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  1. First of all, I want to thank you, that you didn't just say: This is sh**, next! It's great that you gave me a second chance and tips C: I will try my best and I'll work on it the next days Unfortunately I am super busy tomorrow with theater rehearsals, so expect another try in the next few days
  2. Let's try soundcloud then! https://soundcloud.com/leonie-anna/objections-etc-1 As for always: Tell me if you want something to be different in any way
  3. Let's try it again, shall we... Now if that doesn't work again, I'll probably upload it to youtube or so. I hope you like it, and just tell me, whether you want me to change anything Objections etc.mp3
  4. So I finally got to record me saying/screaming the words you wanted us to I used different voices in this file, so hopefully you can find one you like If you want me to rerecord something or change something I'd happily do it! Hope you like it Objections etc.mp3
  5. Hey SourceRabbit! Do you still need any voices like for different characters than the main ponies?