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  1. Are you alright?

  2. I'll be leaving my friends. Things have happned and destroyed my whole life, remember the truth shall set you free but it hurts.

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    2. yayayayayala :3

      yayayayayala :3

      I'm so sorry!! When I realized your wife left you I was like "NOES!" That is so sad! But I'm glad I was able to be here and help you and make you smile. I hope that things will work out for you in your life and that if someday you make the decision to return to MLPForums, that you know that your friends (and hopefully I) will be here for you! *hugs* And I hope that you'll be able to patch things up with your wife, or something like that, in whatever way...

    3. PurplePony


      My goodness mang. You are in my thoughts and prayers... Just saw this and I will miss your presence here :(

    4. SCS


      I am so very sorry that happened to you. I hope that things will get better for you.

  3. Life chips away at the kindness in my heart.

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    2. Malinter


      they aren't nice. I think the vitemin defiency in question effects your blood cells and your bodies ability to produce them. And truth be told. Having a healthier body will strengthen your mind, you'll be able to tackle your inner-problems much better if your body isn't half-working.

    3. MyLilPony


      Yea, I just threw my bowl of soup against the wall, I'm so annoyed in life, I hate it. I probably shouldnt even talk to you in this mood, i love you too much my friend.

    4. Malinter


      well i'm off to bed soon. >_< you should get something more filling than soup if you can, some relaxing drink might be good as well. so gn from me.

  4. Good morning everyone! I had to put all my pony stuff away! Poop, oh well, thats life I guess.

  5. Losing my mind.

    1. Serbon div
    2. MyLilPony


      No, I havn't been sane in so many years, I suck

    3. Serbon div

      Serbon div

      You don't suck!

  6. Wish I had a friend to play ponies with :(

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    2. MyLilPony


      I'm singing, with every act of love, we bring the kingdom come!

    3. Serbon div

      Serbon div

      What I mean is that you don't have tp be Jade tp do some of these things

    4. MyLilPony


      yea, i should probably give it all to god, all thisvanity is just false happiness


  7. Lucked out today and scored some MLP dog tags, pencils, cups, bath towel and a new pinkie pie doll! I'm stoked like a little girl on the way to six flags!

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    2. MyLilPony


      I'm wearing it as Jared Hehehe

    3. zev_zev The outcast

      zev_zev The outcast

      I doubt that amazon contact with RF, but I'll check it out

    4. MyLilPony


      Ah, If not ill get ya one, I'm sewing @KingPrisMan a luna plush right now :D


  9. It's a great day! I love you all and hope if you need to talk or anything you will PM me, You help me when I'm down and I'll gladly do the same.

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    2. MyLilPony


      I just want to make good change happen in the world, not make it worse and harder for people.

    3. AppleGearRising


      I can't read it, it's saying that I don't have the permission to see it :/

    4. MyLilPony


      Ah, I guess it's ok. Really I haven't been able to be jade for over a week now, I think she's a goner. I guess I just have to find some way to just be happy as a man, but its a lot harder for Jared to enjoy the girly stuff than Jade. It's stupid and so am I, I'm sorry for wasting your time :S Stupid mental hospital screwed my head up when i was a kid ><

  10. Goodnight everypony, I love you and God bless!

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    2. Rivendare


      Night. Thanks for the kind words :) *hugs*

    3. MyLilPony


      Thanks guys! I got stuck awake preparing for my doctor appt in the morning. Your some of the greatest ponies on all the earth, I love you so much!

    4. Serbon div
  11. I would like to welcome twilight0713, a great and understanding friend, She said she's willing to talk if anyone needs to and you know how great a real friend can be, so welcome twilight and *HuGz* Look at the recent visitors on my profile to add her!

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    2. MyLilPony


      Warning points are something you get for being bad, and trust me you'll never see them, I've done some CRAZY stuff on here and everyone understood and loved me!

    3. Brittney


      oh ok, I don't want to be bad, well not in the worst sense of the word, lol....sorry train of thought rolling away, anyhoo how do I edit my profile? like add my age sex, things like that?


    4. MyLilPony


      Click the spot at the top where it says your name with the arrow and click profile, then there will be an edit about me page, etc there :D

  12. Мы любим тебя всем сердцем и душой Zev_Zev, пожалуйста вернуться к своим друзьям.

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