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  1. Nightmare Muffin

    Movies/TV Mary Poppins returns

    Nope. Emily Blunt
  2. Nightmare Muffin

    Web What was the last thing that made you laugh?

    this (please unmute!)
  3. Nightmare Muffin

    Movies/TV Mary Poppins returns

    Mary Fizzlepoppins. Omg
  4. Nightmare Muffin

    Button Mash and 8-Bit

    Age doesn't matter. The CMC are friends with the mane 6 that they aren't related to. RD is friends with the Golden Horseshoe Gals. Pinkie is friends with the Cake twins. Shining Armor is friends with Spike. Discord is friends with Fluttershy. It's not out of the question that a colt and stallion would be friends, in a show called Friendship is Magic.
  5. Nightmare Muffin

    Button Mash and 8-Bit

    Hence the reason why there are options in the op that exclude biological relationships. In fact, friends is the very first selection.
  6. Nightmare Muffin

    Button Mash and 8-Bit

    What do you guys think the relationship is beteen these ponies? Friends? Brothers? Cousins? Rivals? Perfect strangers? 8-Bit is a a stallion who is shown to be Shining Armor's friend, in the comic arc. "NEIGH ANYTHING", and has a cutie mark that is a gaming console, while Button Mash is a a colt that was first seen playing an arcade game, in "Hearts and Hooves Day". While he lacks a cutie mark in the series, he has been identified as a "gamer colt" and has a D-Pad cutie mark in the MLP Gameloft game app.
  7. Nightmare Muffin

    Shining Armor's lack of development.

    I would love to see Shining interacting with his comic buds who he used to play O&O with, but in the series. Poindexter, 8-Bit, and Gaffer
  8. Nightmare Muffin

    Shining Armor's lack of development.

    I have wanted this ever since we learned Twilight even HAD a brother!
  9. Nightmare Muffin

    Let's talk warfare

    except Rainbow specifically mentions "the little guy is a tank!" In no way is a water tank "unstoppable", given the context.
  10. Nightmare Muffin

    Let's talk warfare

    you very clearly missed the part where I mention RD not knowing jack about history, even about the things that she loves and idolizes. So the question still remains as to how she knows about these weapons to name her pet after one. the mechanics of them I'm not answering, because regardless, they're heavily inspired by them. The issue of "repurposing" wasn't what I called into question. But thank you.
  11. Nightmare Muffin

    Movies/TV Mary Poppins returns

    Dick Van Dyke is reappearing in it.
  12. We've gotten to see a lot of illnesses in Equestria (mostly in the Flim-Flam centered episodes, but also outside of them, with incurable diseases like cutie pox, Blue Flu, Swamp Fever); we've seen surgical procedures in episodes such as "Where the Apple Lies", we've seen birth defects, such as in Scootaloo being a flightless species of birb horse, and we've seen the possibility of twin siblings, such as in the case of Aloe and Lotus, and Pound and Pumpkin Cake- along with them being born both pegasus and unicorn among Earth Pony parents. So do you guys think we'll see the appearance of conjoined twins in Equestria, who just so happen to be half unicorn and half pegasus, and perhaps get mistaken for an alicorn (sans the earth pony parts)? What do you think they would identify themselves as?
  13. Nightmare Muffin

    Will G5 be as bad as G3/G3.5?

    I don't appreciate the constant knocking on g3, VG. It's not deserving of it at all. heck, g3 has some of the most gorgeous backgrounds of all the mlp gens! The colors are bright and attractive. The characters are rounded and cute in order to appeal to the nurturing instinct that humans (not just females) tend to have with other round, cute things, like babies and small, cute animals. The design and artistry of g3 is amazing, so PLEASE don't bash on it.
  14. Nightmare Muffin

    Movies/TV Mary Poppins returns

    The trailer has been released of everyone's original "Super Nanny", Mary Poppins, and the movie is said to be released mid December. Will anyone be going to see this?
  15. Nightmare Muffin

    My Little Pony Tales funniest episode?

    I'm happy to reacquaint folks with their nostalgia.