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  1. I finally had time to do my part! It's a little bit messy but here it is: By the way, this is resized - if you want the full sized version just send me a message!
  2. Aw, she looks gorgeous!! Thank you so much!! ^.^
  3. The detailed style is great, I'd be happy to draw you something similar in return for one! Here's a link to my dA (so you can see my art): http://perrikara.deviantart.com/ If you accept, I'd love a drawing of my OC Hibiscus Bloom (see my signature for a link to her page) I have to warn you that I have two weeks of exams to finish before I can start anything, but after that I'll get to work on it ^^
  4. Hi.

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      Hibiscus Bloom

      I'm great thanks, and you? :3


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      I am great tgoo, tahnk you very much for asking

  5. We have discovered the biggest scientific accomplishment, discovered unknown. x3

  6. Ahhhh thank you so much!! It's great to have such detailed feedback ^^ And thank you for taking the time to look at my deviantArt
  7. Little update! I haven't been drawing a lot of ponies recently, but this human is an OC that I'm looking to ponify soon, so she's close enough (hopefully!) She was kind of designed with mlp in mind, which is why I picked a slightly more colourful palette ^.^'
  8. Love your OC ^^

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      Satsuki Kiryuin

      Haha no problem ^^ Surprised you've been on these forums for so long, but I've never had the honour of seeing your lovely avatar. XD

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      Hibiscus Bloom

      Yeah I should probably be more active to be honest >< By the way, I love your OC too!

    4. Satsuki Kiryuin

      Satsuki Kiryuin

      Awww thank you ^^ I'm flattered

  9. I see where you're coming from and I agree, a film should not rely on diversity alone! But it is certainly a step in the right direction, even if this film wasn't executed particularly well (or so it seems).
  10. Personally I don't think avoiding the stereotypical "pretty" Hollywood girls is a bad thing - it just makes for a more realistic cast. This film wasn't made just to provide eye candy. I don't really know how changing the gender of the main characters should change your expectations, as ghost hunters are probably all pretty similar regardless of gender??? idk it seems like the sort of job that has some pretty specific requirements to me. I wasn't sure myself if they'd be able to do anything different with it. Anyway I understand if the humour and scripting don't meet your expectations but I think you are complaining about the wrong things. I for one am always happy to see an attempt at bit of diversity ^^ (even if the characters all look a bit stereotypical)
  11. Thank you so much :3 I stumbled across this beautiful open species and decided to doodle my own~ no it's not pony art but we'll just ignore that
  12. Ahh thank you That really means a lot!
  13. Hi guys ^.^ I thought I'd make a new art dump as my old one was really old. I am a 15 year old self-taught artist. I've been thinking about doing commissions, so I'd love it if you could tell me what you think~ (these are from most to least recent) And here are some sneaky humans: Sorry for the huge pictures! My deviantArt is @Perrikara ^.^ If you actually want to commission me (hugs for you!) note me/message me and we'll discuss it~
  14. Well, my favourite opening is definitely Noragami's: And for complete, adorable crack and beautiful, realistic and not-at-all-demonic dancing, this particular Hetalia ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnET1FFYuPQ (sadly I can't find a video of Italy's graceful motion XD) Doesn't help that these are the only two animes I regularly watch :3