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  1. Welcome to the forums and the herd! You don't see a lot of Twilight Sparkle fans lately:
  2. Sorry to hear about your loss... But welcome to the forums!
  3. Welcome to the forums, hope to hear some of your music soon! But for now I hope you have fun settling in.
  4. When i'm in the bath or shower and my hands go all wrinkly. People who think spray tan looks good even though they look orange. Really wanting to pick a scab or a spot but you cant!!! -_- People who hate bees! THEY AREN'T GONNA DO ANYTHING TO YOU UNLESS YOU PUNCH THEM OR SOMETHING...wasps are the mean ones for buck sake bees help give you food. We don't need 30000 spies and snipers!!! :okiedokielokie: NO POKEMON KID SHORTS AREN'T ALWAYS COMFY AND EASY TO WEAR! Swag fags.
  5. When I was younger (12-13) I was worried that people wouldn't talk to me because I was so young even though they were pretty much the same age as me but now I really don't care because even though i'm not actually that much older I am more mature than I used to be. Iv'e always made sure not to be silly and let out any personal info or talk to dodgy people.
  6. Princess sounds nicer but I think it is that the sisters share the same authority.
  7. Welcome to the forums. Applejack fan hey? Well welcoming picture time!!!
  8. My nan is complaining that she can't watch eggheads...I worry some times.

    1. Lucifer


      Eggs have heads?!

    2. Rockymoo


      Sell her some damn turtles.

  9. Gotta love video games! Welcome to the forums. YOUR FAVORITE IS PINKIE PIE *throws glitter in the air* WHOOP WHOOP! AMAZING!
  10. Do you mean Pewdiepie bro...urgh ill be hated for this but I used to love him until the popularity got to his head and ...to me he kind of lost a lot of what made me love him..ANYWAY i'm getting a bit off topic so welcome to the fabulous forums, Rainbowdash fans are always welcome:
  11. Welcome to the forums, id be a candle like you. I see there's still a lot of Fluttershy fans streaming into the forums:
  12. Welcome to the forums, you live in New Zealand i'm jealous. XD Applejack is a pretty good choice:
  13. Welcome to the forums friend! You'll love the forums soon enough. It says your favorite pony is Luna, that's a flipping good choice.
  14. Pokemon (and other games I get into) Sherlock and doctor who.