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  1. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    I have a new son now. Gideon, he's chubby and adorable! What happened to Ghostie?
  2. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    Yo yo yo? Imma back! Good morning Rarifans!
  3. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    OMG CLASSY RARITY!!! Enjoy! Something with Rarity with a little bit of frill and lace that makes her darn cute.
  4. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    Took the whole family to see Rainbow Rocks on Sunday (28th). Loved it! Rarity was Fabulous in it but I do wish that there was more Rarigoodness in the film. Lots of Twilight, lots of Sunset Shimmer and Dash. Rarity=Good Dash=20% okay Seriously though the film was so much better paced then the last film, and a tangeable plot that went through the entire film instead of everything just culminating at the end of the first one. BAM!
  5. Saw MLP: EQ RR on Sunday with the kids at the Theatre!!! IT WAS AWESOME!

  6. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    Feel better Ghost! Stat that is.
  7. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    Good morning campers, grab a kleenex for your nose bleeds.
  8. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    SKY!!! I'M SORRY! I really wasn't attempting to come off as a jerk! Sorry buddy, trully I am! My attempt was to throw out my own cannon based off my observations...also I am a scientist and I like to have fun with it sometimes! Again buddy, I'm sorry!
  9. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    Show is cannon and they make it pretty clear she is straight. Basing her orientation off of beauty alone is vapid to say the least and though rarity is fashionable, she is however not vain to the point of conceit. She was after her "prince" at the galla (blue blood), then on to trenderhoof. She even swooned a little during SSCS6000 towards flim and flam...though the later may have been swooning to the idea of cider as I mentioned earlier. Rarity is classy, beautiful, not self absorbed, want the world to have beauty, is generous about it, and is clearly straight. Sorry to burst the head cannon! Edited for further musings: Also consider this. Every mane six fandom has a portion that ships their character with another of hte main six and many insinuate similiar concepts of not excluding either gender. My scientist mode is now going to show. Based off of statistics and the head cannon of many fans, not all of the mane six could be bi/lesbian as LGBT still represents a statistical minority as continued research shows that such orientations are not boiling down to choice but are connected to possible estrogen and progesterone imbalances possibly linked to feminine alleles passed down maternally from mother showing increased excreation of the aforementioned hormones and thus leading to a slight increase in the possibility of a same-sex orientation. Thus logically it follows that based off of statistical average and minority occurance of bi/lesbian traits, the possible allele connection and Rarities parents showing neither hyper-feminine traits (males can show this trait too), and the recorded behavior of Rarity in past events it concludes that Rarity highly probable of being straight. Okay, science Striker is done.
  10. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    Wow, one of the few times I disagree with Ghostie!!! No offense buddy! Supe Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 has Rarity singing into the spirit of more cider like every other pony during the episode, and gladly toasting to the cider (and friendship I guess) at the end!!! Point? Rarity does indeed enjoy Cider. After all, though anthropomorphised, they still have pony traits...such as loving apples. Carrots probably too...and hay and oats (Twilight Time Oat Burger!! Love it!). Anyways, Rarity loves wine I'm sure, but would not turn down a cider.
  11. X-Men the Animated series Star Trek: TNG (1987-1994...nineties enough for me) X-FILES!!!! Doug Batman the animated series
  12. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    I wanted to share with everyone the amazingness that is Destiny. Rarity would approve due to the high level of fasion that occurs in the game. Also good morning.
  13. Having been in the military I will answer this thrice. My favorite system I have gotten to use would probably have gone to the either the M82A1 Barret. I was an EOD tech and we readily trained with the Barret. Not for sniping, but for Ordnance and IED disruption as a remote means of safing or destroying and device. A close second would have been either the M240B or the MK19. That I own? My 1911A1. LOVE IT. Such an amazing hand gun. That I just love in general. Tanks, I love'em. So much awesome and freedom packed into the end of a 120mm M1A1 MBT. Historically though I was a big fan of the Panther and Tiger I. So much cool there.
  14. Lots of Destiny. Lots and lots of Destiny.

  15. Cstriker

    Rarity Fan Club

    Just keep on staying fabulous. No reason to not say everypony. Sometimes I have to watch it as I want to say it every now and then. I work with a bunch of people where machismo is rampent and that the team just learned what bronies are. The predominent attitude is "what is wrong with them?" Also, one of them stated that they would rather their son be Gay than be a Brony. Cest La Vie.