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  1. Nightmare Muffin

    Takara pony reference?

    So, it's pretty clear that either the writers or Hasbro HQ is no stranger to g1 references in g4. FiM is littered with them. We've seen throwbacks to Scorpan on more than one occasion, Tirek, Gusty (the Great), (General) Firefly, and the comics too have g1 cameos and references with g1 baby ponies, and Flutter Valley/ Queen Bumble. Heck, some of the main characters of g4, Applejack and Spike were characters straight out of g1, in fact! Soooooo, do you guys think we might get future reference....perhaps along the line of something Japanese and MLP, since they've apparently been picking up interest with MLP in Japan, with 3rd party Japanese figures and comic books? I'm talking references to the g1 Japan exclusive Takara ponies, Milky and Popo The way I think they could do this is by introducing Tokara ponies as a sub-species. Their names sound similar enough, and actually, this might've been what inspired the Takara Japan MLP toys. Interestingly enough, like the fate of its toy counterpart, the rl Tokara seems to be no longer in demand as a plow horse on the Tokaras or the mainland and has limited utility as a riding horse; therefore, finding a practical use for the Tokara horse is a problem which will affect its future protection. It'd be interesting if Hasbro decided to bring attention to this, and use the Tokara breed as a g1 throwback reference to the Takara ponies.
  2. Nightmare Muffin

    I'm not looking forward to the next story of MLP

    as far aw we know, as I said in the op, at this point in time, it's just talk. Doesn't mean that it's set in stone until we actually see hat those changes were made, once the new stuff is set to air. There's a lot that's going to be left on the cutting room floor in between when the leaks and concepts were spilled, until the actual air date
  3. Nightmare Muffin

    Fresh blood with new beginnings

    any further opinions?
  4. Nightmare Muffin

    Would it be possible to get a 35th MLP anniversary event?

    hey, small is fine. I'm grateful to get anything at all (and sorry for asking so last minute)
  5. Nightmare Muffin

    Would all gen interconnecting change your opinion of g4?

    or maybe it isn't? I mean, someone could just see the brand and its previous incarnations as all one universe, and just roll with it. There's been theories made considering this, so I can see it as possible, even without the Hasbro word seal of approval
  6. Nightmare Muffin

    Disinterest in going to any brony convention?

    these are my feelings, too. I started saving to go to Bronycon 2019, but large crowds aren't really my thing. And I wouldn't be going with anyone i know.
  7. Nightmare Muffin

    Your favorite Lindor Truffles

    oh, I love these. My favorite has to be milk chocolate, peanut butter, and white
  8. Nightmare Muffin

    Familial relations

    any thoughts to share?
  9. Nightmare Muffin

    the doors series finale shows the fandom ain't dead

    where have you been looking, as far as past gen creative content? Because I have 8 pages of relatively recent stuff (not including discussions) that say otherwise.
  10. not really. she wanted to Live in Canterlot, but she settled for opening her boutique there, instead. Fluttershy had always wanted to build an animal sanctuary. Back when “Fluttershy Leans In” aired, a lot of fans were left scratching their heads when Flutters had said that opening a sanctuary had been her dream for a long time. This seemed to come just as out of the blue as Twilight having a brother, to many people, but truth be told, Flutters has been dropping hints to wanting to be involved with a sanctuary ever since April 2013, shortly after the season 3 finale, when “Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell” book was released. Fluttershy suggested it to Twilight. This continued in season 4. Anyone remember the episode, Bats!? Fluttershy’s idea was to open up a sanctuary for the bats right there in Sweet Apple Acres. Even in Three’s a Crowd, Fluttershy flips out at the chance to go to the Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Animals, which is pretty much a sanctuary, and very much likely wound up convincing her idea that opening her own one day was her dream, like she wanted to with the vampire fruit bats. Her dream has been around for a while- its just that few really paid it no mind until “Fluttershy Leans In”.
  11. Nightmare Muffin

    your opinion on thriftshopping

    I'm down for thrifting 100%. Why buy overpriced clothes off the rack when I can get brand name stuf secondhand for cheap? (not that I'm into brand names) If I can get a piece of clothing for under $5, you bet your bottom, I'm going to take advantage of that. Also- cheap ponies. I got a Build a Bear plush RD for a dollar and 10 cents!!!! Those things go upwards of $30, brand new! You're right with Goodwill and Salvation Army being horrendous for good finds. I wish there was a Savers closer t where I live, but its a bit of a drive. Fortunately, there's a place called th Community Thrift at only half the distance, so I like going there for retro stuff. I've found a lot of g1 and g3 ponies there on several occasions.
  12. Nightmare Muffin

    Would it be possible to get a 35th MLP anniversary event?

    hey, a thread is good enough for me. Thanks for giving it consideration, Gans.
  13. Nightmare Muffin

    Star Dreams Fanclub

    wonderful art done by CrystalDenki source:
  14. I found this on my Tumblr dash, and someone's post that said "all the people running in the background are retail workers" made me laugh.
  15. I don't know if this site ever had one, but 35 years for the MLP brand is pretty monumental. There's still some time left in the year to pull it off, if the community would be interested (even something small scale, like a dedicated forum topic?