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  1. Hey everypony, I'm currently writing a very in depth story regarding my OC, but have begun to tire of the and want to take break and get the creative juices flowing again. So I'm looking for ideas. Anything within the land of Equestria past to future that has nothing to do with Equestria Girls (Sorry). There are only two conditions: - Must be original characters only, I hate writing for the mane six as I feel like I'm not doing them justice. - Must be lore friendly. Now I love writing new lore, I just mean no stories about princess molestia (RIP) or flufle puff or sweetie bot or- actually yea, never mind sweetie bots fine, but that's the only non lore friendly exception.
  2. I am vehemently apathetic. I don't think it matters whether or not she is an Alicorn, sure she can fly and increase her magical aptitude but it makes no difference as long as the writers keep up the same degree of character development and conflict. My friends concern was that they would make Twilight way to wiser, like to a degree of the intelligence of the other princesses, but I feel as though that comes with age, not race. I personally feel that it would work because now twilly can screw up even bigger and, hey, maybe even give us a three parter, who knows? But she could also grow awkwardly tall and get way to OP so, yea there is that. Overall I can say with passion that I don't care
  3. Fluttershy may have become a "batpony" but she was still a Pegasus, she grew teeth and her wings changed, she didn't grow any crazy new limbs/appendages that make her filled with new power. It is in my own personal belief that if twilight became a batpony she wouldn't grow wings, her horn would just become more bat-like. And Applejack would just grow fangs and new ear stuff, with an eye change. What do you think, when a pony is turned do they grow wings, or is that determined by whether or not they were Pegasus.
  4. A city where one can have a profession in using power tools on clouds? How could I pass it up! Even if children are liquidized next door
  5. I love the direction that mlp is going, instead of sticking to whats working they are pushing their limits and blowing up the fandom every other episode, the result will be a dynamic show that will be in a constant state of change for new brony generations, while not degrading in quality
  6. Happy new year, and welcome back to the forum online herd!
  7. If the Mane Six and your favorite characters didn't exist (Oh Celestia no!) or were wherever you were where would you choose to live? I only chose officially recognised/on the map/mentioned in the show by a reputable source, for example, Celestia - Fillydelphia/Saddle Arabia)