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  1. I listen to a lot of Kpop and Vocaloid, so lemme think about this for a minute... Don't have much time, unfortunately. XD In the category of Kpop, I really like Bang! by After School. ;; Especially the Japanese version. I also really like Dere-ization Phenomenon 100% by Lamaze-P (I think that's the name??) ft. Miku V3. <3 Still gets me all energized.
  2. I have Skeletons on Parade by Ludo stuck in my head. ;;
  3. No day but today <3

  4. No day but today <3

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      welcome back!

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      Thanks! It's been a while. ^^"

  5. Does your OC drink blood? *gasp*

  6. Sounds like you could use a friend. Hugs! :D

  7. *random hugs*

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      We're all friends here! *squees*

  8. Cant stand it when someone gets disappointed and sad about something you did one day, then turns around and does the exact same thing that you did to them the next day. Fuck bitches.

  9. Make thugs, not war.

  10. WHY DIDNT I TRY HARDER TO FIND THIS THREAD UGH. Okay, so yes, all of my love for kpop. =3