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  1. AppleGearRising

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Been replaying Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken/ FE7 and trying out Shadow Dragon (keep going back to Awakening too, damn addiction), Sm4sh, LoZ: Ocarina of Time, and I'm probably gonna resume my 3rd playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles soon to finally get round to 100%ing it.
  2. AppleGearRising

    If you could meet anybody from this forum in real life, who would it be?

    Aww, thank you. I can't actually think of any single one of my friends who I wouldn't want the opportunity to meet in person, you included of course X3
  3. AppleGearRising

    RANT: Nintendo and their Incompetence.

    Log on to your Club Nintendo account, the codes may be there as that's where I found mine despite being told I was going to be emailed them.
  4. AppleGearRising

    In case I haven't told you lately...

    Oh no, thank YOU. It means a lot to know I haven't been forgotten completely and I really appreciate it c:
  5. AppleGearRising

    In case I haven't told you lately...

    I'm not someone I can count on you knowing very well, but I'd just like to say that it's very sweet to know that you still feel welcomed and appreciated by everyone after all that time. So keep on keeping on 'cause you're doing great
  6. AppleGearRising

    A Redundant Message to Indie Developers

    Fair enough, but I've gotta admit that I myself didn't remember the name of the producers' studio. Just the crap they churned out and abused beyond belief. I'm actually glad that their game and their name is starting to fade a little towards obscurity, but I can't argue against the fact that it's cases like this that demonstrate how pathetically weak developer integrity is amongst a lot of cash-grabbers these days :/
  7. AppleGearRising

    A Redundant Message to Indie Developers

    I'm surprised you managed to go through the whole thing without once referencing The Slaughtering Grounds yet still quoted Jim Sterling at the end there XD
  8. AppleGearRising

    Web Worst/Most Disgraceful Things You Saw Posted On Facebook

    As a matter of situations were I've felt like I'm angtagonising the whole goddamn earth, I had situations a few months back where trying to discuss the dubious morality of Chris Kyle (America's famed sniper for those not in the know) only managed to embitter some mindless idiots into ranting about how ignorant I must be for not seeing how someone who goes out to kill people is 'doing their country good'. My stance is probably quite obvious on this but I'll neglect to go any further on the matter for fear of said instances erupting into yet another mess. That was on Facebook in case you're wondering, and yes, I still use the site, though I've distanced myself from these people and still manage to find some semblance of enjoyment in the place.
  9. AppleGearRising

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    It wasn't about making the game darker, it was about lending a fresh atmosphere and experience to the game to help make it feel new. Same with Majora's Mask. I personally love the aesthetic changes I've seen in both games and think it's good that they've managed to breathe new life into them.
  10. AppleGearRising

    Gaming Favorite Super Smash Bros Character? for wii u or 3ds

    Canondorf is god, oh and so is Marth, always been my favourite two
  11. AppleGearRising

    Anyone Else Think Christmas is Overly Hyped?

    Christmas means different things to different people. Some really enjoy it as a time to look forward to, whilst others may not share that sentiment it's at its core just something to feel positive about. Everyone needs a reason to feel happy every now and then, that's why I think Christmas is and always will be important to people.
  12. AppleGearRising

    Music Why do people complain about "how bad music is today"?

    I don't like the vast majority of today's mainstream music 'cause it's simply the same crap played over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over... I swear I'm going freaking insane from listening to radio stations pump out the same rubbish every single day .-.
  13. Just as an update: Pakistan have now reinstated the death penalty as a result of the Peshawar massacre. I for one believe that whilst there are valid ethical reasons for not wanting for this to happen, I think that this Is a good thing and that it will ultimately benefit the people by aiding in deterring potential future attacks. Thoughts?
  14. Oh no, I agree completely. It's just that, as far as what is considered canon goes, she's not central to the original story, which is the only real reason as to why I can't see her making any kind of special return in the future. But who knows? Nintendo can be fickle and random as hell sometimes, there's still hope
  15. Not to blow this wildly out of proportion, but Leaf was never a terribly significant gen 1 character to begin with. If anything, I think she was just added as a female character option just 'cause they didn't have them before Crystal.