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  1. chaoticgeek2

    Rarity and Spike

    Great job again! It looks really good considering you're a starting artist. Personally I don't think Spike will win over Rarity
  2. chaoticgeek2

    Things You Missed on the First Viewing

    The Nightmare Before Christmas reference in Bats! Cheese singing the Smile song in Pinkie Pride, even though she directly said it I didn't notice because my volume was too low or he sang too fast or something Slenderman in Pinkie Apple Pie, I never even saw it I just seen a friend post about it
  3. chaoticgeek2

    Saddest scenes in My Little Pony

    Oh yes that scene was great and emotional too, it was one of my favorite moments in the series.
  4. chaoticgeek2

    Saddest scenes in My Little Pony

    The ending of A Canterlot Wedding pt 1, it was really sad to see Twilight alone like that and no one believed her, even her brother. And then they played BBBFF which ultimately felt melancholy to me.
  5. chaoticgeek2

    Ever met anyone famous? How was it?

    Nope, but Mark Whalberg used to babysit my sister before he was famous.
  6. chaoticgeek2

    So We're Halfway Through the Season...

    Rarity Takes Manehatten Pinkie Pride Bats Power Ponies Pinkie Apple Pie Princess Twilight Sparkle Simple Ways Three's a Crowd Castle Mane-ia Daring Don't Rainbow Falls Flight to the Finish
  7. Keep flash The cartoon to live action thing is pretty generic and usually comes out bad, and the CGI would look weird. I would really hate if they did that.
  8. chaoticgeek2

    Does anyone think there will be more Season Four Rarity episodes?

    Yeah I hope she gets another two episodes, after not getting any love in season 3 she deserves it.
  9. chaoticgeek2

    What's in the box?

    Probably rainbow powers, but I'm hoping not because I want it to be a surprise.
  10. chaoticgeek2

    Rarity. A couple of first sketches

    Beautiful, fabulous, love it
  11. chaoticgeek2

    List of your accounts

    MLP Forums Smashboards Bulbagarden Forums Kik Steam Youtube Twitter Facebook Skype Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr Hatena Haiku (multiple accounts but I deleted all but one or got banned) Miiverse PSN MySpace Deviantart Colors 3D South Park Studios Gmail Aol Aol Aol Aol Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Reddit Edit: I forgot one more Yahoo
  12. I see your a Rarity fan... Nice choice, my friend, welcome to the forums!
  13. chaoticgeek2

    Rank The Mane 6! Who's the funniest?

    *what everyone else said* Although Fluttershy/Twilight are so far the only ones to make me laugh out loud because of that season two episode where Fluttershy looked like she was beating up a bear and Twilight's reaction was priceless.
  14. chaoticgeek2

    Ever get caught?

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who read the title and thought this thread was going in another direction Nope, I'm pretty careful when humming and stuff.
  15. chaoticgeek2

    General Media Favorite superhero & villain...?

    Batman because he kicks ass without even having powers, and he's like the definition of a true hero. I also like Hawkeye because he looks cool I don't have a favorite villain