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  1. hi sir i have a question

    the earth is inside the sky

    but if we are living earth

    and breath is living sky

    is the sky inside the earth too

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    2. Frostgage


      "We're all different, but we're also all the same" #bigthink

    3. Duality


      do you think humans ever get lonely because there are too many others like them

    4. Frostgage



      I've heard in some European countries they have a minister for loneliness. That's kinda cool

  2. Pretty Penny - Stone Temple Pilots
  3. Sweet potatoes (i generally prefer sweet to savory things)! Sweet potato fries are particularly delicious
  4. "If you love somebody, better tell them while they're here" On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons
  5. Are there any movies or tv shows that you love but are also so sad that you struggle to rewatch them?

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    2. Bastian


      I agree with lord of the rings being sad but I feel it more at the end when Gandalf and Frodo leave, its just so sad!:(

    3. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      The scene at the end of The Last Samurai is so hard to watch, it draws out the manly tears every time.


      For me the sad episodes of Angel Beats

      That show is so deceptively happy at the beginning. D:

    4. Cocokoru


      @Totally Nyx I agree! @Frostgage made me rewatch the first 3 episodes, when he mentioned it. :fluttershy: I can't remember the show anymore, at all, it's been too long. Besides the opening theme, which is great~!


    1. Meemfestivefox


      You know what time it is! :ph3ar:

  7. Friday...that anime.

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    2. Meemfestivefox


      Because it's so damn broke the spice mold.

    3. Meemfestivefox


      Level 6 Shift attempt has arrived!* My fave is upon us!

    4. Frostgage


      Kiharas at it again

  8. Yep for sure. That buyer's remorse hits hard. Sometimes it's a good tendency but sometimes it's bad
  9. So how do y'all cope after mini panic attacks. Asking for a friend (that was a lie; actually asking for me)

    1. Meemfestivefox


      What's going on? PM me.

    2. Frostgage


      It's okay I'm cool now. Just a lot of bad memories came rushing back

    3. Duality


      I usually snuggle a soft warm thing personally, but Touch is one of my personal love languages. Maybe breathing and going to a quiet outdoors place with flowing water and just watching it move and being still and things will be okay

  10. "ara ara~" - the Queen

    also GUNHA


  11. that's true! I didn't think of that I don't even have one xD I just prefer computers to smartphones but now I want to know what your spex? 1. Both are nice, but my answer is colors 2. Definitely chocolate <3 honey makes me a bit uncomfortable 3. I'm gonna need a little more information 4. I'm not real creative but I made this killer park on Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. Unfortunately it's probably been lost to history
  12. @Meemfestivefox

    You vs the girl he tells you not to worry about





  13. Hi sir I have a question

    What are numbers

    It's freaking me out how ontologically significant but opaque they are

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    2. Duality


      Maybe they fell because they thought infinity was just a concept :okiedokieloki:

    3. Frostgage


      That explains why they didn't make a symbol for it either

    4. Duality


      We have symbols for concepts too though they're just sequences of letters instead of numerals

      Sentences count as unified symbols if they express a distinct concept not expressed by the sum of words in the sentence

  14. Thank you staff so much for all your hard work c: running a website is hard and I appreciate everything you do for us. It means a lot