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  1. Lightwing's post in Changing the "nickname" of sorts was marked as the answer   
    On this forum,you can become a suscriber or a donor(paying 10$/month)
    As said on its respective FAQ...

    Why subscribe?
    MLP Forums is a community we run for fun, but our traffic is constantly growing and we rely on donations to cover our expenses and improve the site. Any contribution made is always appreciated and will help us provide the best end-user experience we can.
    Do I get anything for subscribing?
    Yes! Subscribers are promoted to the special Subscribers group, which offers them the following perks:

    150x200 avatars (50px longer than the normal 150x150 limit) 600x200 signature images (twice as large as the normal 600x100 limit) 500 KB file limit on profile background images (vs. 255 KB limit normally) space for 500 private messages (twice as much as the normal 250 limit) the ability to change your member title 3 name changes every 15 days a golden username If you want to become a suscriber,follow the next link,to the Suscription shop :3There's not any difference between each pack(10/20/30$),but the more you pay,the more you help the MLPForums staff to improve the site
    I hope that i've helped enought
  2. Lightwing's post in Changing MLP Forums avatar on iPod was marked as the answer   
    As far as I know,on iPod version(therefore the mobile version) you can't change avatar.
    To change it,you must press the button "Full Version" on the
    bottom of the screen to change to the PC version.
    When you change to the normal version,enter on your profile,and click on the "Change" button that will be next to your avatar.
    As a normal user,you have a limit of 150x150 pixels,and up to 255kb
    Hope that i've helped ypu ^^
  3. Lightwing's post in How many notifications appear on the "full page" screen? was marked as the answer   
    Every page has a limit of 50 notifications,divided on 10 pages.The conplete notification system keeps up to 500 notifications,divided through those 10 pages.
    Hope that I've helped you ^^
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