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  1. YEA! Do you love Octavia as a very special somepony?
  2. Hello, and welcome. cool story bro for a long time I was actually on the fence of pinkie pie and rainbow dash until my mom started getting me mlp stuff, the first thing she got me was a rainbow dash beanie baby. so my favorite is rainbow dash, then Pinkie Pie.
  3. How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: bye everypony. I have had a great time, but I will not be on for a very long time. I have to go and this is my last message possibly forever. So bye have, great year and enjoy season 4!
  4. I am going back to school today and I was excited I almost didn't sleep last night gotta catch the bus goodbye and have a great day!
  5. going back to school! :)

  6. So the other night I was on Omegle and I met a fellow brony, who lives in Poland, and after a little while on Omegle I found him on steam we spoke and READ THIS: this comic made me cry. my new friend taught me about this: /)*(\, its awsome.
  7. if there was a zombie pony apocalypse what would your weapon of choice be?
  8. I got a my little pony coloring book, an Applejack plushie, and a Rarity plushie. *GGGGGAAAAAAASSSSSSSSPPPPPPPP* yay!
  9. Happy new year everypony i'm going to update at least once a week at most twice a day. last night I officially declared myself a hardcore Brony. this is just a Hi Hello i'm new kind of deal I will try new stuff constantly mare-y new year! :P
  10. if you HAD to choose a very special somepony for Hearts and Hooves day Who would it be?
  11. As I do my routine monthly fly over Equstria i notice something weird and blue appearing out of nowhere in front of twilights library "oh it's Just some Philly playing with magic again" I think to myself, then I hear a strange noise so I go down to check it out. On the top of the strange blue box it's labeled "Police public call box" i didn't know what that meant. I raise my hoof to knock on the door but before i could do anything twilight bursts out of the library and runs into the box. I catch my hoof in the door before it could close. It starts to make that noise again so i make a last second decision and jumped in. I quickly grab one of the provided hoof-rails because it started shaking inside. "Glad you could make it Josh!" shouts twilight. I notice a colt an, earth pony and shout back "Who's this?""the Doctor!" the colt says in an odd accent "Welcome aboard the TARDIS!" "Doctor of what?" i ask. "Everything." "Where are we going this time?" asks twilight. "2056 Phillydelphia.". A loud BOOM! The Doctor says "we're here" He opens the door and something says in a clear loud voice "EXTERMINATE!" then he slams the door in terror. BRONYS WHOVIANS finish the story
  12. i was kindof hopin' my R.P.G. post would have had one visit by now, disappointing. :okiedokielokie: