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  1. Goddammit. I come here and look on the front page for a quick peek at what's going down and I rope myself into writing yet another 2000 word essay on my world views. Why am I so easy to bait? >3<

  2. Would be reeeal nice if I could not walk into any more un-tagged MGS V spoilers before launch -3-

  3. Been replaying Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken/ FE7 and trying out Shadow Dragon (keep going back to Awakening too, damn addiction), Sm4sh, LoZ: Ocarina of Time, and I'm probably gonna resume my 3rd playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles soon to finally get round to 100%ing it.
  4. Might actually start being a little more socially active around here again soon, feels like it's been too long.

  5. R.I.P Christopher Lee. Fack man... :C

  6. I can't even get onto the log in page on the mobile site anymore. Can someone please explain why it's so ballsed up right now?

  7. Gawd... When's Xenoblade X hitting western shores? I can handle so many "WATTA BUNCH OF JOKERS" before turning insane .-.

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    2. Megas


      We'll probably find out at E3


    3. AppleGearRising


      You do, even though the voices get maddening after 150+ combined hours of gameplay Xenoblade still warrants that purchase. But they really are getting to stupid prices from some sellers, or at least the limited edition ones are :/

    4. AppleGearRising


      ^Heres hoping so, I'm not all that enticed by Splatoon myself so I'm feeling that there'll be a bit of a drought for a while to come.

  8. Aww, thank you. I can't actually think of any single one of my friends who I wouldn't want the opportunity to meet in person, you included of course X3
  9. Log on to your Club Nintendo account, the codes may be there as that's where I found mine despite being told I was going to be emailed them.
  10. Oh no, thank YOU. It means a lot to know I haven't been forgotten completely and I really appreciate it c:
  11. I'm not someone I can count on you knowing very well, but I'd just like to say that it's very sweet to know that you still feel welcomed and appreciated by everyone after all that time. So keep on keeping on 'cause you're doing great
  12. My god, that new Jimquisition episode is f**king gold. I can't stop giggling like an idiot at his awesome delivery X3

  13. Why was there a Wilhelm scream at the party in the end of the new episode? That was just so out-of-place XD

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    2. Super Sand Legend

      Super Sand Legend

      That's good then, did they make aj a mane pone again? or did she feel like #bestbkgrndpone2015

    3. AppleGearRising


      Everyone's got more of a central role now, though it was really Fluttershy that got a little extra screen time in the second part.

    4. Silver-Ember


      Best Pony's screen time was pretty much one of my favouritest parts of the whole 2-parter. ^3^

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