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  1. I agree with SPIDERS <3 I LOve em
  2. A cool new thing going on is the time bank: I propose a system of services and goods where effectivity of jobs done as well as time put into jobs in record are the 'currency'. Where you say I am a carpenter, I make doors and tables and chairs etc. to people who NEED them and in exchange, whenever I need food, water, a plumber etc. they shall help me out Plumber: I will fix people's sinks so long as if I need door/table repairs, food etc. I know it sounds weird because everything would kinda be free. On one hand it would be neat but it faces troubles which communism and socialism faced i
  3. When im angered I tend to forget all the values and virtues I stand for and truly believe in.
  4. cortextaco Add me all so we can have fun conversations, share jokes and stuff :3
  5. I just hope The Wonderbolts end up more honorable if RBD ever becomes one...
  6. I have reasons to believe that Discord has taken over the internet. Correct me if Im wrong but there is unparalleled chaos. Im sure some of us has seen the deep bizzarre things that happen in Tumblr or Deviant art, or oh goshalmighty 4chan or the demeaning statements on pages like ask or youtube (Oh gosh Ask, a friend had some bizarre times with that). I think DISCORD is the ruler of the internet. Even if he wasn't how would he react to it? Would he conquer it or improve it? As a fun challenge to all the musically inclined people- go to the page with the most unorthodox content (guilty
  7. I dunno why I listened to it all. So much hatred hurts... It's simply hate trying to be shared. No empathy and this is a perfect example of the manipulative powers of the media. Im sure everyone who was incorporated into the making of this piece of audio (and its original video) SAW the goodness MLP has brought to so many people. They choose to neglect it because they are so used to their own lifestyle there is really no changing their outlook- to be empathetic to them i'll at least give them that they went through somethign similar back in their day. Teenager from the 60s and young adult in t
  8. I really liked Crankey's voice. It seemed nicely. And the reprise for smile made me...SMILE I hope he makes a few more appearances as a less crankey doodle donkey
  9. That's one thing for me- im just trying to be active in the forums as much as I can and make friends and see who is going to what and maybe like I said, share a room for hotel and other expenses such as taxis and whatnot. It would be mutual help for me as a first timer and would sure enjoy that kind of experience. You know extra friendship building and whatnot. But yea im assuming 1500$ would be like my spending fiesta. Also if anyone has any tips on these kidns of events seing that it's not my only time in the USA but also my first convention. (I am also canadian and i've been in Canada multi
  10. Hello everyone! Im a relatively new Brony- I followed Bronycon 2013 from my home all the way in Mexico and here there are not many bronies here so I've been trying to raise money to make it it to Bronycon 2014. I would really appretiate if anyone who has gone to Bronycon from abroad could help me create a budget for this trip- I have from the top of my head the round trip from Mexico to Baltimore. But i assume food, hotels etc. will be part of the expense. Maybe could also share a room with any fellow brony or something? (I dont snore I swear ) I dunno if anyone could help me this would also b
  11. I would have enjoyed it more if the show focused more on the castle reconstruction. The ancient castle does seem more relevant to the story and so much awesome content can potentially thrive from the new setting of the castle, and further character growth. Anyone else slightly let down by how the main plot is being bypassed?
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