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  1. Rift enchanted

    Which characters do you want to see more (or new) figures of?

    I really want hasbro to focus on making toys that aren't ponies or humans. Like discord or changelings
  2. Rift enchanted

    Gaming So... I broke Minecraft...

    You must be careful young one. This could make a tear in the inter dimensional space time continuum, destroying all life as we know it!
  3. Rift enchanted

    Opinion on humanized ponies?

    Sometimes the fandom takes that concept too far on google images
  4. Rift enchanted

    The 2014 FIFA World Cup Bracket Game!

    I usually don't participate in this kind of stuff but it looks like fun
  5. Rift enchanted

    What Makes A Good Parent?

    I'm not a parent, but a child. So I can give some advice on what kids like. You should give incentive for doing good things like allowances
  6. Rift enchanted

    Discord, The Mirror Pool, and the Fate of Equestria!

    He might suck he power from the mirror pool
  7. Rift enchanted

    Anyone know what the budget is for this show?

    I believe that my friends said that the budget costs less than a ham sandwich. But they could be wrong
  8. Rift enchanted

    Is Rainbow Power OP?

    They're just like the elements of harmony. They make amazing toys
  9. Rift enchanted

    Future villains in the show

    A recurring villain, especially one with a terrible backstory (like sombra,) would be pretty annoying. A new villain could be fun
  10. Rift enchanted

    Should Rainbow Power still be a thing in season 5?

    Hasbro is just gonna take that opportunity to make more new toys. Oh well, guess I'll sell an organ
  11. Rift enchanted

    Dreaming experiment

    Maybe we could reverse break the fourth wall?
  12. Rift enchanted

    Life size Pinkie Pie cake: Most awesome Mom EVER!

    Too bad you can't ride it Oh well, hope it tastes good
  13. Rift enchanted

    MLP Princess Luna Dog Tag

    i guess I'll just go then
  14. Rift enchanted

    MLP Princess Luna Dog Tag

    how many cards can i pick?
  15. Rift enchanted

    Bladed / Exotic Weapons Thread

    I know where to get shuriken and kunai knives.