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  1. Gravelord Neat-O

    Last time you cried?

    okay, i know this topic might sound stupid, but when was the last time you cried? i mean like a serious sadness cry, a cry that meant everything? i honestly can't remember. and if i made you remember something sad and made you sad again, i apologize.
  2. Gravelord Neat-O

    Animation Anime or Cartoon?

    okay, so i've seen a lot of people get pissed off by calling 'Anime' 'Cartoons'. i consider it cartoons, but i call it anime out of respect and also because i don't like to piss people off.(even though i may be doing so without even realizing it) so, what do you prefer to call it, Anime? or Cartoons? I also want to read people's opinions so that i see everyone's point of view lol
  3. Gravelord Neat-O

    Gaming What do you game on?

    Mostly my computer. I might get back on my PS3 soon though.
  4. Gravelord Neat-O

    Favorite Word

    Plum and Pudding, Plum Pudding. I like the whole "Puh puh" part.
  5. Gravelord Neat-O

    Are you happy that you became a brony?

    Hell no, i left the fandom a couple months ago even though i started early 2014. There's still a lot of weird shit i don't like. I don't know why i'm still on this forum, i guess i just want people to talk to.
  6. Gravelord Neat-O

    Do you have a non-pony waifu/husbando?

    Mine is Foofa. I caught the bae slippin lmao.
  7. Gravelord Neat-O

    Do you like or dislike fedoras? Why?

    Fedoras are fucking awesome dude. I have like 13 hats in my collection. I have specific ones that i wear depending on my mood.
  8. Gravelord Neat-O

    Rarity Portrait

    Keep it if it's your style. it isn't bad at all.
  9. Gravelord Neat-O

    Rarity Portrait

    She looks more like a llama than a horse.
  10. Gravelord Neat-O

    Music Take On Me (song)

    So are we going to create topics discussing our favorite songs now?
  11. Gravelord Neat-O

    What Grosses You Out?

    Mayonnaise. I don't think i have to explain myself on this one.
  12. Gravelord Neat-O

    Who wants more friends?

    i don't need friends. I'm a lone wolf. No one can keep up with me 'cause i am really cool.
  13. Gravelord Neat-O

    MLG Thread

    i myself an mlg, and i approve this thread. i shall make pizza for every mlg here. if you cant make it to one of our meet ups, just watch this video so that you may participate in the comfort of your home.
  14. Gravelord Neat-O

    Gaming The Official League of Legends Thread

    My favourite character is Urgot! I average -200/4000000000000/0.
  15. Gravelord Neat-O

    Ya know...

    ^this guy
  16. Gravelord Neat-O

    Cain Rhyfelgri

  17. Gravelord Neat-O


    ANNIE BACKSTORY?!?!?!?!?!?!
  18. Gravelord Neat-O


  19. Gravelord Neat-O

    Crimson Dusk

    this is the most beautiful OC i have ever seen. such heart-felt story. gr8 m8 b8 8/8
  20. Attractiveness: 6/10 Intelligence: 6/10 Kindness: 6/10 look closely. 6, 6, and 6. those are three numbers. three. a trianlge has three sides. illuminaughty has a triangle as their sign. wot am i? illumernaughty illumernaughty confirmed.
  21. Gravelord Neat-O

    Name Your Greatest Strength and your Biggest Weakness

    Greatest strength: My fists. Greatest weakness: My arms without hands. (also, i'm very ticklish)
  22. Gravelord Neat-O

    Forum Couples thread - discussion thread

    You're not allowed to do that only i am >:c
  23. Gravelord Neat-O

    Movies/TV Sony's "The Interview"

    "They hate us cuz they ain't us" that's all i remember from the movie.
  24. Gravelord Neat-O

    When did you stop believing in Santa?

    i never believed in that jolly old fuck. i did believe in satan tho.
  25. Gravelord Neat-O

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    I got chocolate and sea salt caramels.