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  2. I doubt it was that same manticore, but that would be sort of tragic. They could've run away, from the manticore... they could have also left the forest after she broke the cliff. But whether or not they could've run away, the manticore still tried to kill or at least hurt them while they were there. That lunge it made with it's claws nearly took Rarity's head off. It's possible she was trying to get them to leave, but that seems a bit unlikely and still had a good chance of hurting them seriously.
  3. Thanks, I was just offering some thoughts I hadn't seen anyone discussing here. It's sort of a debatable topic. Dropping the mane six off a cliff was something that could have quite easily killed them if there weren't two pegasi in the group capable of carrying them. Nightmare Moon had no reason to think the manticore wouldn't be able to kill them after she panicked it with that thorn. The spooky trees and the shadow bolts didn't seem intended to harm them, just to try and stop them from reaching the elements. It's possible when Nightmare Moon charged at Twilight she was going
  4. There's something people seem to be forgetting about Luna's guilt, it wasn't just the bad things she actually did as Nightmare Moon. It's also what she attempted to do and what she could no longer do because she got herself banished. She tried to murder the mane six multiple times, as well as trying to kill her sister and cause the apocalypse, if someone tried to kill you and failed you wouldn't treat that like nothing just because they didn't succeed. We also see Equestria a thousand years after she was banished, but back then Luna was one of the only two alicorns and an element beare
  5. Thank you! I used screenshots of Tirek as a base, but it was a lot of fun rendering him in my own style. It helps that FIM has a great visual aesthetic to work with for the most part.
  6. Well, then thank you so much! Hearing that is pretty amazing! I want to say more, but I guess that leaves me a little bit speechless, thank you again!
  7. I really like these! I'm not very familiar with making vectors, but using the mouse for any art is impressive in my book. They're faithful to the show's style, but still distinctly look like yours. Very cute and aesthetically pleasing. The only issues are very small, little things like Celestia's chin in the banana picture coming to an extremely sharp point. That kind of stuff will improve, if it hasn't already. Good work!
  8. Wow! I'm flattered that this was capable of shocking you into multiple paragraphs! That is of course assuming your being serious, which I never can tell over the internet. Considering your self proclaimed motto is about sarcasm, your post might just be the slightest bit hyperbolic. If that's the case then I'm still glad you took the time to post. Or if you are being semi-serious, thank you! I've gotten plenty of compliments, but I've never gotten that reaction to my art! I never considered my sketches the kind of thing that ignites the human soul, but i'd be gleeful as all hell if you mean
  9. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! I made it partially because I saw all the people making cool character studies of Tirek, he seemed like such a blast to draw. And I was right! Trying to get the effect of his magic right was kind of tricky, but I think it adds a lot to the picture. On the other hand, Tirek's smug smirk practically drew itself onto the page, his character is so naturally good at looking bad.
  10. Hey! ^U^ I'm yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayala (okay, that's not my real name :P) and I like the stuff you do! :D

  11. Thanks! Discord is always fun to draw, even if his face structure is a pain to get right. I drew the first picture based on a screenshot, so at least I repeated someone else's wonkyness. Or perhaps something just got messed up in the proportions when the pose got transferred from screen to paper. I just really liked how his expression and his fur were in that shot.
  12. I know it's been a while since the season finale, but I really liked Tirek's design. I did some sketches of him and him and Discord just for fun. They're obviously not finished pieces, but I think I like how they turned out. I'm not quite sure about his magic in the second picture though, that was just such a nice effect in the show. I'm always worried when drawing FIM stuff that my style is too close to the shows, that I'm just copying the designs without really doing much drawing myself. I tried to portray them differently enough to make them interesting to look at, but I like to know w
  13. Ah, the joys of untangling multi-generation plot lines with vague connections... I bet there are a thousand hardcore Legend of Zelda timeline crunchers who would wail their ghostly wail with you in empathy!
  14. Oh dear, I think I'm going to abandon this train of thought before I derail the entire thread. Waifu stealing is a dangerous and wicked art, talking about them only stirs the Waifu stealers from their watery slumber in the halls of Waifu'lyeh.
  15. So what you're trying to say is that... Scorpan has been stealing our waifus since G1?!
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