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    O.o interests? >.>..interests you say? O.O Well there is quite a lot so ill sum it up a bit. Painting, drawing, a lot of kinds of music, comics, manga, anime, cartoons (duh), video games ( RPG, FPS, and racing), working with wood ( Been making harry potter wands, soon to work on Tardis and sonic screwdriver), and I love learning new things.

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  1. Hey, just letting you know i hadn't forgotten about you if you ever do decide to come back. Happy Birthday :)

  2. "I love you." yup....jfifujjfjdjf
  3. No! I've seen what's in that cake and it's filled with lies. What does space taste like?
  4. First he had a sweaty back, then there was a quater on his back so he became a quarter back.
  5. Yup here we go. Always in a bathroom is the lighting the greatest -_-.
  6. The Time Warp. .....It's just a jump to the left...
  7. No it's cool and trust me I understand, I just wanted to warn you ahead of time.
  8. Seriously needing it back, going to go crazy. grr someone bring my laptop back to life.

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    2. CMQuickfireTK


      Distro suggestion I'll suggest is it's a small ~50MB Distro, downloads quick, burns quick, boots up quick, and is fairly easy to learn ( the only problem is finding the file manager, but after that, piece of cake. )

    3. RoguesWolfe


      Alright, thank you I'll keep that in mind ^-^.

    4. Twilight Circuits

      Twilight Circuits

      Ahhhh the days of using Bart PE on corporate rollout...