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  1. Grimm Leaf

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    YEA! Do you love Octavia as a very special somepony?
  2. Grimm Leaf

    A New Pony, Not a New Brony

    Hello, and welcome. cool story bro for a long time I was actually on the fence of pinkie pie and rainbow dash until my mom started getting me mlp stuff, the first thing she got me was a rainbow dash beanie baby. so my favorite is rainbow dash, then Pinkie Pie.
  3. Grimm Leaf

    I won't be on 4 a long time

    How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: bye everypony. I have had a great time, but I will not be on for a very long time. I have to go and this is my last message possibly forever. So bye have, great year and enjoy season 4!
  4. Grimm Leaf

    BACK 2 SCHOOL! :)

    I am going back to school today and I was excited I almost didn't sleep last night gotta catch the bus goodbye and have a great day!
  5. Grimm Leaf

    helllooo! i'm sparklecake. i'm new!

    no not really but hi welcome
  6. Grimm Leaf

    NEW FRIEND! yay

    So the other night I was on Omegle and I met a fellow brony, who lives in Poland, and after a little while on Omegle I found him on steam we spoke and READ THIS: this comic made me cry. my new friend taught me about this: /)*(\, its awsome.
  7. Grimm Leaf

    Ask Rainbow Dash

    if there was a zombie pony apocalypse what would your weapon of choice be?
  8. Grimm Leaf

    animation derps in E.G.? definitely!

    AWESOME! derpederpederp
  9. Grimm Leaf

    Anyone get any pony related gifts for Christmas?

    I got a my little pony coloring book, an Applejack plushie, and a Rarity plushie. *GGGGGAAAAAAASSSSSSSSPPPPPPPP* yay!
  10. Grimm Leaf


    Happy new year everypony i'm going to update at least once a week at most twice a day. last night I officially declared myself a hardcore Brony. this is just a Hi Hello i'm new kind of deal I will try new stuff constantly mare-y new year! :P
  11. Grimm Leaf

    Ask Rainbow Dash

    if you HAD to choose a very special somepony for Hearts and Hooves day Who would it be?
  12. Grimm Leaf

    Open Darkness Decending

    As I do my routine monthly fly over Equstria i notice something weird and blue appearing out of nowhere in front of twilights library "oh it's Just some Philly playing with magic again" I think to myself, then I hear a strange noise so I go down to check it out. On the top of the strange blue box it's labeled "Police public call box" i didn't know what that meant. I raise my hoof to knock on the door but before i could do anything twilight bursts out of the library and runs into the box. I catch my hoof in the door before it could close. It starts to make that noise again so i make a last second decision and jumped in. I quickly grab one of the provided hoof-rails because it started shaking inside. "Glad you could make it Josh!" shouts twilight. I notice a colt an, earth pony and shout back "Who's this?""the Doctor!" the colt says in an odd accent "Welcome aboard the TARDIS!" "Doctor of what?" i ask. "Everything." "Where are we going this time?" asks twilight. "2056 Phillydelphia.". A loud BOOM! The Doctor says "we're here" He opens the door and something says in a clear loud voice "EXTERMINATE!" then he slams the door in terror. BRONYS WHOVIANS finish the story
  13. Grimm Leaf

    yo i'm new! :)

    i was kindof hopin' my R.P.G. post would have had one visit by now, disappointing. :okiedokielokie:
  14. Grimm Leaf

    нєℓℓσ αℓℓ ι αм ηєω нєяє.

    welcome 2 the herd bro!! awesome.
  15. Grimm Leaf

    Open Newcomers in Equestria

    (Earth 10/13/13) Josh is searching an abandoned library and finds a spell that creates a portal to another dimension, reads over it many times and memorizes it. Then the next day while at his mothers hair and nail studio after school he finds a secluded mirror to cast the spell and does so and goes through. after 3 hours he wakes up confused and in a bed somewhere he's never seen before shakes his head to clear it and tries to pop his knuckles and only hears a "CLOP!". finding hooves, not hands. Almost freaking out, he tests his voice "Hello!?" and calls to anyone who might be listening. After waiting for 5 minutes he inspects his surroundings. The walls are Crystal, the bed is very comfortable and there is nothing in the room but him, the bed, and the door. He call's out again "HELLO!?" hears twilight sparkle's voice saying "he is awake!" his eye's widens in astonishment to where he knows he is. As twilight enters the room he says (Dialog starts) "I am in the crystal castle in northern Equestria, your name is Princess Twilight Sparkle" "Wow, you sound like Pinkie Pi..." "I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!" "Slow down. First, your name?" (Dialog ends) After explaining everything to her (even the TV show) Twilight finally points out that he's an Alicorn. TO BE CONTINUED!