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    it's not about counting your friends, it's about having friends to count on
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  1. I am most definitely spongebob. I'm super excited to go to work everyday (irregardless of what job I'm working) and I'm always trying to look on the bright side and spend time with my best friend. I'm also pretty naive about most stuff
  2. Fluttershy. She is the most impressionable and easily influenced. (Aka the minotaur fiasco) She most likely wouldn't stay in it though.
  3. Not gonna lie, I laughed way too hard at that last line
  4. Mrs and Mr cake are earth ponies but had a baby pegasus and unicorn pony. How? Did I miss something in the episode? And if it is one of those things were traits are passed down the line or luck of the draw, couldn't there be a family of pegasus ponies but they have an earth pony as a baby? What would happen then? Would that pony ever be able to step on cloudsdale without a spell?
  5. I'm somewhere in between a fan and regular. I'm working my way up to rabid pretty fast haha
  6. I've been told I look like haruhi from ouran high school host club. I was super happy when they told me that because that's my favorite anime ^.^
  7. That would be awesome!!!! That would easily become my favorite episode
  8. I could go my entire life without another CoD, final fantasy, or tycoon anything. Never was a big fan of them and anything with that many games that similar are just out to get money; not please the fans anymore.
  9. He's always sleepy or hungry. And kinda whiny. But that's why he's adorable ^.^
  10. A fan made song would be best but it'd be cool to have the rocky theme or final Countdown playing while rainbow dash trains for something
  11. I definitely will! What kind of character do yall think he would play if he was in MLP?
  12. I didn't get to see a whole lot of the old star trek (occasionally on netflix) I'll have to re watch them. How was allegiance? He talks about it all the time on his Facebook but I haven't heard much about it otherwise.
  13. I didn't know he was Q! I'll have to re watch the star trek episodes and watch his character better. I love when my fandoms collide ^.^
  14. Supremely awesome! I could totally see him as an earth pony or pegasus teacher
  15. He was on star trek as sulu. If you ever get the chance to see his videos they're pretty funny! He's an advocate for alot of causes too