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  1. Once on the opposite side, Howard placed the panel back behind him as well as looking about the two lengths of the corridor. 'Drip....Drip... Drip' The constant noise reminded him of the overwhelming truth: there was tonnes upon tonnes of water pushing down on him. Every second he had been here, he had wanted out the sea-sarcophagus. "Welcome to the circus of value!" Said a nasaley, high pitched voice down the hallway. The doctor span around to face the noise and made a sigh of relief. "Damn vending machines...". Since both hallway doors were closed, he walked up to the store and checked its stock. He only had 15 dollars all together.
  2. Howard lay on the metallic, rusted floor of a tiny, asphyxiation inducing crawlspace. The pony was deeply asleep, allowing small sighs exit his tired being. A small scratching noise awoke him almost immediately. "Rhhaaatss!" he exclaimed in a careful, hushed tone. The pests -of all things that lurk rapture city- had given him insomniatic tendencies. "Ghraaarn" He moaned, groaned and growled as he rolled over. The doctor hoofed out to swipe his old drinking canteen. Without even getting up, he cowered the metal vascoule closer. Shortly after unscrewing and tipping the tin back (arching his spine), he felt some blood drain from his muzzle. Empty. The canteen was empty. Nothing... Not a drip. 'This is the driest thing in miles!' he cried mentally. Howard attempted to stand up on all fours quickly, only to find his head hurt all of a sudden. 'Twhang!' the metal pipe reverberated after his head. Surely, that would take the sting off the hangover? Dr. H Man(e)ison managed to keep his head ducked while collecting his belongings... Allowing His last remaining thoughts of happiness to stay emotionally imprinted on them. He took one last turn of his head into the crawlspace. Safe? Maybe. Free? Never. Manison opened a thin wall panel and peeped out, driven by not only hunger, brute stupidity nor selfless bravery, but curiosity.
  3. Ooooh, still searchin'? If so, then- Name: Howard Mansion Weapon: Adjustable steel wrench Age: ~30 link: (New goggles swapped for old welders gogs) Pre war occupation: Engineer (mechanical and electrical) Side: Neutral? Scavenger? Other: Carries a Zippo lighter; 6 matches; handful of bolts and washers; broken pocketwatch; bottle of semi-clean water; empty canteen; grimey cloth; small steel wool pad; Toolbag (No tools, that's what's holding the rest of the items)
  4. Talk about killing the story, -or, not killing it- I'm gonna have Bella begin to react to one of the chars or vice versa. M'kay?
  5. The pony had took a bad fall, cut; bruised and with a limp. "Ah-I-Uh" Bella stammered before nervously crawling back up. Hue felt a sudden bareness to her side, her satchel had gone. She ignored the strangers murmurs and questions to search for her bag... It was gone. Hue was panicked, her bag had been taken. Her only one. In her glistening emerald eyes, it had everything. Ignorant of the pain, she tried to take a step forward, only to find herself stumble and fall into the dirt again. At this point one or two ponies had came closer and offered to help the mare up. She declined the friendly gesture by sweeping her left hoof at them. "Get back! Wh-Who has my bag!?" She exclaimed in a particularly harsh tone for no obvious reason. After all, what could possibly be in that bag for her to act this way? Holding the side of her head, she managed a step forward. Her legs were trembling, as if about to collapse under her. The thought of never finding the satchel and it's contents nauseated her immensely, more so than the fall she had just taken. Today was going to be a long day, regardless of sundown. "I will find my satchel" She whispered aloud. [shortly afterward] In the shadow of the everfree forest, in a thick, thorned bush, there lay a hidden bag. This was not the satchel Bella had just lost, no it was black and tattered, this was the saddlebag that would carry an array of disastrous poisons. This was the bag of Elixir Charm. Bella had known Elixir all her life, up until a moral dispute a few months ago. Before then, they had an arrangement: Bella would act innocent and allure in a victim, whereas Elixir would incapacitate and steal from them. The argument lead to the pair parting ways, but not without bitter, bitter resentment for another. Elixirs bag was ruffled and and tainted with soil that'd packed around the edges. This saddlebag must've been in that exact spot for quite some time now. It stuck firmly in place anchored by the bush.
  6. Neutrino

    Elixir Charm

    You're a stallions muzzle! (Joking, she's not very masculine y'know)
  7. Bella Hue was a chocolate brown earth pony with magnificent and ginger mane. Each of her cheeks were peppered with a few freckles or so. She had a laziness... Maybe a tiredness of sorts in her eyes. If somepone were to take a further look at this mare, they would notice an uncommon, sad sight. Strapped loosely to Bellas middle there was a beige satchel, slightly bulking as if almost full. She cantered about the ponyville streets, obviously very scared of something or somepone. That is, she was cantering, at full speed too. Because she would often look back to ensure she hadn't acquired any unwanted pursuers, she had not been looking forward in this particular instance... Bella ran into a stranger head on, allowing a small frightened yelp leave her petit body, flailing to the ground as so. In a cringeworthy roll/landing, she released yet another cry "Uhff!". Her satchel was slew a couple of metres from Hue and the herd of ponies she had literally bumped into. (OOC: Boo! Bet you guys didn't think I'd show up anytime soon!)
  8. Boo! Can I join? If so, any of these: Brad Styrup: Howard Maneison: Bella Hue: Sunset Hurricane:
  9. is Lee Evens an amorphous blob? he must be the sweatyest comedian ever...

  10. school ends... ponies begin.

  11. Damn. People have an actual good sense of music. No replies... At least someone could be critical towards my lyrics.
  12. ~-83329-~ Ah, German is a beautiful language, I must learn it some day.
  13. 83322 I know, I know, Washougal_Otaku
  14. ~-63317-~ Hmmmm lemmi guess, You're not from england or america (Rising Shine).