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  1. My Little Pony Generation Explanation

    With much talk of “g5”’s looming arrival, it’s extremely grating for me to hear and see talk of it from the fanbase of FiM. Now, unlike others who express a desire to cease discussion of these "rumors" and leaks because g4 is still ongoing, my irritation stems from the fact that that this terminology that's being used by fans- for the time being- is flat out wrong (for the time being). Those who speak of "g5" see the upcoming rebooted television show and praise its animation as “the supreme canon”. Now, I get it- the cartoon is great, but as a collector of these pastel, pint-sized, plastic ponies, and someone who grew up with older gens- it’s like nails on a chalkboard to see the term “generation” misused by many within the g4 fandom, when most have no idea as to what it really means and what truly dictates a new gen. Hence the reason why so many wrongly label "My Little Pony Tales" as "g2" or "Gen2" with the change in animation, design, setting, and storyline from the original MLP G1 cartoon series, when the toys from G1 continued to stay the same design in spite of the drastic differences in the original cartoon from the Tales reboot. In actuality, G2, which is named “Friendship Gardens” didn’t even have a tv series of its own, but only a toyline (which failed in the U.S. and was discontinued, only to be more widely distributed in Europe for many years, where it was more popular) and a computer game. Put simply- The different incarnations of MLP are commonly separated into “G” or “generations”, as classified by collectors, based on the toy line. Fans who more closely follow the show conveniently forget, vehemently dismiss, (or simply aren't in the know) Hasbro is a toyline first, and that the animated series has never been a proper metric to judge when a Generation ends and another begins. The show, comic staff, or even Hasbro executives can also say or claim that an ongoing or upcoming generation is a certain g number, but that's not how it works. Generations"/ "Gens" is a fan-made term by the collectors of MLP's toys. The alteration in toy design is what dictates a new "gen". We could get a rebooted tv series that's drastically different from the FiM tv show, but if the toys themselves still look like they’re from g4, then they would still be g4, not g5.
  2. For seemingly the beginning of MLP:FiM, fans of these pastel colored ponies have pondered and speculated on who the parents of Celestia and Luna might've been. Now, while I don't have a clear answer to offer for anyone who might've thought that I did, I can, however, provide what I think is pretty convincing evidence as to their (and ponykind in general)' s ancestry. The animated series, comics, and chapter books, admittedly, don't offer us much by way of explanation as to what g4 pre-Equestria's founding was like. We get brief snippits told in "Hearth's Warming Eve" of what life was like for the three tribes of earth, unicorn, and pegasus ponies before Equestria, but one thing stands out...ponies back then were the travelling sort...picking up and moving from place to place when their environs became in inhospitable. Now, this nomadic lifestyle is far from anything new, for those who hold to the belief that the older generations of MLP share the same timeline and reality as g4. I do, so I'll begin...well, at the beginning, with generation 1. In the g1 MLP movie “The End of Flutter Valley”, it’s mentioned that the ponies had come from somewhere else before settling into Dream Valley. Perhaps that valley eventually became the desolate land that we saw pre-Equestria's founding with the three tribes. But let's go back further still..... To the Care Bear's land of "Peaceful Valley". Why Care Bears, you might be wondering? Well, both franchises of Care Bears and My Little Pony started off in 1981, but interestingly enough, in the Care Bears Franchise, one of the original Care Bears and co-founder of Care-a-Lot is shown to be “Noble Heart Horse” (along with his friend, True Heart, the bear). Noble Heart and his friend are shown to have lived in Peaceful Valley, before the events of the Care Bear Movie 2- so perhaps this valley may have been the origins of MLP's ponies, and Noble Heart a very distant anscestor to our ponies. And find it most interesting, indeed, to see that Noble Heart Horse shares his mane color with one Sun Horse Princess, and a coat color to a de-powered, youthful Moon Horse Princess....take that as you will.... Additionally, in MLP g4 Fluttershy has the powers of “The Stare”- which is used to mentally manipulate creatures into carrying out her imposed will -The Care Bears also have this ability (which is called “Care Bear Stare”). And on top of that, "Care-a-Lot" sounds an awful lot like "Canterlot", the capital city of Equestria, and the hills where Celestia and Luna spent their childhood prior to Equestria's founding. So perhaps this proves that little ponies and Care Bears are, in fact, very distant relatives?
  3. There has been a bit of hype amidst the Gen 1 community of pony collectors, regarding a few pony prototypes called the Celestial (a.k.a) "Fancy Swirl" ponies, which they've been trying to get noticed and made by a company called Bridge Direct/ Basic Fun. (see here:,389901.0.html) ( Being a fan of celestial stuff, I'm all for this, and will readily buy a few, if they get made released in the U.S. But I digress..... I'm here to provide a wacky semi-headcanon explanation of just how these prototype ponies might've come into existence in the fabric of MLP g1's reality. I'm going to be going off of the lore and worldbuilding that is found on the g1 pony backcard of Galaxy, rather than the comics. Also, this theory will be incorporating the tv series "My Little Pony and Friends", which featured segments of the Moondreamers and Glo Friends, and also the MLP comic "Pony Land in Danger". ------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hello. How are you?

  5. episode discussion S08:E03 - The Maud Couple

    It's going to be Svengallop. Calling it.
  6. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  7. Here, have a happy birthday muffin. ;)2047037096_14c850d462_b.jpg

  8. Happy birthday! I hope you see this. We all miss you. :rarity:


  9. Hey, Muffin. Hope you're doing okay.

  10. New Sunset shimmer/twilight music video!

    That implies its old, to have installation like that, not junky
  11. Toys of oneshot characters

    Oddly enough, I haven't noticed anyone griping about the fact that we have no toys of Little Strongheart, Iron Will, Saffron, Dragon Lord Torch, Princess Ember, Starswirl the Bearded, Timberwolves, Zephyr Breeze, Gladmane, Ahuizohtl, Lightning Dust, Gabby the griffon, the Chimera, or Sunburst... Yet toys exist for one-shot/episode characters like adult dragon Spike, pony Flash Sentry, Cheese Sandwich, Hoity Toity, Photo Finish, Butonbelle/Suri Polomare, Mane-iac, Coloratura, Steven Magnet, and Manny Roar. Is there no one who would want toys of any of the characters from the first category, or what?
  12. New Sunset shimmer/twilight music video!

    I see no evidence that SS' s apartment/loft is junky, as op clains
  13. Spoiler Tempest's name (spoiler)

    as would Salty and Steamer. I wouldn't want to name my baby those names
  14. Spoiler Tempest's name (spoiler)

    still better than Backstroke, Skippety Doo, Yum Yum, Celebrate, Up, up and Away, Salty, Steamer, Swirly Whirly, Banana Surprise, Sticky and Sniffles, Puddles and Peeks