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  1. I tried flappy bird 3 times and my high score was 1
  2. well i used to use firefox then i got chrome an i have been using chrome ever since.
  3. na i dont want one but i think tatoos are cool... on other people
  4. well... right now im happy because the week is almost over friday afternoons are long
  5. heres the wonder bolts kicking out one of thier members... of course bet rainbow felt wanted anyways why doesnt netflix upload mlp season 4 soon?
  6. 6015 ohh yeah wus good!!!! lol
  7. mine is smosh lol every friday
  8. i have SSBB but i dont play as much as you but my favorite character is lucario (for the wii)
  9. i just recently started watching doctor who so i dont really have a favorite doctor lol
  10. they are the best sodas i agree but they are equal in epicness lol
  11. im simular to twighlight because she and i both are smart and LOVE books lol
  12. its just like mlp people hate on it before they try it and wii u is epic! nintendo is epic