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  1. If anyone out there has any ability to translate key signatures, your help would be greatly appreciated. I've been working on a transposition of one of the Zelda Spirit Track's boss themes, but I cannot decipher what key it's in. I have the whole song with all instruments laid out, but all it has is accidentals, no sharps or flats in the key signature. If you're willing to try to help me, post here and I'll send you the necessary files to look at.
  2. Great, now I know why I came across two whole pages dedicated to "Thunder"...It's good to know what to avoid That actually helped me a lot! Before I even started thinking of a name, I was going to include a volcano eruption type inclusion thing (I'm still not sure what it'll be for sure). You'll see what I picked below. I did use your advice as well. Maybe I was too engrossed on what he becomes rather than what he is in the beginning. So...Tuff Impact. I do like the word "tuff", which I found on the wiki page. It is a fine rock formed from volcanic ash. Plus, you have that tuff/tough homophone there to add meaning. Impact I like, but it doesn't work as well as it could with a word like tuff. Or I could just leave it as Tuff. Maybe it could add irony as he is not tough at all. He was named by his parents, them expecting him to be a normal earth pony, but ended up the complete opposite. That could work, right?
  3. So, it's the first time that I've ever written an MLP fanfic. In fact, it's the first time I've ever written a short story. I'm sure that there are plenty of you out there who have written at least one and created multiple OCs to go along with them. However, the trouble comes with getting just the right name for the job. To look for ideas, I glanced over the massive list of OCs used for roleplays. There were many patterns that I saw with the names, mainly overused surnames, like Blaze, Flare, Fire, Shine, Cosmo, Sun, Luna, et cetera. I'm just looking for ideas on what to use for my own OC to make him at least somewhat unique while maintaining the symbolism/meaning that I want. If you're willing to give me some ideas, here's some background to the character. His parents are Earth ponies like him, and he is very smart and not as physically powerful despite that. His cutie mark is a crater with a piece of floating rock above it, showing potential. The parents always worked in a mine, rarely seeing the light of day, so a light-based name is a possibility. Perhaps they wanted him to become more than they ever could. He does turn evil in the story, so ideas for a villain would help too. I want to avoid cliches as well. So if you're thinking of a villain name, try to avoid a dangerous or mysterious noun like Shade, Darken or Fury. Even though he does really become dark, mysterious and morose, there has to be a way to avoid that. I don't think I'll find the perfect name for a while, but your guy's input would help greatly!
  4. I usually don't do this, but...I'm feeling really down right now. If anyone has anything uplifting or just can talk for a bit, let me know. Thank you.

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      There really shouldn't be 0 comments here

      You might not remember, but a while ago we had a massive conversation :P

      I was looking at all my old stuff, ended up on your page and saw this, so if you need to talk, feel free to message me, I'll reply when I can

  5. Please tell us how it went when you return! The results will probably be better than you expected...
  6. Kinda interesting that you come here for support when you know that we can do nothing to directly shape your life. Think of wearing the t-shirt in the same way. The people walking past and judging you (keep in mind that everybody is judging everybody; yes, you are judging even me right now!) have no affect on your life, and the ones who do should not react negatively to your wearing it. Just out of personal experience; I hope you don't mind: I still can't bring myself to wear pony shirts all the time. Waking up, I felt no motivation to do it. Why should I waste precious brain power worrying about what others when I can wear something safe? Sometimes all you need is someone in the morning saying "You can do it. You're not alone." That's why we're here, even if it may not seem so.
  7. MLP has made me realize how easily I push things away that are obviously only trying to help me and improve my life. I am presented with a new season. I neglect to watch it. There is a whole world of people on the forums to make friends with. I fear change, so I end up doing nothing. I see fanmade pictures of Pinkie Pie having so much fun and enjoying life and I force myself to realize that I do none of that. MLP has been an eye-opener to me, though it's been me who has done nothing to embrace it, nothing to make myself happier.
  8. Mine and exploit the world's infinite resources until the pollution becomes so concentrated that not even an infinite volume can contain it. Then, and only then would human desire be sated.
  9. I think it's pretty funny to see that people are talking about weeks or month hiatuses. I don't want to brag, I don't want to boast, but I like toast I haven't seen an episode since season 4 came out. Dunno if that's a bad thing. I don't even know why I haven't watched anything from season 4. Too lazy?
  10. That's a thing? I could only assume those are very rarely seen. Also, I would guess they wouldn't exactly look that good. Who knows?
  11. See, the problem stems from fear. Fear of being judged, fear of getting a nasty comment. That's just something that I don't want to want to experience. But I suppose that's all part of life. All of these comments did help; I guess I'll try to force myself to wear something pony related in the morning. I dunno. Just out of curiosity, would there be some sort of clothing that is reserved only for the most hardcore Brony or that is just a flashing neon sign that says "this here is a Brony"?
  12. Though, this may seem like a silly subject, I think that it's something that's warranted. I've been trying to become more open about my Broniness for a couple of reasons. Somehow, I believe that it may boost my confidence/ego/esteem, whatever you want to call it. But just thinking of that, I've never been able to look at myself in the morning and say "I'm going to wear this Rainbow Dash shirt, and I'm going to like it and I'm going to be proud". I'm just wondering if there's anybody out there who's open and wears merch, or just doesn't afraid of anything. What have been your experiences with it, and how could you teach someone who's anxious and self-conscious when he/she is open about MLP? Anything you have to say will help!
  13. Well, there was that one time when my mom wanted to get me something for Christmas, and she knew I liked MLP, so I asked her to get that. But then I rethought and realized she would probably pick up the first thing that said "pony". So, I went to an FYE store and picked out 2 plushies: Pinkie and Fluttershy. My mom went to the register and I think I had my head down or something, trying not to be conspicuous. But then, the worst possible thing happened. The Fluttershy one had no tag, so the cashier didn't know what to ring up. He asked my mom what the name of it was, but she didn't know, so she turned to me. Literally, my response was IDENTICAL to that of Fluttershy's in the first episode. You know, the Fluttershy voice that goes like this and gets quieter and more embarrassed? That was an adventure...I still don't know if it was worth it.
  14. Good lord, RD x Anything, that's what it seems like. Feels like this all the time. So weird.
  15. So, what are the danger zones, what is too far? Some would argue that they're just expressing themselves, but there must be a line somewhere. What do people getting out of shipping characters? Also, what exactly is shipping, anyways? I just picked it up after seeing posts about it, but what is the definition?