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  1. Nightmare Muffin

    How would the series handle SBWM Luna?

    we've had ponies turn into bats, plants, bugs, seaponies..... but wolf ponies is what's weird?
  2. Nightmare Muffin

    How would the series handle SBWM Luna?

    but the concept of "horses in high school" can totally happen......
  3. Nightmare Muffin

    Science 2019 Lunar Eclipse

    my only plan was to draw something related to it, which I did. Behold, Super Lupin Luna!
  4. Nightmare Muffin

    Body types and representation in the future

    would you say the same about Barbie, in that case? They were all-inclusive, so why not Hasbro with its pony line?
  5. Nightmare Muffin

    How would the series handle SBWM Luna?

    By default, we get Luna as a Blue Moon, but how do you guys see the series trying to incorporate Luna having a transformation to a celestial phenomenon like the "super blood wolf moon", said to take place on the 22nd of this month? It would obviously be wolfish, given the name of the phase, and perhaps less pony- would this hypothetical form affect the Timberwolves in any way? How might it effect Luna, herself? Could you guys see DHX putting any lore behind this transformation, if it were to occur in the show?
  6. Nightmare Muffin

    Body types and representation in the future

    well, they switched it up and gave us completely new molds for the g4.5 toys, so there's always a possibility they can do it again with the introduction to g5.
  7. So it's no surprise that toylines like Barbie have been more inclusive with representing different body types. MLP, similarly, has- for the first time ever in their MLP animated series, so has FiM. Characters like Mrs. Cake, who's short and pudgy, Whoa Nelly who is all around thikk, and Fleur dis Lis, who is tall and slender exist, but as background characters. Howwwwwever, this aspect hasn't really bled over into their toyline, as all the ponies that have gotten made have the same body type. Do you think we'll see Hasbro be more progressive and give its main characters these different body types, as well as marketing them as such? Should relatability toward these characters incorporate body size, and not just be limited to personality?
  8. There's the fact that she straight up tried to kill her own sister as NMM. There's comic instances, which depict her purposely spreading seeds of doubt and fear of Celestia in the minds of her subjects while she was banished on the moon. She enslaved and manipulated the Nyx, which she got her dream abilities from. She put Equestria in peril for 1000 years by making the EoH unable to be used in unison with Celestia, and new bearers needing to be found. There's a lot that she did that warrants Luna to have such guilt.
  9. With China now refusing to take a lot of the world's plastic waste imports, there's a crisis on where it can go, and it's being sent to other poor countries to be burned or wind up in illegal landfills. There's a desperate need, now, more than ever to ban the plastic and have retailers change their product packaging. I know Hasbro uses excessive amounts of plastic in their pony product packaging, but do you guys think it's worth trying to push Hasbro to change, since 1: a lot of the older fanbase doesn't actually purchase their lesser quality products, so they're not the ones who need to vote with their wallets, and 2: the ponies being sold are made of non bio-degradable materials? What have you guys noticed regarding Hasbro's packaging in the pony products? Does anything need to change?
  10. Spike is a character that many people dislike for various reasons. He often gets thrown under the bus or been the but of a joke at others' expense in the canon episodes and comics. But lets step back and look at things with a new perspective- would we even have the episodes and comics we have if it wasn't for Spike? Would the "Mane 6" even be friends without Spike? I don't think so. bear in mind that it was Sunset's lack of friends that prompted Celestia to test Twilight- her next student- with hatching a dragon egg- someone that she'd have the responsibility of taking care of and drawing close to, and ultimately calling, her first friend. That was Celestia's motive when Sunset failed. Then, as she sent Twilight off to Ponyville, her goal was having her befriend others outside of Spike. Twilight wasn't on board, and it took Spike to coerce Twilight into even giving the townsponies the time of day, which led her to eventually befriending them. If Spike wasn't there to pressure Twilight, we wouldn't have the Mane 6 coming together in the first place. Without Spike, AJ would be Timberwolf chow, The Crystal Empire wouldn't be saved and back under Sombra's rule, Thorax would still be a normal Changeling, Equestia would still have strained relationships with the Changelings- and Dragons. Spike has done a lot of good for the series as a whole, and much of what we have now wouldn't have happened if it weren't for hm. Little guy deserves far more respect.
  11. I didn't say that they forced her to leave. But they made her leave by not respecting her and allowing her creativity, rather than pushing their marketing. Regardless, that topic has been discussed to death already, and it not the focus of this thread. So maybe reel it back and focus on the question I posed in the op? Thanks.
  12. I was watching the 2017 Brony Thank You Fund Interview and saw that Lauren Faust was still bitter about how Hasbro treated her and making her leave around season 3, so she wasn't thrilled about the MLP movie because she didn't get to work on it. What kind of MLP movie do you guys think Faust would've brought to the table, if she had been the one to work on it?
  13. Nightmare Muffin

    Luna's transformations?

    With a cosmic phenomenon due to take place in just a few days, called the "Super Blood Wolf Moon", it has me wondering....Is Luna capable of non equine transformations? I mean, we saw her transform into a cloud of smoke, as Nightmare Moon, but what a more canine form, such as a wolf, in the lunar phase of a wolf moon- or super blood wolf moon, as it were? How powerful do you guys think Luna would be during the simultaneous wolf/ blood/ super moon? (a "wolf moon" is the first full moon in January. A "super moon" is when there's a full moon when the moon is closest to Earth. A"blood moon" is part of a lunar eclipse, as the Earth's shadow comes between the sun and the full moon, causing the moon to have a reddish tint)
  14. Nightmare Muffin

    Lets say the g4 fandom is dying

    Yanno, hypothetically. Let's say it really is going the way of the dodo and wooly mammoth. Why is it (hypothetically) dying, when the g1, 2, and 3 fandoms still survive after 35 years of no new animated content and scarcely any new merchandise? What is the difference, do you guys think, that keeps the past gen fandoms kicking, albeit, with smaller communities from when they were at their peak, than the (hypothetical) dying g4 fandom?
  15. Nightmare Muffin

    How do you think you will die or....?

    Hopefully painlessly.