithpurplefuzzypoptropicannarfswithchessecurdsandcowsandcowsandcowseatingarainbowinpoptropica-inator?
  11. Granted, you become a shark egg. And are eaten by a egg-eating fish. I wish I had nothing to wish for.
  12. Yeah, you must love cats.

    1. 00111100 00110011

      00111100 00110011

      Cats are the best! :3

  13. Oh, it's that Steve guy again. Shhh, I'm creepily creeping up on him like a—sssssssssss—creepy creeper.
  14. We will need one million posts to achieve our goall... By this rate we will achieve vicotry sometime this millenium. 4254.