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  1. So everyone watching MLP is a stereotype now, no one can have an opinion unless it's "Umg mlp roxz"? *slowly claps* This is why i don't hang around in this community anymore.
  2. The problem is that the "Recovery" Never happened :okiedokielokie:
  3. Here's my opinion : END THE MISERY ALREADY Season 3 was in my opinion enough, i can tolerate the 4th and maybe a 5th season but NOT A 6TH GODDAMN SEASON! Season 4 was a pain to watch, to see how much quality that had dropped since a season ago, the concepts of the episode has already been done but habro wants more maneyyyy so they are most likley going to stop producing this shit when we/you stop wathching it. Oh and a quick prediction: G5 WILL SUCK Thank you
  4. ur mum kek No but seriosly thou idk if Ace attorney is underrated but I'm just going to assume that. Ace Attorney : Phoenix Wright is hella cool game.
  5. I love these questions! Okay, what about: Trixie returns and kills Rainbow Dash. Everbody in the mane six then realizes that Trixie has turned into a demon and they have to hide in the libary basement. It's like a horror movie, everbody gets slaughterd except Fluttershy because she is best pony. I need more ideas for this episode, PM me if interested! (No seriosly, don't)
  6. I've never clopped, but i have seen some R34 ponies and my constantly sends me 5000 R34 ponies 24/7 against my will, of course. I think it's really weird that people get turned on by cartoon porn.
  7. Sims 4 seems cool beacause i recently got hooked to the 3rd one.
  8. Meh, it really wouldn't have made a really big difference. Or would it?
  9. Dota 2. All these Russians spamming me in bad English: "NOOB, RUSSIA IS MOTHALAND! ALL OBAY!". Okay, not exactly like that but the most of them are dumb and stupid in my opinion. Wait, isn't everbody like that in both dota and LoL?
  10. RED is obiosly the best color AND team.
  11. 1. Messing around in Postal 2 2. Trolling (i usually do it in TF2 when i do it, and that is not that often) 3. Spawnkill (in almost any online FPS game) 4. Kill people in the sims (1,2 or 3) and have a graveyard in your backyard. Pretty much everything i can think of right now.
  12. Wait, is it called flat? I'm not a English pro really. I could have meant appartament or something. EDIT: Picture of what i am trying to say: