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  1. I’ve been wondering for a while now where exactly does the residual magical energy go after a unicorn’s spell is cast, or a magical artifact like the EoH or Crystal Heart propels its magical energy across a wide range? A quote from Luna in “Twilight’s Kingdom” mentioning that their magic cannot just disappear into thin air makes me think that whether stored within the ponies in an unused state, or after being actively cast or used in some way, magic doesn’t vanish into thin air, and the energy, unseen, permeates the very atmosphere across all of Equestria, much like how due to the Scrub coral (Eureka 7), Transparent Light Particles (Trapar) cover the planet . What do you guys think?
  2. Over the years, many fans have expressed a desire to see Scoots fly. I, personally, haven't been one of them. The moral that Applejack recently had to learn in the "Made in Manehattan" was to stop focusing on all that she can't do, and work at what she can, even if in the end, what comes out of her hard work is a smaller scale reward. I think that that's also something the brony community should try to remember, when is comes to Scootaloo and her ability, or lack thereof, to fly. I would like it if Scootaloo remembers RD's pep talk, in "Flight to the Finish", and if another pep talk, about how RD's idols (the Wonderbolts, Wind Rider, Daring Do) weren't all that she had envisioned them to be, once she met them. And to be frank, I can't really picture myself being thrilled at seeing ANOTHER skilled flying pegasi, when we already have Rainbow Dash, The Wonderbolts, Lightning Dust, Wind Rider.... I don't think Scootaloo needs to be on that roster. Or even be allowed to fly, to eventually be 'as good as Rainbow Dash'. What I;d really like to see is if RD showed Scoots that she doesn't have to be able to fly, like she can, to be able to soar. Maybe encourage Scoots to enter a "PegaX games" prefecture competition, and try to get to nationals doing stuff on her scooter, like a little Tony Hawk, and help her train for it. That could be a thing. I mean, we've seen her jump ramps and stuff, on a small scale, when she rides through Ponyville. We've never really had a full episode showcasing her scooter abilities, and using them to her advantage, instead of her focus on flying. Having Scootaloo invest more time to advancing to the big leagues on her scooter could, I think, kinda play out like the anime "Air Gear", which involves parkour motorized rollerblading, which is pretty cool, and something I would be a LOT more interested in seeing Scoots to, but on her scooter. Parkour scootering sounds WAY more awesome than cheering for the flightless filly to fly- and then what...?
  3. why does Vinyl's FC have so few pages?
  4. Regarding your question -- I'd recommend Malwarebytes for free anti-malware software.

  5. can anyone recommend a good (free), version of antivirus and malware software? I've tried using Avast! and Avira, but both had trial license (which of course, didn't say that when I first downloaded them)
  6. I'm having trouble, fellow Shimmy fans. Hasbro is releasing 3 new Equestria Girls mini figures of Shimm (sushi, movie magic, and beach). Problem is, I love Shimms, but I didn't intend for my collection of her to be of her human form, if I got these. I don't know if Hasbro will make any more pony Shimmy, or ever will, though. So I am undecided on whether to search for and get these human Shimmy mini's when they are released.... Another problem Is that I am running out of room for pony things, and also that I am constantly reminded about being materialistic and buying this I don't really need.... But the temptation....
  7. They are Lalaloopsy brand toys
  8. the toyline always comes before the cartoons, let's not forget- Hasbro is a toy company after all, and the show only exists to promote the toys. So it pays to know what comes from the toyline, in my opinion. It is more essential than the show, in fact. (no toys = no show) I agree that more of the mentioned places in or out of Equestria should be seen. Haakim and Amir are long overdue. hope hope they'll show up again, tough, if Photo Finish and Hoity Toity- both last seen in season 1 made their reappearance in season 7. I have hope.....
  9. Back in the episode "Magic Duel", we were shown two Saddle Arabian delegated- Haakim and Amir. These two ponies are drastically different than the little ponies we were used to seeing, and in fact, stand at the same height as Princess Celestia. However, their hind and forelegs are shaped much differently than the smoother contours of Equestria's princesses. They much more closely resemble actual horses than even the Equestrian royals do, which leads me to believe that the Saddle Arabians might be g1's Dream Beauties, which most closely resemble horses than even MLP's G2 "Friendship Gardens" line. Was their introduction in the series a shoutout to this MLP g1 toyline branch? Do you guys think we'll ever see them in the show again?
  10. Spoiler

    I'm so excited! Can't wait for this episode!
  11. Cheerilee doesn't count, because Big Mac was forcibly fed a love potion by the CMC to like her. Fluttershy doesn't count, because she and Big Mac have never spent any time together on the show. Marble and Big Mac doesn't count, because I'm pretty sure those blushes and awkwardness was due to embarrassment and awkwardness, not arousal and affection- and they're family. So we can only realistically look at Sugar Belle and ask that question. of course, Bronies tend to ignore canon, to fuel their ships.....
  12. Spoiler

    I wonder why they chose to mane Toola younger than she was in g3, when the ponies they brought over from that gen and into g4 kept their same age
  13. that's true. Everyone has personal preferences. I think I saw Firefly? But the curly mane and two-tone-colors make me wonder.... Also, Wind Whistler g4 is this pony here, you think? The movie won't hit Blue Ray and DVD to watch in the comfort of your home until a few months after its movie premier. I would die having to wait that long. It seems unnecessary, unless you plan on watching the ripped version online, before then. You don't like theaters? Here's hoping. I think it was partially the fact that fillies in the toyline that weren't the CMC were harder to come by, and her color scheme. I really don't like pink that much, but the hue of her coat, and how it worked with the hue of her mane and tail- was just really aesthetically pleasing. Plus, I've always been into Astrology, so the name Star Dreams grabbed me immediately. It was the whole shebang. I'm trying to hunt down collectors who have the 1st two releases of her, actually, so I can try to acquire them (they're of a slightly different color than her third and last release, for some reason)
  14. while I do appreciate that more poses for the ponies are being done (g1 really handed out so much variety in poses, I don't know why g4 doesn't), my feelings about the body shape itself still stands. huh? Do they? I saw a pony that kinda looked like her in the movie, but it was a back shot, and they were moving pretty fast with the other pegasi toward Canterlot. That's the one you were talking about? I might go through the trailer again, just to see if I can possibly spot Star Dreams- though my hope is slim. She was last seen in the toyline in 2013
  15. mlp wasn't intended for adults, but yet look at the fandom fidget spinners weren't intended for people who don't have ADHD, yet look at the people playing with them. what's the difference? I see none. Both have sold outside their target audience.....