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  1. Delernil

    Confession Time!

    My fetish is large, open grass fields in rural New England. Kinky, i know.
  2. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    I found the video if youre interested, pretty cool.
  3. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    The navy is also testing railguns because WHY NOT? No, but the largest conflict in history that changed the world is kind of important. And hes taking a course about naval history, and part of that includes the Pacific area during WW2, where some pretty big naval battles took place.
  4. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    That pretty much sums up alot of the military right now. "Well, its cool so we have to do it." and im entirely alright with that
  5. Delernil

    Movies/TV Gurren Lagann

    Gurren Lagann is my favorite anime and it always will be. Its just amazing. It had drama without becoming depressing and humor without losing its serious tones.
  6. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    Even more interesting is that they werent blind to the Yamatos weakness. A bunch of its smaller surface-to-surface guns were stripped and replaced with anti air around 1943/44 And yeah, i can see why theyd want the battleships. Even the US had theirs. It was a symbol of power, why would they get rid of it?
  7. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    I find it amazing that Japan was the country that proved how weak battleships were to airpower (Pearl Harbor, Renown/Repulse, etc) yet they still spent resources on building and maintaining their massive battleships.
  8. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    Yeah, that kind of went wrong...
  9. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    Im not quite sure. That could be a *massive* hit to morale. On that side of things, im not quite sure what wouldve happened. I can see there being a pretty big reorganization of the fleet as they try to protect the transports better in the future, but i dont think much woldve changed. Again, that wouldve bought Japan some time but it wouldve been so little that it couldnt do very much other than hurt the US through the morale standpoint.
  10. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    Well, im not too good at the whole 'would X change' kinda things, but i think it would. I dont guess it would impact it as 'Japan wins', but the war would have been longer. Now, if you mean every US ship bound for Leyte was destroyed? The war goes on, perhaps Japan takes some land back or even manages to rebuild some of its navy. But the US was just too powerful and could produce ships so fast i dont think the outcome would have changed. They wouldve built those ships right back and gone in.
  11. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    Yeah. Even if they had planes from land based aircraft, the US had overwhelming number and later in the war, better planes. And its not like Japan could rebuild those carriers or battleships. They didnt have the steel to fix them or the oil to run them. Midway was the turning point for a reason.
  12. Delernil

    History Buff Needed

    Air power. It wasnt just Leyte Gulf. Air Power could destroy battleships and capital ships extremely easily. Thats one of the large reasons battleships arent effective anymore. More specific, the multiple carriers the US had at Leyte Gulf. They wiped out the Japanese carriers and brought down their battleships without any massive naval losses (though escort carriers had a rough time, with some losses.) I used to be able to explain the entire battle, but its been a while since ive read/watched/seen etc anything relating to WW2, so im sorry i couldnt give a more detailed explanation.
  13. Delernil

    Movies/TV New anime fan

    1. yes sao will always create the rustles 2. SERIOUSLY WATRCH GURREN LAGANN GURREN LAGANN IS GOOD 3. Like i said Brotherhood has a 'recap' of sorts but if you finish the first thats your choice. Comedy and Slice of Life (SoL) are put together pretty much all the time. Also Romance and Comedy. I havent seen much comedy so i cant help you there.
  14. Delernil

    Movies/TV New anime fan

    oh boy soa is sure to ruffle some jimmies -GURREN LAGANN GURREN LAGANN GURREN LAGANN RIGHT NOW PLEASE -Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Sequel to the original FMA but includes a more condensed version of it for the first episodes. -Attack on Titan is a good if traumatizing introduction to animu. Probably already heard of it. Honestly it depends on what you like. SoL, action, mecha, whatever. You just have to find it.