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  1. Sweetie Bot117

    Searching RETF (OOC)

    yes you can be pilot although your character is quite bland.
  2. Sweetie Bot117

    Searching RETF (OOC)

    sure you can be the light assault
  3. After watching the episode I thought how did Apple jack know there was a fire swamp with that lion snake goat thing living there.
  4. Sweetie Bot117

    Searching RETF (OOC)

    you could always change your magic
  5. ~civil war has been raging on in eqaustria for 100 years and you the Royal eqaustrian task force must eliminate the high commanders of the new eqaustrian empire for they are the ones that are makeing this war still going on.~. You are royal eqaustria task force squardren #14 and after being in the front lines for years you are thrown into a war camp by the NEE and you must escape. (Also all of the princesses and mane 6 are dead) Rules: 1) you may only be able be a earth pony unicorn or Pegasus so no other races or alicorns. 2) no doing impossible things for your character example using magic
  6. Sweetie Bot117

    mlp ccg deck building

    I try go for everything starting off with blue but since I bought 14 booster packs I just recently was able to achieve all colours and I am really lucky with it and all I really got to do is get easy playable cards of all colours and tons of trouble makers and boom you win. (I have everything on my list so I win a lot of the time)
  7. I like to just have a constant stream of trouble makers at both problems and I play rainbow as my mane. Also I have assault cake a promo card and I always win faceoffs because of it unless they have like 10 cards there. ( I just realized I have over $100 on MLP CCG)
  8. I'm sitting beside Rift enchanted right now

  9. My one reaction to this episode WTF it's like breezier are supposed to be cute and in my opinion there are ugly. Because of what has been happening recent episodes (except this one) where they abandon their element and get their key from some pony apple jack will start keeping a secret (this is probably in episode 20) and get a something from some pony and then in episode 25 the mane 6 will figure out that they are the keys and some pony or something will steal the keys and then they will go on a "epic" adventure to get them back and open the box.
  10. After watching this episode it makes me think about what greedy people are like before they are greedy (obviously when they are greedy) and when they realize that they are just being greedy so they stop (important lesson learned )
  11. Double chocolate macadamia nut banana cookie it's amazing if you have had one oh and dip it in milk.
  12. Notice how pie or whatever it is was is smudged. whatever I don't think it was the best episode though
  13. Sweetie Bot117

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I feel bored cause I'm back at school and school makes me sad so I'm really sad
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