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  1. The "No Applejack ever!" is a lie

    if she was truly so unlikeable, then Hasbro would've killed her off in season 2. But lo and behold, merch still continues to be made of her to this day, which means that she's popular enough to keep being made and sold.
  2. Is g4 truly a pony paradise compared to previous generations?

    generation 1 was anything but fluff. Mind you, its series started off with ponies getting rained on by dragons who kidnapped them, and an evil centaur who turned the captive ponies into dragons, themselves. The series didn't get any fluffier from there. Heck, some of the younger ponies threaten to sell their baby siblings into slavery in one episode, for buck's sake!
  3. The "No Applejack ever!" is a lie

    For a long time, too long- in fact, there have been fans crying foul, fans raising pitchforks, and torches, and Rarity whining about how Applejack is a background pony; that there are never any toys of her made, that she'd virtually ignored by Hasbro. And to that, I say, horsespit. Has anyone bothered to do any semblance of research- even the barest minimum, they would've seen that there are Applejack toys, plushies, human dolls, and more- out the wazoo! has everything listed. EVERYTHING. Whether she's with her hat or without it- as she is, more often than not, but toys out there of her with her had have been produced a few times, which kills the argument of fans who bring up the issue....AJ is a very big part of merchandise sales, and I know that there will continue to be more things with her face on it in the near future.
  4. As much as people within the My Little Pony Generation 4 (Friendship is Magic) fandom are quick to grab their torches and pitchforks and start riots, or flame and hate wars over MLP’s predecessor, which is g3/ g3.5, very few- if any, are willing to look at the facts. I’m Nightmare Muffin, and I’ll be dissecting My Little Pony Generation 3, 3.5, and 4, and taking a look at why the most hated generation is, ironically, the most ideally paradisaical one to date. While g4, Friendship is Magic is widely praised among its fanbase as being the best reboot of the MLP franchise by far, and many tend to watch the show for its escapism- seeking good morals and light, happy colors and relatable characters out of the darkness, devalued morals, and depravity of the real world- I cannot stress enough that in spite of the pastel painted world of rounded deigned and softer characters, Friendship is Magic isn’t the sweet dream world that it appears to be on the surface. Right off the bat, from the first episode, we get a sibling feud, political coups, a pony that is entirely dismissive of the magic of friendship with others of her kind, and a long banished villain threatening to rise out of imprisonment and bring a countless lifetimes of complete and utter darkness to the cute, happy, pastel character’s lives. Ng the friendship, yet? I’m not. Additionally, as the series continues into 8 seasons, we have seen multiple villains of this sort; one who quite literally sucks and eats the love out of the pastel ponies’ hearts, one who makes an entire Empire of ponies their slaves- chained up, oppressed, depressed, and with PTSD over 1,000 years, one who escaped imprisonment from Hell to forcibly suck the magic and strength out of the ponies- and more slavery and torture is seen at just about every turn in the MLP Movie- when the ponies enter a foreign down beyond their borders, the residents want to sell them to settle their debts, Pirates want to torture them physically and emotionally, an entire capitol city of ponies is put in chains and cages, when a coup happens. It’s terrifying. On top of that, there’s capitalism, tribal racism(the ponies themselves have historic roots where their own kind were at dismissive of their own kind- Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Pony tribes), speciesism (pretty much Zebras, Donkeys, and anything that isn’t a pony are looked down upon and ridiculed by most, if not all ponies. Derogatory phrases like “too cool for mule” are used by the ponies on occasion), social class separation (Canterlot being a near Mount Olympus town where mostly unicorns of elite class reside and are accepted, Cloudsdale being a city where only Pegasi inhabit, and a backwater town in the shadow of the Mount Olympus capital city that originally had been given as land by the Princess upon superior race mountain to a family of mud- I mean, Earth ponies. Now don’t get me wrong, I love this generation of My Little Pony as the next guy, and have been an active watcher for years, but my eyes have been opened to just how far from sweet, pastel, sunshine and rainbows this series is, as I once believed it to be. By contrast, looking at MLP g3/ 3.5, Ponyville and its surrounding areas- Butterfly Island, and Unicornia, seem very much like a paradise. There are no villain of the week attacks on the populace, no slavery, racial divides (initially, the 3 races of Earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns lived separately, but only because they didn’t know the other races even existed. Over time, the 3 races began to assimilate). The ponies all live happily in beautiful surroundings, get along well with one another, and are free from worry from danger, as the general vision of paradise should be.
  5. Celestia and Luna's family

    I have compiled a list of ponies that are Princess Celestia and Luna's family. While many fans may not necessarily agree, due to these characters being shown outside of the FiM series canon, but rather, in books and comics, I must make clear- the show and comic writers have regarded comic stories as canonical side stories that take place in between episodes, and references to certain books have taken place in series canon, so it's all one interwoven, singular canon with blurred lines in between media. That said, this is what is known so far of Princess Luna and Celestia's family, thus far. According to the book, "My Little Pony: Under the Sparkling Sea", Princess Celestia's cousin is shown to be a sea lion named King Leo of the underwater city of Aquastria, and ruler of the mermares and seaponies. Prince Blueblood is the distant nephew (52 times removed) of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna (on their mother's side) and the cousin of Princess Cadance. Leon is the four-year-old cousin of Princess Celestia's who appears in a Panini My Little Pony French magazine story. Has the same color scheme and cutie mark as Prince Blueblood. Princess Cadance is the adopted niece of Princess Celestia. Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, Twilight Velvet, Nightlight- all related to Cadance, and Celestia, by marriage. Star Tracker is an honorary family member related to celestia and Luna through the Sparkle Family
  6. I'm surprised that no one is really talking about this, because it's going to be a serious issue. With generation 5 right around the corner, there's a very good chance that the ponies we get out of it will be smaller than the ponies we're accustomed to seeing in g4. Hasbro seems to have this weird trend of continuously shrinking their already little ponies to make them even smaller. Just look at the size of the g4's compared to g3, and the size of g3's compared to g2 and g1! There is absolutely NO doubt that when g5 ponies hit store shelves, they'll continue to be shrunken shells of their former selves, and no one will have an issue with this, because no one's talking or raising a stink about this trend right now. Only when it happens, they will, but then it'll be too late.
  7. Has the cutie map overstayed its welcome?

    that's a plot device, dear, and lazy writing
  8. Slimmin Simmons

    Would you guys watch an aerobic video featuring Gene Simmons and Richard Simmons?
  9. MLP's finale and passion, or lack thereof

    first of all- I didn't. I VERY clearly said "MOST LIKELY". Which is pure speculation. I don'd know what goes on behind the scenes. I can;t gauge the passion the new writers have. I'm making a guess because the facts are not presented to me. Every sentence in the header makes that evident. "From what I've seen". "Most likely". "There may also". "I Think." the reason as to why Faust left is irrelevant. I'm focusing on what she and the other original writers on her team started with and brought into g4, in the beginning. So I'm not going to comment on that. This isn't purely about Faust, anyway, since she wasn't the sole original writer for the series.
  10. MLP's finale and passion, or lack thereof

    everyone has flawed writing, and of course, the fans are also going to be subjective no matter what, but that's not the point I was getting at. My point was letting someone without passion and love for the how or the characters or their stories wrap up something that was started with love and passion in the first place. unfortunately, that's already been showing signs of happening- Honest Apple, Non-Compete Cause....the new writers are working with seriously well-developed characters, but reducing them to how they used to be in earlier seasons. If this is the direction that the show is going in its final seasons, then I can understand why some fans may feel like the big finish will be a big fizzle.
  11. So a lot of people fear the inevitable conclusion of this series and the closing of the book on g4, which is Friendship is Magic. And understandably so. What I think people fear most is not the conclusion, but the very real possibility that their favorite and long-followed series will end in a disappointing and very underwhelming way. The reason for this, from what I've seen- may be in part due to the new writers that have gotten on board for the show in its later seasons. These writers- unlike Lauren Faust- most likely don't carry a passion for the brand and characters that they're writing for, so it would harm the show, for viewers and the more invested fans, to see an ending that wasn't created out of love and passion to end it on a truly high note- the kind of passion that the g4 series' creator, Faust, brought into this with her team of writers, in the beginning, since she had the influence of growing up with the pastel ponies that Bonnie Zacherle created, n her childhood. This may also be the reason why people seem apprehensive about getting into g5- if the passion and love aren't there to shape its world, its characters, its stories.... then it's just a shallow, flimsy marketing tactic to push plastic horses to kids. Though only time will tell if Hasbro gets a writer with enough passion for the ponies (as Faust did) to close the final chapter and usher dedicated fans into a new generation, I think it's far too soon to worry as if the sky were falling- as we're not even in the final season yet, and come to accept that whatever happens at the end, happens.
  12. Love letter to a pastel pony

    I actually tire of seeing all the love the same 6 background characters get. Don't get me wrong, I like Vinyl and Derpy as much as the next guy, but there are hundreds, if not thousands of other background blank slates in the show, along with book and comic exclusive characters, and on top of that, toyline exclusives, like Star Dreams, Lullaby Moon, Apple Sprout, Princess Skyla, Princess Gold Lily, Princess Sterling.... I like Hummingway. Reminds me of Flit, from Pocohontas.
  13. Was this a missed opportunity for MLP?

    who said anything about being a villain just for the sake of being bad? I didn't. Hell, if the parent baddie was a morally ambiguous one, and was just trying to make the world a better place for his his, through the wrong means, I'd be all for it.
  14. Has the cutie map overstayed its welcome?

    maybe we'll get to see the student six create their own elements like the Pillars did. Though how that would tie in with the still many mysteries of the original Tree of Harmony, I have no idea. I get that, however, there should be more we get to see from the Tree. I mean, we saw the elements from it, the keys, the castle, and now the map, which has been going on 3 years. I'm ready to see something new that the tree has to offer.
  15. Was this a missed opportunity for MLP?

    I can't think of a single show or movie that is what I described.